Monday, September 6, 2010

Suit Yourself

I have always considered a well-fitted skirt suit to be one of the most attractive outfits a girl of my age and shape could wear. The problem I have had in the past is that--not being a real girl--my shape usually meant that I would often need a jacket from one size suit and a skirt from another. That made buying "off the rack" very difficult.

But Fashion Bug sells their matching jackets and skirts as separates, so I was able to order this suit in a size 22W jacket (boobs and shoulders being fairly large), but a size 18W skirt (since, like most of us "girls", I have narrow hips). If past experience is any model, I should have it by sometime next week.

FB also had a number of other good looking outfits, including another suit. I may be ordering more over the next couple of months.

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