Saturday, October 4, 2014

Prissy, Part One

A reader submitted story by Julie, from my old website.

It all started soon after my mother died. It was 1963, just three months after our president was assassinated; an event that was mourned openly by my mother and three older sisters.

My father had left us when I was little, and I didn't remember him at all. My older sister, Robyn, was in charge of us now. She wasn't quite eighteen, and still a senior in high school, when events forced her to take on the responsibility of the rest of us. Perhaps I should have been more understanding, but most twelve year old boys don't think too clearly, at least I didn't.

I had never relished living with four females. Robyn was the most assertive and smartest of my sisters. And then there was Julie, she's fifteen, and the prettiest, and Marissa, who's thirteen. Marissa is the most innocent, naive, and gullible, and my favorite to pick on.

Robyn and Julie hated it when I teased and harassed Marissa. They would scream at me, but also get mad at Marissa for being so easily taken advantage of.

It was a couple of months after mom died when my sisters, especially Robyn, had had it with my antics and teasing. I was not a model little gentleman. I had my share of fun ...and trouble.

It was only the night before when I heard Julie let out a howl from the bathroom, my name being taken in vain, and her explanation to her sisters. "Brian, the little turd, left the seat up again!"

Well, I had just just come running in from playing outside, and dashed into the bathroom. Marissa was standing there with her frilly slip pushed up nearly to her waist, doing something under her panties. She screamed! I laughed. Girls look kind of funny with their stockings and garters and stuff hanging out.

"That's some fancy pants. Very pretty! Are you going out like that?" I quipped.

She fled, crying, over to her bedroom.

When I emerged from the bath, I faced Robyn! She looked really peeved.

"I've just about had it with you! Your poor sister, it's bad enough how you tease and torture her. She's had it a little rough, and at her age she's feeling especially vulnerable. She's new to her period, and you have to laugh and taunt her."

"I can't help it if she's a dumb girl."

"That's it!" She cried, and grabbed me by the shoulders, shaking me. "And look at you! You little ragamuffin, you're filthy! You get in there and take a bath."

"You mean a shower. I don't do baths. Baths are for sissy girls."

"A bath! And I mean now!"

She looked like she was going to completely flip out, as she started pulling off my clothes, and running bath water. She added perfumed bubble bath, and didn't leave until I had eased into the water. Boy, was she mad! I didn't even protest her seeing me naked, but then she was so mad, she was seeing only red anyway.

"Boys! Why couldn't you have been a girl!"

She left holding my dirty clothes away from her body with just her finger tips, and I could hear her talking rather loudly with Julie as I soaked.

Robyn had always thought mom had been too easy on me. Whenever I got scolded or lightly punished, Robyn would shake her head, and go around grumbling. Sometimes she would complain to mom, and sometimes they would argue a bit. Robyn was especially incensed when I got away with teasing Marissa. Now, Robyn was in charge.

She seemed much calmer when came back. Julie followed her in.

"We've decided to teach you a lesson." Robyn announced. "You seem to think you are so much better than us girls, and like teasing and harassing us, so you will put on a dress and live like a girl for a couple of days. Maybe it will teach you something."

"What? Not me! Uh Uh! I'm not wearing girl things! You must be nuts!"

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way, but if we have to physically dress you, and we will, you will wear a dress and other girlish things for much longer. I've locked your room, so it's either a dress ... or nothing."

"No! You're crazy! I won't do it!"

"You've just added another weekend in pretty dress to your punishment. Would you care to try for all summer?"

Ooooh, I thought. I better think about this. My ego told me I could probably fend off Robyn, but three against one? My logic told me I didn't stand much of a chance. Robyn and Julie had held me down more than once the last few years, and they had grown faster than me recently. I sat silently, giving this some reflection.

"Well, what's it going to be? Are you going to do as we tell you, or do we physically put you in a dress for the next month?"

I looked at Robyn and Julie about to pounce. I cried.

"No, you can't! I can't...put.... No! Robyn!"

"You have little choice, I'd say. So are you going to cooperate, or not?"

I was panicked! If I said no, I could end up spending the first few weeks of summer in girl things, but to say yes didn't sit right either.

"Well, if I do ...I mean...if I let you.... I won't have to do this again, will I?" I sobbed.

"If you cooperate, and I mean completely, then we'll see. We'll see how well you behave. If you behave like a proper little girl, you won't have to wear a dress again."

