Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ides of September

Actually, in Roman calendars, the ides of September is the 13th, but what the hell...

For today, I started with this white and gray t-shirt dress, part of the Converse line available in several stores; mine came from Target.

Accessories are a red headband, red belt, black-and-white jewelry, light hose, and red plaid peep-toe mary-janes. This was another really successful photo session--either I'm getting better at posing or I've been lucky.

For the second outfit today, I chose another of my all-time favorites--this black-and-red crepe dress from Kmart's Jaclyn Smith line. It fits just right, the hem length is flattering, and the overall effect is elegant.

Accessories are the red headband again, gold jewelry, black belt, dark hose, and red t-strap patent pumps. And yet another very successful photo shoot.

Please check out the rest of the pics on Flickr. Next week, I'll be showing off my new hounds-tooth suit, as well as some other fave dresses.

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