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The Box, Part One

Another "lost" story by N

Tom glanced nervously at his wife, Debbie. They had only rented the room out to help pay the mortgage and they had never anticipated any kind of trouble. However, the young woman who had only moved in a few months before had definitely disappeared and, to make matters worse, neither Tom nor Debbie knew any of her friends or family. Tricia had seemed ordinary enough; she had told them that she was a student at the university, she paid her bills on time and, even though no one ever visited her at the house, she had been sociable enough with them. Their lodger had left without a word almost a week ago and, not knowing if she intended to return, Tom and his wife had made their decision. The police and local hospitals had not seen her and, more worryingly, the university did not have her name on record. Tricia’s absence was a mystery.

Thomas inserted the key and slowly opened the door, almost afraid of what they might find in the girl’s room. He breathed a sigh of relief as he looked inside and saw that the room was deserted. Debbie pushed past her husband impatiently and opened the window to clear the stale air.

"She’s left most of her things here." Debbie said quietly as she wandered over to the dressing table. "So I guess she’s planning to come back."

"The fact that she didn’t take her stuff worries me." Thomas replied. "Something terrible might have happened to her."

"I doubt it." Debbie said coolly. "She seemed pretty capable of looking after herself to me. It’s not as if she lacked confidence or anything. Did you notice the clothes she’d been wearing recently?"

Thomas tried not to smile. Watching their tenant teetering precariously on her newly acquired stilettos had been one of his favourite pastimes. He had almost been late for work twice the previous week due to Tricia’s rather flirtatious requests for company while she walked to the university. Thomas now wondered where she had really been going all that time. Tricia had certainly changed over the time that they had all been living together; she had dyed her hair blond, definitely taken to wearing more flattering clothes and bought herself a great deal of new makeup. The high-heeled shoes were actually only a small part of her recent metamorphosis.

"She’s probably moved in with some young guy." Debbie said sharply, watching Thomas carefully for any sign of disappointment. "And don’t tell me you didn’t find her attractive. She wouldn’t have any trouble finding a boyfriend and, from the way she’s been dressing recently, I’d say that was exactly what she’s been up to."

"Perhaps you’re right." Thomas replied with none of his wife’s confidence. "But we should still take a look around to try to find an address book or something."

He glanced absent-mindedly at his watch.

"God." He exclaimed. "I’m going to be late. Take a look around and I’ll see you at six. You can tell me then if anything turned up."

Thomas kissed his wife before turning to leave.

"I suppose, if nothing turns up, you should try to open that trunk by the bed." He offered as he left the small bedroom. She might keep her private stuff in there. It’s worth a try."


Thomas returned just after 6 o’clock. Debbie was lying on the couch watching TV and, from the smell drifting from the kitchen, she had already prepared dinner.

"Any luck today?" he shouted from their bedroom as he changed.

"I didn’t find any notes or addresses if that’s what you mean." Debbie replied smugly. "But that trunk proved quite interesting."

Thomas emerged from the bedroom.

"How do you mean?"

"It seems that our tenant had some interesting hobbies." Debbie said, her distaste obvious from the tone of her voice. "In fact, your friend was quite a kinky young lady judging by the clothes I found in her closet and, to make matters worse, the stuff in the trunk was even more degrading."

Thomas looked at her quizzically.

"So, she’s my friend now?" he replied playfully. "Come on Debs. What did you find?"

His wife pushed herself up from the couch, holding her dressing gown tightly closed as she stood up.

"I’ll show you after dinner. I can’t bring myself to go through it all again just yet."

Surprised and now somewhat curious, Thomas sat down for his evening meal wondering why his wife was acting so strangely and why she had buttoned up her gown so tightly. He waited until after dinner before he asked.

"So, what’s with the buttons?" he said, pointing to Debbie’s tightly sealed throat. "You don’t normally mind wandering around half naked if we’re on our own and this coy routine is a little off putting."

Debbie cringed and then blushed as she tried to hide her embarrassment.

"It’s nothing Tom, really. Just something I found in Tricia’s room that sort of appealed and… well… I just slipped it on to see how it would look. That’s all it was."

So, what’s the problem?" he asked.

"The problem is Tom that I can’t get it off." Debbie snapped angrily. "And I’m mad with myself for being so stupid."

As she spoke, she slowly undid the top few buttons of her dressing gown and, as the loose material dropped open, Thomas giggled loudly.

"It’s only a leather collar." He smirked, trying not to laugh. "I didn’t know you had it in you Debs."

"Yes, well you can stop being so funny and try to help me with the clasp at the back rather than being quite so irritating about it."