I nodded reluctantly to acknowledge my comprehension, but Robyn took it to mean my agreement. She smiled.

"Good! You're smarter than I thought."

They merrily talked to each other about how I would be dressed.

I looked at them in disbelief, and decided I had better not contradict them now.

I couldn't believe this! Just an hour ago I was happily playing. Now, I had so much as agreed to wear a dress--ugh. I felt like I had hit a wall.

Robyn shampooed my hair, and then held a towel up for me as I got out of the tub. She took my hand, and led me into Julie and Marissa's bedroom, with the towel wrapped under my armpits, like a girl. Just two months ago it had been all three of my sisters' room, and a point of contention since I, the youngest, and a boy, got my own room. Robyn had recently moved into mom's old room.

Marissa looked surprised and tentative at my appearance.

"Hi sis, how are you feeling?" Robyn asked, cheerily.

Marissa nodded slightly. She was a shy, dainty little girl who just seemed to get on my nerves. I say little, but she and I were about the same size, just about five-foot tall. She just seemed smaller. Marissa and I were the smallest. Julie and Robyn were a good four or five inches taller.

"How would you like a new little sister, someone you can play with?"

She nodded again, but looked puzzled.

"Your miserable little brat of a brother has decided he wants to be a girl, and become a soft, sweet, baby sister for you."

That brought a smile and giggle from Marissa, but still a look of puzzlement. I was mortified, and felt so displaced and vulnerable standing there in their bedroom. Robyn went over to the dresser, and pulled out a pair of white, lace trimmed panties. She held them open.

My heart pounded, and I made a face, squirming. I looked at a determined Robyn, and timidly stepped into them. Robyn took the towel then and I heard Julie giggle softly. I looked down at the thin, delicate underwear, and put my hands over the frilly panties, and my semi-visible maleness.

"Mmmm yes, we'll have to do something about that." Robyn mused.

She pulled me down the hall, turning to tell her sisters to stay put.

She rummaged through her dresser, until she came up with a small, flower print girdle. It wasn't much bigger than the panties. I hadn't seen one quite so small, although I didn't have much knowledge about girl's underthings, even with three sisters. I knew it was a girdle though, from the garters that hung from the bottom.

"Robyn, please, I'll be good, I promise. I won't tease Marissa or any of you again."

"It's too late for that. But you're right. I don't think you'll be teasing anyone for a very long time."

While Robyn slid the girdle up my legs, I looked over at the pile of my sister's frilly garments she had pulled out in her search. I then looked down to peer into my sister's gaping blouse to see her pretty, lace trimmed, white bra, holding her firm breasts. I felt myself getting aroused, and I felt my face getting red. By the time Robyn finished tugging the girdle in place, I was embarrassingly stiff. She gasped.

"We'll have to do something about that!" She grumbled. "It looks like you like your new pretty underwear."

I shook my head in denial. I was too embarrassed, nervous, and scared to speak.

She rummaged through her dresser some more, before she hurumphed, shrugged, and turned with one of her half slips in hand. I fidgeted nervously in embarrassment, as she folded the girdle down, and slipped the folded slip inside the panties.

"Stand still! It's nothing I haven't seen! I used to diaper you, you know."

She checked my rounded front, rearranged the slip a bit, and smiled thinly. The added smoothness of the nylon didn't help to relieve my frustration. I looked down. It made me look like I had the slightest girlish tummy. She ran her hand along my leg as she removed the garters.

"We'll fix that too!" She sighed.

I wasn't sure what she meant.

My sisters showed up, wondering what was going on.

"Go back to the bedroom. We'll be along shortly, I promise." Robyn yelled.

She then turned her attention back to me.

"Now, you're going to cooperate--completely! You are going to act like a sweet little girl for the next few days, or you will stay in dresses until you do!"

I was horrified, but nodded in reluctant agreement. Me--act like a sissy girl! My stomach felt nervous and icky. What had I gotten myself into?

She pulled me by the hand out of her bedroom.

We stopped at the bathroom, where Robyn soaped my legs, and began sliding a razor over them. I went to protest, but she gave me a look before I barely peeped. The hair on my legs was thin and blonde, barely enough to argue about.

"Consider yourself lucky. I don't like doing this to my own legs. If you act up, and end up wearing dresses for long, you'll have to do this yourself."

Her explanation sounded like more of a threat.

Then she grabbed my elbow, raised my arm, and shaved under there too, and then the other side. She smiled wryly as she picked up deodorant and applied it to my pits. I winced.

