Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Box, Part Four

Fifteen minutes later, Thomas found himself wearing a sleek leather mini-dress and a tousled brunette wig from Tricia’s extensive collection. He had also discovered a pair of beautiful stiletto court shoes with adorable little padlocks around the ankles. He closed them all carefully before making the final adjustments to his tights. He smiled, noticing that the dress showed just enough of his enticing cleavage to make him attractive but hopefully not draw any unwanted attention. He wondered, once they had bought some new silicone forms, if his new bust would be anything like as modest.

"Leather I see." Debbie grinned as she appeared from the bedroom. "You’ll need something to wear over your shoulders though. Your skin is beautifully smooth now that you’re using the depilatory creams I gave you but, until the hormones really kick in, your shoulders still look a little broad."

"I suppose we’ll have to call you something too." She added thoughtfully. "I won’t be able to call you Thomas while we’re out."

Thomas actually gasped in surprise as the implications of this news sank in. Take a new name? He hadn’t even considered the idea. "Rachel suits you." Debbie whispered as they sat together in the back of the taxi. "It’s a nice name and I hope you don’t mind but I booked you into the salon as Rachel Smart; a girlfriend of mine from out of town. Samantha knows of course but, to the others, you’ll just be a pretty girl waiting to get her nails and face done."

"You didn’t mention anything about going to a beauticians." Thomas hissed, trying to remember to keep his voice suitable pitched. "What if I have to speak to someone?"

Debbie grinned. "Actually, we’re going to a clinic first." She said coldly. "It's right next door to the transvestite store I told you about and they specialise in gender-related problems. It’s the place where I buy your hormones and the doctor suggested I bring you in for a few preliminaries."

"Preliminaries?" Thomas’ voice was loud enough for the driver to look in his driving mirror suspiciously. "What sort of preliminaries?"

"You’ll find out soon enough." Debbie said, reaching for her purse. "We’ve just arrived."

Thomas followed his wife sullenly as she led him through the huge glass doors of a private medical establishment where a young nurse greeted them warmly.

"Rachel Smart?" the woman said.

"Yes it is." Debbie answered for her shocked husband. "We have an appointment with Dr Klein."

"The name makes a difference doesn’t it darling?" Debbie said as they climbed the stairs to the doctor’s office. "Have you noticed yet how much better you feel when people call you Rachel?"

Thomas mumbled a reply, still hurt by his wife’s secrecy about the visit to the clinic.

"You won’t do anything silly while we’re with the doctor will you Rachel?" Debbie said quietly. "I’m expecting you to be a polite young lady today and I don’t want to hear any complaints about your predicament. As far as the doctor is concerned, you’ve been confused about your sexuality for years and I am just an understanding wife. Do you understand?"

Thomas nodded silently as they finally arrived at Dr Klein’s office.

"Good. I would hate to have to make your perversion public." She said matter-of-factly. "I can’t even begin to imagine what your colleagues at work would make of seeing you like this."

With Debbie’s threat still ringing in his ears, Thomas found himself ushered into a plush office where the doctor was already waiting. With Debbie gripping his hand rather firmly, Thomas answered all of Dr Klein’s initial questions without faltering and, after half an hour of inquiry, the doctor was apparently satisfied that ‘Rachel’ could be admitted as a patient.

"Everything seems fine." The doctor said, tidying up his notes. "If you don’t mind stepping into the day surgery Rachel, we should have the preliminary procedures completed in only a few minutes. We can do everything under a mild local anaesthetic at this stage and you should be ready to leave in less than an hour."

Debbie was grinning inanely as they left the building. The doctor had been quite correct about the timing and the whole process had taken little more than 60 minutes to complete. Once they were outside, Debbie could no longer contain her curiosity.

"So, come on then Rachel. Tell me what happened." She gushed enthusiastically. "What did he do to you in there?"

Rachel stopped in the middle of the street as a single tear trickled slowly down the smooth white skin of her heavily made-up face. She pulled a tissue from her purse, unselfconsciously dabbing at her eyes to make sure that her mascara didn’t run. She was hardly aware that she was already responding to her new name with less and less hesitation. It was as if she had been called Rachel for years rather than just a few eventful hours but she had other problems on her mind now. "I don’t know what to say." She stuttered.

They both gasped as soon as the words passed her soft red lips. Debbie looked at her transformed husband in complete surprise as he stared down at his feet in total embarrassment. "They injected something into my throat." Rachel squeaked, her voice now that of a lisping teenage girl. "It’s not permanent, at least not yet, but they want me to go back every couple of weeks to have it done again and again until the pitch is stable."

Rachel started to cry once again. "I can’t believe you made me do this Debbie." She whimpered. "They made some tiny incisions in my chest too, right beneath where you attached my breasts."

"And?" Debbie said, trying not to smile.

