Thursday, January 7, 2010

First dressing of 2K10

Got to return to dressing a week or so earlier than I figured--thanks to younger son finding a job during winter break!

So you all get to start to see all those new purchases I talked about a bit sooner. We start today with the zebra-print dress from Target's Merino line. I really like dresses made along these lines...they look classy, yet sexy and are suited to my age and body type, without being matronly.

Accessories are white hair bow, new black chunky jewelry (necklace and bracelets from Kohl's; earrings from Kmart), nude hose, and those very sexy black pumps with the metal heels. They are made by a company called Dollhouse and sold at The Shoe Dept.

More pics on Flickr and another outfit this afternoon.

Update as of 2:00 PM:

There will be no further dressing today. My plan was to try out the hounds-tooth tweed suit from Kmart...but the jacket turns out to be way too small--and I've returned the whole thing. I would have exchanged it, but they didn't have the jacket in a larger size.

Next dressing will be next week, depending on my work schedule.

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