"That stings."

"Yes, it does. Girls have to make some sacrifices."

She opened a box with a light scented powder. It had a large puff with a ribbon bow on top. I felt jittery as Robyn patted the feminine powder over my body, and wondered what girlish things I was going to have to endure.

"Doesn't this feel nice? Girls also like to feel and smell soft and pampered."

She pulled me back to my sisters' room. Julie and Marissa were eager and happy to see us return, especially me.

"Get me her training bra, Marissa." She instructed.

I broke into a sweat.

My youngest sister, and past victim, was only too pleased to help. Julie was all giggles. My heart was pounding.

I suddenly remembered when Julie got her first training bra. She had been after mom to buy her one for many weeks, and was so pleased as she walked to school. I had trailed behind, shouting "Julie's wearing a training bra!" She was near tears by the time we got to the front of the school.

The other boys joined in, teasing her. They wanted to see her little "wheels". Gary Schlitz snapped the strap in back, and she ran inside, crying.

Mom yelled at me when I got home for teasing her, and saying "tits". Robyn was furious when she learned, and spent the evening comforting her sister. She came by my room later, and threatened me if I ever did that again.

Now Robyn slid the white, cotton and lace garment up my arms, and Marissa giggled as she hooked it in back.

My stomach was full of butterflies.

"Well girls, it looks like our baby sister has finally graduated to a bra. Just in time too. Your big sisters are well passed training bras."

The last statement was for Marissa's benefit. I knew it wasn't that long ago she wore a training bra.

The bra had a little ribbon bow in the middle! I looked down at it. I was shaking. I wasn't sure I could go through with this.

"Julie, would you find a nice slip for your sister? One suitable for our dear baby sister?"

Julie handed Robyn a white garment, amongst giggles. It was hideously girlish. It was shiny linen on top, with a white satin ribbon bow over flared nylon ruffles and a taffeta underskirt, and it had small embroidered flowers with ribbon loops where the nylon straps attached to the lace trimmed top.

I trembled as the silky thing was pulled down my body.

Robyn adjusted the slides on the ribbon straps, and I felt my face burning. I wanted to scream about the offensive garments they were fostering on me, but I had to squelch them. I didn't want to have to do this any longer than I had to.

I looked over at another slip that dangled from the dresser. It looked quite different. The one I had on was flat on top, for a younger girl. The one I looked at was fuller at the bust. I looked at Marissa. She had small mounds, and I realized she no longer wore this sort of slip.

"What a pretty slip. Your slip is so pretty, isn't it?" Marissa chimed.

I gulped. I was trapped. All I could do was nod slightly.

"Now, now, that's not a proper response, now is it? Girls love their pretty things, and to feel pretty in them. You like your pretty slip, don't you?" Robyn prodded.

I wanted to die!

"I...uh...yes, I like my slip. It is ... very ... uh ... pretty."

My sisters giggled. Marissa looked at me with such pleasure, and then looked at her older sister in awe.

"How ... how did you do this?"

Robyn and Julie just laughed.

"I told you, he decided he wants to be a pretty girl, and wear pretty dresses and things. He's tired of being a scroungy boy, and wants to be a sissy girl now, don't you?"

My sisters all laughed and giggled, and my face burned with humiliation as I gently nodded my acknowledgment of my agreed subjugation.

"Oh, I'm going to love this!" Julie giggled. "You've been teasing us for so long about our girl things, our 'sissy' girl things! You are going to look so frilly and sweet in your 'sissy' girl things!"

My toes curled. I was dieing!

It was one of life's fascinating, never to be solved, mysteries for a boy, sissy girl clothes, and the frilly things girl's wore under them. I was learning first hand, and I was mortified.

"And to think, we nearly threw Marissa's little girl things out, now that she's blossomed. And here we have one more pretty little sister to go! And now for a pretty dress. Let's see what we have for our sweet, new sister."

The girls headed for the closet, and they were all giggles.

I heard them oooh and aaah, and I knew they had made their choice. Julie carried it over to me. It was a pale yellow with a long, wide, organza sash that tied in back, and flowers and ribbons at the waist in front, and the ends of the ribbons fell nearly to the hem. It had pouffed, short, gathered, ruffled lace trimmed sleeves, decorated with florets and ribbon bows, and a lace trimmed collar. The full skirt was organza. It was the frilliest of girl's party dresses!

