Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Training of Gwen: Third Session

After a few weeks of delay, engendered by difficulties on both our parts, Gwen went through her third training session last Friday. Her instructions were to work more on posing, especially on seated poses. For these pictures, she wore her gray schoolgirl uniform and her red-and-white polka-dot little girl costume.

Over all, the session was quite good, with far fewer corrections to be made in comparison to last time. Her move toward femininity is progressing very nicely.

This pose is not bad at all. I instructed Gwen not to be afraid to gesture with both hands, suggesting the gesture might be improved by extending the other hand, with a down-pointing wrist.

A good start to the seated poses, quite demure and girlish--the head cocked to one side would be a more feminine look.

I like this. I suggested that Gwen should keep her feet tight together as she swings them to the side.

This is more like it...but I'd have preferred to see that hand outstretched or behind her head or something.

This one is okay, but just okay. It would be far more femme with the knees pulled closer to the body. I told her to look over my own "curled up on the floor" photos for examples.

This one is just terrific! It has a shyness, a coyness, to it that is very femme.

Gwen's next training session is in two weeks. I intend to have her work on some very feminine movements, such as curtseying. Comments always welcome.


Karen Singer said...

I love what you're doing here with Gwen and I love the fact that you're taking the time to explain it to everyone. Thanks.

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Thanks, Karen. I wish you were still in a position to dress; I'd love to do the same for you.

Karen Singer said...

I'd love it too!