Thomas laughed and pulled his wife’s naturally blond hair away from the gloss black choker.

"What made you put this on?" he asked as he fumbled clumsily with the delicate steel lock, "And why are you wearing so much makeup? Are we going out?"

"That’s the funny thing." She said hesitantly. "I’m not even sure why I chose this particular item. It was on top of everything else so I suppose that might have been part of the reason but I wasn’t in the trunk for very long. As soon as I started finding Tricia’s really kinky stuff, I just wandered out in disgust but the collar was still in my hand. Five minutes later it was sealed tightly round my throat and I don’t remember how it got there."

"And the makeup?" Thomas asked, now desperate to hear more of his wife’s rather peculiar story.

"The same." She mumbled, sounding confused. "I just felt… felt kind of… well compelled I guess. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time and, once I’d sat down at Tricia’s dressing table, I’d already convinced myself that I should look my best."

"You used Tricia’s cosmetics!" Thomas said, wondering if his wife had fallen ill. "Well you look great in the makeup but I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to get the collar off."

Debbie slumped into her chair.

"I’ve got to go to work tomorrow." She whimpered. "I can’t go out looking like this."

"It’s not a problem." Thomas offered. "I’ll get the scissors and cut it off. It shouldn’t be too difficult."

"Lets do it in the morning." Debbie said sounding more subdued. "It might work itself loose and I’m not sure that I want to be bothered with it tonight."

"Sure. If that’s ok with you." Thomas whispered, hugging her. "Now, do you want to show me what else you found in Tricia’s room?"

An hour later, they returned to the living room in silence; Debbie still obviously shocked at Tricia’s bizarre collection of clothes and accessories and Thomas mildly amused by his tenant’s decidedly kinky tastes.

"I had no idea." He said, breaking the uneasy silence. "I didn’t know you could buy rubber dresses round here and those heels; did you see how high they were?"

"Perhaps she’s a prostitute." Debbie suggested coldly. "I know that latex is popular amongst those sort of people and, judging by that depraved underwear, there’s definitely something very wrong with that young lady."

Thomas suppressed a smirk as he remembered the thick plugs he discovered inside a particularly elaborate pair of rubber briefs. Recovering himself, he nodded in agreement.


Thomas woke late the following morning. Debbie was already up and Thomas could hear her clattering around the kitchen getting ready for work. She had a part time job at the local library and she had volunteered to cover for someone over the weekend. Thomas tucked himself under the duvet as his wife came in to say goodbye.

"I didn’t want to wake you." she whispered.

"You know I love being woken up at this…"

Thomas was stunned into silence when he saw what his wife was wearing. "Are you sure they won’t be uncomfortable?" he said, studying the 5-inch heels Debbie was un-selfconsciously adjusting as she sat down on the bed.

"Don’t be such a prude." She chided him. "They’ll be fine. Heels are back in fashion and I’m sure Tricia wouldn’t mind. Perhaps I should get you a pair?"

"Aren’t they a little high for the library?" Thomas said hesitantly, ignoring Debbie’s jibe.

"Nonsense." she retorted immediately. "I’ve had them on an hour and, surprisingly, they’re really rather comfortable. Anyway Tom, after a few days, you won’t even notice that I’m wearing them."

Thomas groaned loudly.

"There’s no point grumbling." Debbie said sternly. "I know that it’ll take some getting used to but you’ll have to accept the fact that your wife is rather fond of her new stilettos. They feel great, look fantastic and they’re… well… rather sexy actually and it’s nice to look glamorous for a change. Talking of glamour; how do you like the wig? I know that it’s Tricia’s but I just had to try it on and, now that I’ve got used to it, I’m toying with the idea of becoming a brunette more permanently."

Debbie slowly moved her manicured fingers from the sleek patent leather of her borrowed stilettos to straighten the seams of her black silk stockings. The short leather mini-dress she was wearing opened slightly as she rose, giving her shocked husband a fleeting glimpse of some strangely lustrous underwear. Thomas didn’t dare to ask.

"You know that you’ve got on far too much makeup?" Thomas mumbled, trying to get used to seeing his wife with long brown hair.

"Yes dear. I know I have." She replied, turning surprisingly gracefully in her heels. "And I’ll be late back I’m afraid. I’ve made an appointment at the beauticians this afternoon and I think it will take a quite a while for me to have everything done. Have a good day at home."

With that, Debbie closed the bedroom door. Thomas listened to the tapping of his wife’s new heels as she made her way to the car, only realising then that she had still been wearing Tricia’s leather collar around her throat when she left.


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