The three of them helped pull it over my head, and fluff and fuss with it, cooing and fawning over me and the dress. Julie took forever tieing the sash to her satisfaction.

"My, aren't you the pretty girl!"

"Oh, she's adorable!"

"A pretty little girl in a pretty little dress."

My eyes got watery, and I felt a tear on my cheek.

"Oh honey, it's all right. You must be overcome with joy to be dressed in such a darling dress. Is that it, sweetie?" Robyn cooed.

I could only nod my agreement.

My sisters laughed and squealed.

"I think a pair of lacy ankle socks. And Julie, I think a pair of your shoes will fit her--your black Mary Janes."

My two younger sisters squealed with delight.

"Ummm Julie, don't you have a wig? Your sister's hair is kind of short."

Julie returned with a wig. It was short for a girl, barely down to my shoulders. Julie had long, pretty, light brown hair, down to her waist. I didn't understand why she would have a wig. Girls were so illogical. It was a lighter brown than my own hair. Robyn pulled it on my head, and then pushed me over to the vanity. The dress rustled, girlishly, as I sat. Robyn had me stand again, and smoothed the dress as I resat. She arranged the dress over my lap and bench.

She brushed and combed the wig, with a delightful, satisfied smile on her face, and then picked up a yellow satin ribbon, drew it around the wig, and began tieing a bow in front. The long ends dangled, unmercifully, in front of my face. She smiled satisfactorily at her work, and then gripped my chin, looking me over from side to side.

I glanced at the mirror as she sorted through the lipsticks. With the ribbon bow in my curly wig, the ruffled lace around my neck, and the lace and ribbons on the sheer puffy sleeves, I looked every bit as frilly and sissified as I had ever seen Marissa. Robyn selected a lipstick of light pink, and I shuddered as she held my chin and brought the pink tube ever closer. My skin crawled as I felt it smooth over my lips. She had me press my lips together and then again over a tissue. Robyn sat next to me, and I shook nervously, and blinked back my tears. She cleaned and buffed my fingernails, and then unscrewed the cap from a bottle of nail polish, to the delighted squeals of my younger sisters. Robyn proceeded to turn my fingernails a bright, girlish pink.

My sisters all cooed and fawned over what a pretty girl they were making me into.

Robyn finished by squirting perfume on my wrist, and then a squirt toward my neck, and I made a face, amongst their giggles.

"Ok, stand up and turn around for us." Robyn instructed. "Come on, twirl! Faster! Faster! Yes, that's it. You make a splendid girl. You're very pretty."

I felt so humiliated. And as I caught my reflection in the mirror, I was aghast! I saw what took so long with the sash. It was huge. It was all poufed out, with the ends of the wispy bow visible from the front, like the wings of an angel, or fairy! The long ends floated down the back of the dress! I looked and smelled like the sissiest girl in such frothy lace and ribbons!

"Isn't she pr-e-e-e-t-y??" Robyn cooed, holding my shoulders square to the mirror.

"Oh, she's adorable!" Julie blurted.

My face burned. This was unbearable.

"What do you say when some one compliments you? Really! You are going to have to improve your manners. Girls are thoughtful and sweet, and remember, you are a girl now. If you don't start acting like one, we will have to keep you in dresses until you do!"

That got my attention.

"Thank you", I mumbled.

"That will never do, will it girls? Let's hear you clearly, and with a proper curtsy."

Marissa and Julie roared with that.

I wasn't sure how to curtsy, but I bent my knees, and spoke up, "thank you".

"We will have to work on that. Now, you are wearing Marissa's dress, so I want you to be particularly careful not to soil it. You could find yourself going with us to a dress shop to buy a replacement and who knows what all you could end up buying. Girls tend to get carried away when shopping."

A panic coursed through me as I pictured myself in the girl's department like this with my sisters.

"Marissa, why don't you go downstairs and play with your new sister? I'm sure she's dieing to play with your dolls, and eager to participate in other girlish activities, aren't you?

"Hey! We've neglected to give her a name. What do you think girls?"

"Darla." "Chrissy." "Penelope." "Susie." "Cherie." "Michelle." My two sisters called.

"I think she looks like a prissy girl. How about Priscilla, Prissy for short? What do you think, Marissa? She's your new sister and playmate. Do you like it, or would you like to choose?" Robyn asked.

"I like it. Come on Prissy, let's go downstairs. Oops, but don't forget your dolly first." Marissa called.

