Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Return to Dressing

After a short hiatus, I finally had the chance to dress today (and should be able to dress tomorrow and next week). As noted previously, I'm trying out all my one-piece dresses.

I began with one of my favorites--the very comfortable brown shirt dress from Kmart. I added the scarf for color, and a new belt to define the waist. Other accessories are a blue hair bow, light hose, and those plaid mary-janes.

I also did a couple of portraits; here's the best:

Second dress for today was the filmy blue print dress from Burlington.

Accessories are the blue hair bow again, white belt, light hose, and floral fabric pumps.

And another portrait:

I was really pleased with both of these photo sessions; please check out the other pics on Flickr.

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