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Prissy, Part Three

It was mid August, and I had been a model little sister. I again asked Robyn if I could wear a shirt and pants. She had to agree I had been, so starting the third Monday of August, I was going to be a boy again, with certain conditions. I was to play outside. If I decided to come in, I was to wear a dress. Whenever I came in, I was to bathe and put on a dress or a nightie. In the house, I was to remain as Prissy.

Robyn helped me remove all traces of nail polish, and brushed my hair into a style more befitting of a boy Monday morning. My fingernails were still long, manicured, and definitely girlish, and my toenails were still pink.

"That can't be helped." Robyn stated. "We're not clipping your pretty nails, or cutting your hair. You will have to make do. Try and be careful not to chip or break them."

I checked how I looked. My hair was definitely longer than any boy's I would encounter, and still curly and kind of girlish looking. My hair seemed to have grown exceptionally fast the last two months. I would certainly have to have it cut before I returned to school. I ran outside, for the first time in what seemed an eternity, in pants. I was a boy again!

I found a couple of kids I knew, and for a short time it was fun, but then it wasn't like before, and they made wisecracks about my hair and appearance, and they hadn't even noticed my fingernails. I shrugged it off, but it continued to bother me. That afternoon their teasing got worse. I ran off, to the derogatory name "sissy". I stayed out until eight, when I went home to turn into a girl again. I jumped into a bubble bath, and didn't mind it. It was strange, but I didn't like the feel of dirt like before. I was also a little upset that I had broken a nail.

The next day I found three of my old friends, and they wondered where I had been. I told them I had been away. They noticed I looked differently as well. They seemed happy to see me though, and we played for quite a while, but then that afternoon Ray noticed my fingernails, and then they reassessed my appearance. They too started to tease me about looking like a girl. I sulked about this betrayal.Wednesday was a cool, rainy day. I ran out of the house, enthusiastically, but then I soon got bored, as no one was out to play.

After lunch, I went upstairs to take a bath and get into a dress. I played with Marissa. We baked chocolate chip cookies that afternoon. Robyn looked startled when she walked in.

"Well, Princess, I didn't think I'd see you. You look very sweet, honey." Robyn said as she embraced me.

She noticed my broken nail, as well as the damage I had done to several others. She shook her head and looked upset, but shrugged.

Thursday was cloudy and grey. I found some boys, but by lunch I wasn't having much fun. Once again I returned home to put on a dress. This time Marissa and I made lunch together.

Marissa was supposed to go over to her girlfriends that afternoon.

"Why don't you come with me? It'll be fun! You'll like my friends, and I know they'll like you. You can be my cousin."

I hemmed, but went with her, and this was where it got scary. I enjoyed playing with the girls. They were funny, sweet, and pleasant to me. They thought I was pretty. We had a great time just doing nothing, mostly.

Robyn was amazed when she came home.

"You like being a girl! You can't lie now! Look at you! You could be out playing with the other boys, but no! Here you are, all pretty and nice, a ribbon in your well brushed hair. Oh sweetie, I'm very pleased!"

I wanted to protest, but what was there to say. I wanted to go over to Marissa's friends again tomorrow. What was wrong with me?

Robyn attended to my nails, repairing them as best she could, including restoring the broken one, and then polishing them.

The next day Robyn helped me select my clothes and dress me. She smiled the whole time, with an ocassional giggle. She was pleased I had failed at reclaiming my boyhood. I was nervous. What was happening to me?

School would be starting in a couple of weeks, and I began worrying how I was going to get along with the other boys. I seemed to get along better with girls now. Everything seemed so odd....


It was ten days later when I was washing up in the morning that I noticed something. My chest had felt a little strange lately, but I blamed it on having to wear a bra. And I seemed to be just a little ... pudgy. I had always been thin as a ghost, but my chest looked kind of "puffy". I called Robyn in to show her.

"Oh Julie, come look!" Robyn yelled as soon as she took a look.

"Oh sweetie!" Julie gasped.

I was baffled. They were both giggling and acting strangely.

"She's budding!" Robyn announced.

"I'm what?" I asked.

"Oh honey, you're budding. You're getting breasts. You're changing into a young woman." Robyn giggled.

"You're nuts! What are you talking about? I'm a boy."

"Not anymore you're not!" Shot Julie.

I looked over at Robyn who was glowing with laughter.

"Julie and I have been giving you something special in your milk and cereal to take the edge off youe stubborn male arrogance. I didn't think it would have such a stong effect! I think it's been part of the reason you've been such a love this summer, and why you prefer playing with girls now. You've turned into such a sweetie! You like pretty dresses and doing girlie things, now don't you?"

I was too shocked to speak.

Robyn and Julie looked at my chest and squealed and giggled.

"But ...I can't .... You mean I'm growing tits... like a girl?"

"Yes honey, but we prefer to call them breasts. You are going to be my real little princess now." Robyn cooed.

"And you won't be needing tissues any more. You aren't going to need them. You will have to wear a bra from now on, just like the rest of your sisters." Julie exclaimed.