"And Marissa, teach your sister how to curtsy properly. Teach her how to be a proper little lady. Make sure she learns how to walk and sit gracefully, like a sweet little girl."

They giggled, and I burned in silence. Normally, I'd be yelling and calling them all sorts of names by now, but I was cleverly trapped by Robyn. I was forced to think of myself as a ... ugh ... girl, and had to answer to the name of ... Prissy! I bit my pink lower lip to hold my tongue. I had no intention of giving her an excuse to keep me in these awful, sissy things any longer than I had to.

I hadn't seen Marissa play with her dolls for quite some time, but she wasn't about to let an opportunity like this go bye. Marissa and I made our way downstairs, with each of us holding a doll! I felt so queasy as I looked down at the frilly dress I now wore, and the doll dressed in ribbons and lace in my arms. We played with her dolls until dinnertime. Robyn occasionally looked in on us, and I had to swallow my dignity, and pretend to be a flighty girl, talking to the doll babies, just like my sister! Here I was, forced to play with Marissa, and do whatever my stupid, sissy, weakling of a little sister told me! Robyn's trap was hideous!

Robyn called for me to help with dinner. It was something new to me, and my sisters sat and watched. They were all smiles. It had been another bone of contention that I continually got out of doing anything around the house.

I looked at my sissy pink fingernails. The ribbons from the bows on my short sleeves tickled my arms as I set the table, to the giggling delight of my sisters.

They continually told me how cute and pretty I looked all through dinner. I could only sit silently, try to smile, and whisper an occasional "thank you". It was far more difficult than it sounds. I nearly screamed curses at them several times, but, fortunately, caught myself.

My sisters fawned and fluffed over me and my dress while I cleared the table, and then Robyn handed me a small white purse with lipstick and things inside.

"You'll want to freshen your lipstick, Prissy dear." She giggled.

I had all three of my sisters watching me with delirious glee as I haltingly, nervously, put the pink tip to my lips.

"Go on!" Robyn encouraged. "It won't bite you. Press it firmly to your lips, smooth it on, and press your lips together."

"Yes, Prissy honey, freshen your lipstick. You want to look pretty." Julie teased.

They all giggled with glee.

It felt slippery, and yucky! I was hesitant to do this! It felt so foreign and strange!

"Oh for heavens sake, here!" Robyn yelled, derisively.

She took the lipstick. She had me copy the way she held her mouth, and then pressed it firmly to my lips. It felt thick on my lips. She had me blot over a tissue, and I looked at the pink impression, in revulsion. She held the compact mirror up to me.

"There, you look so pretty in pink lipstick, don't you, Prissy dear?"

I had to wash the dishes. I was careful not to soil the dress, and screamed when I got splashed. Robyn assured me it was only water. I screamed out of genuine fear. I didn't want to experience the threatened shopping trip!

Once I had calmed, I saw my hands still shaking. This was wrong! I was a boy! I shouldn't be worried about getting a dress dirty, a very pretty, frilly dress!

My sister took me into the living room afterward.

"Don't forget your purse, Prissy." Robyn called.

"Let's see how our baby sister is doing. Marissa, would you have your pupil show us a proper, ladylike curtsy?"

Marissa rose with me, whispering instructions in my ear. I turned red. I held the frothy skirt out, and put one foot behind the other, lowering myself.

"Thank you, my dear sisters, for making me so pretty. I just love my darling dress."

Robyn and Julie howled with glee.

"Very good, Marissa!" You've taught her well!"

Marissa smiled with delight.

"And now, we have a little dance for you."

Robyn and Julie squealed. Julie ran for her camera.

I was thoroughly humiliated and mortified, but there was no way out. I either made a complete fool of myself, or I risked having to wear a sissy dress and things for much longer. I couldn't believe I had agreed to do this! But the thought of having to wear a dress like this for much longer, and especially when school got out, was unthinkable! One weekend was all I was going to be able to bear!

Marissa had made up a little dance, and there were a couple of twirls in it, of course. My two older sisters went wild, and when Marissa and I finished with curtsies, they really screamed and cheered! Julie took several pictures, and I broke into a cold sweat at how they might be used.

Marissa hugged me.

"Can I keep her?"

It surprised Robyn.

"Well, that's up to Prissy... if she behaves."

"Oh, she'll be good. She makes a wonderful little girl." Marissa countered.

"No Marissa! She means if he's not good!" Julie corrected.

