Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suit and Dress

As promised, today started out with my new hounds-tooth suit from Fashion Bug. Suits have always been a problem for me, as I suspect they might be for most of us "girls". In my case, one where the jacket fits properly has a skirt that is too long or too loose in the waist (usually both). One that has a properly fitting skirt has a jacket that is way too tight for my shoulders and boobs.

Fashion Bug solves that problem by selling their suits as separates, hence I could buy a size 22 jacket and a size 18 skirt. (I guess they do that because the "full-figured" women they cater to have some of the same problems.)

These pics did not come out quite as well as I'd hoped--the camera settings got "jiggled" and they are somewhat fuzzier than they should be. (Compare them to the ones below of the summer dress and see what I mean.) Anyway, accessories are black hairband, red t-shirt, gold jewelry, light hose, and red patent pumps.

And because this is the first time you're seeing this outfit, here's the usual "triptych" view:

I followed the suit with the summer dress I bought at Kmart a few months ago...the last time I can wear this "in season" as it were.

In prep for this photo session, I made a visit to Claire's for some new accessories: They are the yellow hair bow and red beads seen here. Other accessories are gold jewelry, light hose, and the lynx-pattern mary-janes.

I especially like the second seated pose here--it seems natural, candid, and feminine.

More pics on Flickr, of course. Tomorrow--the little black dress and the casual green Henley.

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