Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet Colleen

Colleen first contacted me a few months ago, with compliments on the cartoons and photo manipulation captions I post here. Later, she expressed interest in being trained in same way I am training Gwen (more on that in another post).

After some back and forth, it was obvious that Colleen was not really ready for such a regimen--nor did I have time for another trainee. But she was eager to have me use her as a model for artwork or I had her send me some pics to work with. Then she started asking about having them posted on the blog.

I told her to do that I needed some text, a little info about her. Here's what she sent me:

Well, I've been dressing for years but just recently added the wig and makeup, and nails and jewelry. I dress when the wife is out of town or sometimes when she's at work, she may have an idea that I do dress, but doesn't say anything. I was curious when I was young, wearing mommy's panties. I love wearing short skirts, garterbelts and stockings are my favorite, I love silky panties and high heels, still practicing the makeup part. tight blouses, starting to enjoy wearing bras more and more too. I love the rush I get when I begin to dress.

I also like to wear my maid outfit, the petticoat frillyness makes me so aroused. I would like to be a prissy sissy cartoon one day.

Now, here are the pics and my digitally edited versions:

In this one, I did a little work on her face, expanded her tits, narrowed her waist, and lengthened her legs before giving it all a glamour lighting effect.

A little work on the face, then I emphasized--without enlarging--her tits, narrowed her waist, expanded her ass, and lengthened her legs.

I isolated the head and shoulders for a portrait, then improved the eye makeup, added a more attractive blush and filled out her lips. Final step was a soft-focus filter.

For this one, I went for a real "scenario": A little work on the face, then I narrowed the waist. Next, I shortened and widened the skirt, for a more fetishy look, which also necessitated lengthening her legs. Final step was adding the cuffs and chains, as well as the shadow on the wall.

I am now urging Colleen to send me an unadorned male portrait, so I can work from a blank canvas, as it were. She's still a little shy about that.

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