"Oh yeh, I forgot."

Marissa blushed.

"Prissy, since you've been such a good girl, would you like to wear something grown up tomorrow? Would you like to wear nylon stockings, like your big sisters?"

I was at a loss. Do I say yes or no? I stammered, trying to figure out the puzzle. I remembered one of my sisters had begged mom to allow her to wear nylons a few years back, as I looked down at the lace around my ankles.

"Yes", I replied.

They squealed, and I had second thoughts about my choice, but it was too late.

With that, they ushered me upstairs to lay out what I would wear tomorrow, and Robyn appeared with a pink satin garter belt and a pair of nylons. I moaned to myself, as I had temporarily forgotten what girls had to wear to keep their stockings up. They looked in the closet and came back with a pink dress with rows of ruffled lace down the front, and an overlay of pink chiffon print on the full skirt, with a pink satin ribbon around the waist. Julie pulled out another training bra, pink panties, and another full slip, sleek nylon this time. It was straight, no ruffles, with a ribbon bow to match the bow on the bra, and lace around the hem. These were laid out on the bed I was to sleep in tonight. I was sleeping in my sister's room.

Robyn made me freshen my lipstick again, and then they decided we would all change into nighties. It was only going on eight, but they talked like it would be like a slumber party.

I was happy to get out of the dress while it was still clean.

I was helped out of the fancy dress, and into a long, pink, nylon nightgown with a flounce at the hem, and a large ribbon bow with long ribbons at the chest. A thin, pink, nylon robe with pink ribbons and lace went over the nightie. Pink, opened toed slippers with large pink bows were slipped on my feet, and then I was sent downstairs, while they changed. The nylon nightie and robe felt so slippery, silky, and sissified! Marissa was quick to join me. She was loving me dressed as her sister. All my years of work were evaporating. I had had her nicely intimidated. I had intimidated Julie too, up until two years ago when she blossomed into a teenager.

It was noticed immediately, downstairs, that my toes weren't painted.

"You'd really like your toes painted a pretty shade of pink or red, wouldn't you? Would you like your sister to help paint your toes?" Robyn needled.

This was all too much!


"That doesn't sound like a girl. Girls like having their nails polished, their fingers and toes. See, we have our toes polished."

I hung my head and acquiesced.

"You have to ask your sister nicely if she would help you." Robyn prompted.

I felt sick.

"Marissa, would ... you ... help ... paint ... my toes, please?"

I struggled with the words. Marissa didn't bother answering. She hugged me, and ran upstairs, quickly returning with three bottles of polish. It was soon decided my toes would be a bright pink.

When my toes were finished, Marissa wanted hers to match mine. I was elicited to help, but I only managed two of her toes before they got impatient with my clumsiness.

We fixed pizza and sat around talking, and watched TV. My stomach turned at the traces of pink lipstick on my pizza.

I had trouble sitting like a girl with my knees together. Robyn yelled at me, and Marissa came over to help show me how to sit.

It was a little early when we went up to bed.

I often heard my older sisters complain about Marissa and brushing her hair. Apparently, Marissa loved having one of her sisters brush her hair, and pestered them both to do it often. It was with this in mind, that a cold chill swept over me when Robyn suggested: "Marissa, would you like your little sister to help brush your hair?"

Julie broke up, and Marissa glowed from ear to ear. I heard Julie whispering and giggling to Robyn as I began brushing my sister's hair.

Robyn came over as I brushed, and removed the wig from my head, ran a comb through my short hair, and then tied a wide pink ribbon around my head in a neat bow. She then handed me a pink ribbon to tie Marissa's hair back. Robyn and Julie giggled at us, dressed so similarly for bed.

I was tucked in with a doll, and I stifled an urge to cry as I waited for sleep. I couldn't wait for this weekend to be over!


The girls were up early, especially Marissa. She couldn't wait to spend another day with her new sister.

I was given fifteen minutes to bathe, lotion, and powder. I then returned to the bedroom in a robe, where I was ordered to get dressed.

I pulled the panties and brief on, and slipped the half slip in, just as Robyn had done, before removing the robe. I struggled with the bra, and Marissa came over to fasten it for me, amongst giggles. I picked up the garter belt, and placed it around my waist, expecting Marissa to help me with it too.

"Let her get dressed herself." Robyn quipped.

Julie produced a camera again.

"Robyn, ... I don't want her to take pictures of me like this, ... in this ... sissy underwear!" I pleaded.

