Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taking Inventory

Because I was trying to figure out what to wear next week and in the weeks to come, I took an actual inventory of my wardrobe yesterday and came away quite astounded. Remember this has all been acquired in just over two years!

14 dresses (had been 15, but I gave one to Goodwill because I decided it was too small)
1 suit (had been 3, but I gave two away as not really attractive)
24 blouses, sweaters or tops
18 skirts
3 pants
1 jacket
4 two-piece ensembles (which can be mixed and matched with other items, of course)
27 pairs of shoes (2 bought just today!)

For the record, the shoes break down this way:
6 red
1 blue
6 black
2 pink (different shades)
1 white
4 neutral (beige or suchlike)
1 gray
2 brown
1 purple
1 orange
1 green

7 fabric (including satin)
10 patent leather
4 pattern or print

What's YOUR wardrobe like?


Karen Singer said...

Wow, I knew your wardrobe was good but not that good. And I know you had a lot of fun shopping and building it.

I wonder what it will be like another year from now.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

In the immortal words of Richard Dreyfus..."we're gonna need a bigger boat..."

Andrea said...

OMG you have a lot of shoes:)

My feet are large enough to mean that regular shoe shops don't do them ... otherwise I'm sure I'd have a lot more pairs.

Pretty Sissy Dani said...


My feet appear to be just on the edge of what most stores in the states carry--I'm a 9(US) in men's sizes, a 10W or 11 in women's.

Most of my shoes came from two places: Payless, a low-cost self-serve chain that generally carries sizes to 12, and Target, a low-end department store (think Wal-Mart with more class and style), that usually goes up to 11.

What size are you? (Give it in UK, I'll research the equivalent).

Andrea said...

Dani .. UK size 10 or 11 men's round about 10.5 to 11.5 in the USA I think ... there's only Evans in the UK that have high street shops that sell shoes to fit ... though a TV girl friend mentioned to me that one of the budget chain stores has maybe recently started stocking larger sizes. I guess I have more dress shoes than my wife though. Hugs. Andrea

Pretty Sissy Dani said...


I know I have 'way more shoes than my wife...