Friday, January 8, 2010

Stephanie Stay-Hard

Chapter Four

After a short drive, Sue and Stephanie walked through the mall, drawing stares from all and sundry. And why not? How often did a beautiful woman stride through the mall accompanied by an obviously feminized man...a man in permed hair and makeup, but wearing entirely male attire.

They stopped in front of numerous window displays as Stephanie gushed over particularly lovely and feminine outfits. This only increased the astonishment of passers-by, of course. Finally, they saw a dress that Stephanie announced she had to have.

"I'm afraid you'll need some other things before we can get that, dear," Sue admonished her. "Come with me." She led her transformed husband to the specialty lingerie shop. "This one needs appropriate underthings...including 'padding', if you get my drift," she announced to the sales staff.

The manager stepped forward, grinning. "We'll be happy to assist you, ma'am," she said. "Ladies, I think a long-line bra is in order--40D, I think. And that special padded girdle, too--the one with the 28-inch waist, I'd say." She turned to Sue. "You can take her into fitting room three. Have her strip to the skin. As they headed in that direction, the manager scooped up several pairs of panties and hose in various shades. "Pick out what you like from these."

Once in the fitting room, Stephanie was somewhat abashed. "Sue, I can't do this here...." she protested.

"Nonsense." Sue pulled out her lipstick. "Your lips need retouching...." The mere sight of the tube of lipstick caused Stephanie's eyes to glaze over, and when it actually touched her lips she went back into trance. "Very good, dear," Sue said. "Now, you will obey my instructions and those of the sales staff without question....

"...without question...." Stephanie purred.

Moments later, the staff arrived with the required garments. They helped Stephanie step into a lacy pair of panties, then pulled the padded girdle onto her--restricting her waist and making her hips and ass more womanly. The long-line bra was next, fitted out with a very realistic set of falsies. In the end, Stephanie had a 40-28-40 figure. They clipped a pair of dark hose to the girdle's garters and spun her around to face the mirror.

Sue smiled as she leaned in and said, "Stephanie, I'd think seeing yourself so changed would make you stiff as a board."

Instantly, Stephanie's sissy-cock grew to a full erection, to the amusement of the sales staff. "Ooh, she does like it, doesn't she?" exclaimed the manager. They assisted Stephanie in squeezing back into her male garb--as well as she could--while Sue paid the bill.

Back out in the mall, Sue and Stephanie were even more of a sensation than before, as Stephanie's male shirt could not possibly confine her new boobs, while her pants were stretched tight over her big round ass and bulging crotch. They made their way back to the store where Stephanie had seen her must-have purchase: a '50s-style shirtwaist frock.

Once again, Sue took charge in the store. "My...companion...wants to try on that checked dress in the window, assuming you have it in her size." The salesgirl looked Stephanie up and down. "An 18, I think. Yes, we have it in that size. This way, please."

Sue left Stephanie to be dressed by the salesgirl. She browsed the shoe department until she found the perfect pair of pumps for her man-wife. They were black patent with a pointed toe and six-inch heels...a classic court shoe to go with her classic frock. She found a pair in size 11 and handed them to another member of the staff. "Please have the customer in the fitting room include these in her ensemble."

In a short time, Stephanie minced out in her new outfit. Her massive knockers filled out the bodice provocatively, while the petticoated skirt floated over her nyloned knees above her stiletto-heeled feet. And the tent in the skirt let Sue know that Stephanie Stay-hard was living up to her name.

Stephanie stood enjoying her new look in the mirror while Sue paid the bill. Finished, Sue went back to her and said, "Wake up, sweetie! We'll deal with that hard-on at home!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm suffering the same "problem" as Stephanie after reading this latest Chapter!!!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, more Stephanie Stay-Hard!!!!


A fan of Dani said...

I must say that I have been a "closet fan" of your fiction since I found your first story a number of years ago on the Fictionmania site. I was disappointed when you stopped writing. It's great to see that you have started again. I hope to see more stories from you. You are one of the few people who do a great job of filling the niche so many of us enjoy. Thank you!