Robyn just smiled. I whined and moaned.

"Smile, and show us your new, pretty, training bra, Prissy." Julie giggled.

I hooked the garter belt with a little difficulty, and wasn't prepared for stockings! I fumbled feebly with the filmy things, to the giggling glee of my sisters, and flashes from the camera.

"Don't get any runs in them, or you'll have to go the store to buy more." Robyn cautioned.

I wished I hadn't agreed to wear them now.

Marissa and Julie came over to show me how to roll them before pulling them on, and how to slide the garters on. I was surprised to find how nice, if sissified, they felt on my smooth, lotioned legs. One of the garters came loose as I straightened up. I rehooked it, only to have it come undone again.

"Here, let me do it! You will have to do better than this! It will take you forever to get dressed. You made fun of us for taking too long. Now you see what we have to do to get dressed." Robyn scolded.

She fastened the garter as I again marveled at the silky constriction of the nylons on my legs, and blushed.

She pulled the cool, white, nylon slip over my head next, and the silky nylon over my smooth nyloned legs sent delightful ripples through me. It felt so nice! No wonder girls liked wearing nylons! I turned red at my feelings of pleasure and embarrassment in the sissy girl things.

I looked down at myself in the smooth, cool, lacy, nylon slip with the pink rosette and ribbon bow. It was so daintily girlish! And I was so embarrassed at finding pleasure in it!

There was some discussion as Robyn sat me at the vanity to put make up on me. I was to be made up with mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, lipstick, blusher, the works!

I sat quietly, marveling at the pleasing sensation of the nylons and slip against my legs. I looked down at my frilly, ribboned chest, and my lace trimmed lap with the lacy garter belt and ribboned garters showing through the thin nylon! It was such an awfully feminine sight! I nervously slid the slip over my lap, enjoying the sensation, while Robyn applied the sissy stuff to my face. I glanced at my reflection in the vanity mirror. I wasn't sure if it was my embarrassment in the girl clothes, or that I found there was an aspect about them that I liked that made my face blush so scarlet!

All three of my sisters helped pull my dress on. The taffeta skirt felt just as nice as the silky slip against my nyloned legs. I squirmed and blushed.

The wig was pulled on me, and a pink ribbon tied in it. Robyn picked up a wider pink satin ribbon, and proceeded to tie it around my neck. I was to wear a pink ribbon in my hair and around my neck!

They stood around me and marveled. I looked as pretty as any of them!

"Oh my! Julie gasped. "She's very pretty! She's ... she's ... so pretty!"

Julie peered into the mirror, her face next to mine. My face was beet red.

"That's not fair!" Marissa griped. "You won't allow me to wear make up and you make her up all pretty!"

"You wear lipstick!" Robyn told her.

"Big deal! This isn't fair!" Marissa pouted.

"Ok Muffin, but just for today. You aren't to go outside with all this make up on." Robyn instructed.

She and Julie began making Marissa up, and Marissa was all aglow. When they were finished, Marissa and I both looked like older teenage girls. Julie took more pictures, to the delight of Marissa.

"Here Prissy", Robyn called. "You want to smell as pretty as you look, now, don't you?"

She held out a small bottle of perfume. I took it, and squirted my own neck and wrist.

My sisters had occasionally teased me by chasing me with their smelly perfume. I didn't want to smell like a sissy girl! Now, I had to spray myself.

We all went down to breakfast. I had to help. Marissa tied a frilly apron around my waist. It was going to be a very long day.

After breakfast, Marissa and I went upstairs so she could look at herself in the mirrors. She was relishing wearing all the make up, feeling so grown up. I had to help her try on different dresses and outfits. She sat at the vanity and freshened her new make up, while I brushed her hair. I struggled with my enforced femininity. I had to act like I liked this girlie stuff! Julie came in as I was telling Marissa how pretty she and her dress was. Julie shook her head in disbelief.

"How are you girls doing? Don't you just love your new, pretty little sister, Marissa? Isn't she just the prettiest, sweetest little girl?"

I wanted to scream! Instead, I found myself on the verge of tears.

Marissa beamed.

"Yes, I love her. I want her to be my bestest little sister always."

Julie couldn't help but glow a little at Marissa's exhuberance.

Marissa had to keep checking her make up. Consequently, we both spent a lot of time looking at ourselves in our compact mirrors, freshening our lipstick and powdering our noses. This was met with smiles and giggles from Robyn and Julie.