"Dr Klein said that I should notice some changes in a few days." Rachel said, trying to hold back her tears. "And that I should have real breasts of my own in a few months or so. I want to go home Debbie; I really do. I can feel my nipples starting to tingle already and they’ve become so sensitive now I don’t think I can stand any more stimulation."

"That doesn’t sound so bad." Debbie said, smiling at her sobbing friend sympathetically. "A woman’s nipples can be a real turn on. I’ll show you later if you like and your voice sounds wonderful, really feminine. There’s no trace of any masculinity at all. I’m very pleased with the way it went."

"I bet you are." Rachel said coldly. "I suppose it was your idea to make him put the testosterone inhibitor in my crotch too wasn’t it?"

Debbie gasped aloud once again.

"They did that too?" she said slowly. "Wow! That wasn’t something I’d been expecting at this stage, it really wasn’t. But I suppose it’s too late to worry about it now isn’t it my little gelding. Just imagine how much easier it will be now that your old male drives have been so cleverly suppressed. I think we should go out to celebrate Rachel, I really do. Why, in a few days you will have completely forgotten about that useless sliver of flesh between your legs and you’ll be ready for some proper girlie fun. We’ll wait until your female urges get too much for you and then I’ll show you how to find a boyfriend. Your inhibitions won’t matter much by then Rachel, you’ll be desperate to find a man."

The rest of Rachel’s day passed in a haze. Samantha was waiting for her at the salon and, surprisingly, Rachel almost enjoyed all the attention she received. She found Samantha’s inane chat almost soothing and, now equipped with a much larger silicone bust of her own, Rachel felt less threatened by Debbie’s attractive new friend. The makeup looked good too. The salon had a much better selection of cosmetics than Rachel had at home and, when she finally left, she found to her surprise that she had bought some new high-gloss lipsticks, a box of shimmering eyeshadow and even a pair of long false lashes. Thinking about putting them on later somehow helped her to forget the trials of the surgery.


The months passed surprisingly quickly for Rachel. It had not taken long for her hair to grow and, with just a little prompting from Debbie and Samantha, she had readily had it dyed to become a glamorous platinum blond. As her skin softened, makeup became easier too and she it had not taken long before she was as good with cosmetics as any of the other girls at the salon. Rachel had been working there for some time now, ever since ‘Thomas’ had lost his job in the office. She laughed, remembering how familiar that name used to sound but that seemed like such a long time ago now. It had not taken long for her to become adept at her new skills, applying cosmetics, styling hair and doing the most incredible manicures. Rachel admired her own nails for a moment, now deep red talons that matched the shade of lips perfectly.

Her preoccupation with latex and high heels continued under Debbie’s expert tuition. The salon actually encouraged her to dress outrageously and this provided an outlet for her passion. As Rachel’s body developed (she now had magnificent 36-inch breasts), the tight rubber of her attire seemed to suit her more and more and she was now a regular attraction on the walk to work. Rachel smiled to herself, vanity just another lesson she had learned as she grew ever more delectable. It still amazed her when men whispered suggestive comments but the attention thrilled her. Her slim waist did not need the security of a corset anymore and she usually wore little underwear to work, preferring the delights of sleek rubber clinging to her smoothly depilated skin. Her favourite dress left little to the imagination and, with firm breasts pressed against the flattering material, Rachel knew that she looked unbelievably attractive.

At home, Rachel found herself slipping easily into a life of sensual pleasure. She had long since depleted Tricia’s wardrobe and had quickly amassed her own collection of skin-tight latex clothing. After a hard day at the salon, she liked nothing more than tucking away her long blond hair and trying different wigs and cosmetics. These games seemed to arouse Debbie and Samantha a great deal and afterwards they would often let her watch them making love. A wave of forbidden pleasure ran through her own body as she remembered the two women reaching climax together the night before.

Rachel rose and then almost stumbled in her towering heels. The doorbell had startled her from her reverie. She smiled as she looked at her tiny gold watch, a gift from a few days before. Rachel hurried over to open the door. She was expecting someone. She closed her eyes, her long false lashes fluttering on the edge of her vision as she welcomed the handsome young man with a deep kiss. Her body was aching for him and she savoured the heady scent of his masculinity while they embraced passionately. Perhaps tonight would be the night she thought to herself as she kissed him more deeply, the tiny stud that she now wore in her tongue accentuating her pleasure.

It seemed that Debbie had been right after all. The thrill of feeling a man so close to her body could not be denied and Mathew was certainly a prize catch. Rachel barely thought about it as the decision was made. They had already done so much together that only a few months before would have seemed impossible. She took him to the bedroom, kissing him again and again before she changed her mind. They barely spoke while she undressed him. Kneeling, Rachel took Mathew between her glossed lips, enjoying his pleasure like she had done many times before but tonight would be different she promised. When he was ready, Rachel stood up unsteadily and took his hand. Mathew’s eyes questioned her but she smothered his words with a kiss and led him slowly to the bed…


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