I helped with lunch, and for about the fourth time this morning, Marissa and I spent several minutes fussing with our make up.

That afternoon Marissa and I played one of her sissy girl board games. Julie and Robyn stopped to watch us ocassionally, and seemed to take pleasure that I was occupying Marissa, and she was enjoying her new sister so much. I could tell what they were thinking. It would be great for them if they could keep me in dresses and be a permanent playmate for their sweet, loving, but pesky younger sister. I was trying my best not to give them an excuse to do this to me ever again, even if I had to act like a yucky girl for two days. Julie joined us later, and she wanted to play the sissy board game with me ... er

Julie was getting a thrill out of this. She told Marissa how nice she looked in make up, and then offered her tips, which lead to both of us touching up our make up. Julie was devlish, and loved watching me putting on lipstick and powder! I hated it.

Julie went out with her girl friends after dinner, and she hadn't come home when Robyn's date arrived. Marissa and I were in the living room. I jumped a little when the door bell rang, but then Robyn's date had never seen me, and I certainly passed as a girl, so I didn't bother to hide. He only looked at us long enough to say hello before they started out the door.

"Be good girls now! Julie should be home soon, and I'll be home--well, probably late, so Marissa, take care of Prissy. Make sure she's properly attired and into bed by eleven. Good night sweeties."

Julie and Marissa helped remove my make up, and dressed me for bed.

I awoke to the smell of a flowery girl--me! And I had to take another bubble bath. Robyn cautioned me to be sure to use plenty of lotion and powder. She laid out the lacy girl's lingerie for me, and I could hear their giggles as I meekly dressed myself in the sissy underwear.

They picked out a yellow, floral print dress. It had a white, lace trimmed "V" shaped bib, embroidered in front with a multicolored floral basket with flowers and a pink satin ribbon bow sewn on the basket. The full skirt had a thin, wispy overskirt, and a wide, yellow ribbon sash that tied in back. They were making me wear the frilliest girl clothes, and I felt so icky and sick inside.

I had loved to tease Marissa by untieing her sashes in back, and now she eagerly tied mine in a pretty bow for me.

I was overwhelmed by emotions. I was embarrassed and ashamed down to my toes at how I was dressed, but also at the strange pleasure from the silky clothing, and their praise over their new, pretty sister. I knew they weren't just teasing, I did make a pretty girl. I was aghast at how pretty they made me look, and at finding pleasure from the frilly clothes. I was a boy! It was even more frustrating that I couldn't express anything negative about my frilly captivity. It was all so overwhelming, and I couldn't wait until it was over.

Robyn had me put on a pair of white gloves, and handed me a small, white purse. She looked me over, and then went to the dresser. She came back with a wide yellow satin ribbon, and told me to tie it around my neck. I looked at the mischievous glee in Robyn's eyes as I took it and pulled it around my neck. Robyn was making me do this! Boys hated sissy ribbons and bows. My fingers fumbled with the ribbon. Robyn made a face as she tied a perfect bow.

"There, aren't you pretty?" She prompted as she faced me toward the mirror with her hands on my shoulders.

I could only look at her and nod imperceptibly.

Robyn scowled.

"Yes, I look very pretty.... I'm a ... pretty ... girl." I stammered.

Robyn smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Yes you are, princess. Yes, you are. Now, fix your lipstick."

Marissa's girl friends called Sunday afternoon, wanting her to come over to play. I heard her tell them she was going to stay home with her sisters.

I had to try on several dresses and skirts and blouses for my sisters, and modeled them, and strangely, I didn't really mind doing it. They seemed to get a thrill out of it, squealing, giggling, and carrying on as girls do. It came to a stop when Robyn had me set the dinner table.

It was late that evening before Robyn permitted me to remove the clothes, make up, and polish. She removed the make up, and then showed me how to remove the nail polish. I still had to sleep in a nighty.

"I don't have to do this again, do I?" I asked, as Robyn tucked me in.

Robyn looked at me for a moment, and I held my breath.

"No, I have to admit you've been very good. I'm amazed. I'm astounded! I never thought you could behave so well! You make such a sweet girl! Are you sure you wouldn't like to wear a dress for us once in a while?"

"Robyn! No!" I protested.

"Ok, I just thought I'd ask. No, you don't have to do this again, as long as you behave. It's too bad, though."

I was going to sleep wearing a girl's nightie, but felt relieved as I drifted off.


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