"No! I can't ... I'm not a ... I'm a boy!"

"Oh come now. Just a short time ago you chose to wear girl clothes and play with other girls. You want to be a girl!"

"No... I..."

Tears began sliding down my cheeks.

"There, there .... You make a sweet girl. We love you so much better as our little sister, and I think you've been happier too. It's just your stupid male pride that holds you back. Julie and I have taken steps to correct that."

"But .... How am I going to back to school?" I cried.

"Yes, well, I've all ready taken care of that. With an addition of just two letters I've enrolled you as a girl--Brianna Leslie Brock." Robyn announced.

"Oh that's pretty!" Julie chimed.

"But I can't .... You can't do this! The kids, they'll laugh and make fun."

"No, I've thought of that too. You barely passed the sixth grade, so I talked them into letting you repeat it. I explained it would be better if you went to a different school so you wouldn't feel so bad in front of the other kids. They agreed. You will be going to an entirely different school, and by the time you go to junior high school next year you'll be a year behind the other kids and have another year to grow into an even prettier girl with longer hair, and I'm sure, curvier body. They will never recognise you. I'm not sure they would now, except for the similarity of your name. And I expect you to bring home 'A's this time!"

I couldn't believe my ears!

"Well what about phys ed? Huh? What about that? Showers are going to be interesting!"

"I've thought of that too. Remember your heart murmur? The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, but I used it to get you excused."

I slumped in a chair. This was too much!

"There are some things we have to discuss." Robyn said, as she sat next to me.

She proceeded to tell me everything about girls ... and boys and girls. She left nothing out, although after living as a girl for three months there weren't many secrets.

"Pick a number from one to thirty." She said.

I looked at her askew, and shrugged. "Six"

"Very well, it is important we establish a period for you. The girls in your class will be starting their periods, if not all ready, and it may come out you are a year older. They will expect you to have yours. All of your sisters had theirs by the time we were your age. You will start your period around the sixth of every month. Not all girls are regular, but it will make things simpler for you. You will carry pads, .. er Kotex, with you for four or five days starting on the sixth. It's for your own good. Girls notice these things, and they may even discuss them with you, so you better be prepared to answer."

Robyn told me about them, the mess, the bloating, the cramps, the embarrassing surprises. The more she told me, the happier I was I wasn't going to have a real one.

It was several days later when Robyn escorted me to my first day of school as a girl. It was the sixth of September. She took me right to my classroom. Funny, but as a boy I would have been mortified having my big sister escorting me to school. As a girl, it wasn't a big deal.

I wore a pink and white print dress with a lace trimmed collar and hem, and a pink ribbon sash. It had ruffled lace around the short, gathered sleeves, with pink ribbon bows. I wore lace trimmed ankle socks, black Mary Janes, and two pink ribbon bows in my curly hair. Robyn had explained that girls didn't start wearing nylons until high school. Strawberry lip gloss with just the faintest hint of color, was all the make up I was allowed to wear.

I looked around at the other kids, and those that came in later. I didn't recognise anyone. Several of the girls wore a pretty dress for the first day of school. I seemed to fit in.

The teacher came in, smiling. She was in her middle twenties, and quite attractive.

"Good morning boys and girls. My name is Miss Sweet, and I'll be your teacher."

I had heard the salutation many times. It felt odd to think I was included in the "girls" now.

"When I call your name, I want you to take your desk, starting with the right front, in alphabetical order."

She soon came to me. "Brianna Brock"

"Here, Miss Sweet", I answered.

I curtsied, to the snickers and moans of most of the boys. I don't know what made me do it, ... nervous I guess. I realized right after I did it what the boys reaction would be.

"That's very sweet, Brianna. Brianna, that's a very pretty name."

I blushed, and took my seat. I squirmed a little on the hard wooden chair.

I had given much thought to how I should act. I concluded I would have to fit in as a girl. I made a funny looking boy now. It would be better if I acted as girlish and feminine as I now looked.

Freddie Cincione took the desk behind me, and it was just a minute later that I felt a tug at the back of my dress. He had untied the sash. I had done that to my share of girls. it was my turn now. I turned to give him a dirty look.

"Here Miss Sweet", he parroted. "What a sissy girl!"

I played girl's games with the girls at recess. I looked over at the boys playing ball. I'd never play with the boys again. Like it or not, I was a girl. It was fine. I was feeling alienated from boys now. I didn't want to be around them.

There were fifteen girls and thirteen boys. Only five of the girls wore bras, and only me and one other girl, Toni, had any noticeable blips.

I quickly found out about the girls, because I was placed in charge of monitoring the locker room by Mrs Gunther, the gym teacher. Robyn was right. It wasn't long before the conversations included our periods. Over half of the girls hadn't started yet, but that didn't mean they weren't curious, and those that had were looked up to.

It was a boy's fantasy come true, free to roam the girl's locker, but the reality was, there wasn't much to see. This was sixth grade, and most of the girls looked like abbreviated boys with their clothes off. My own puffy chest was more girlish than many of theirs, and there weren't many curves. I was more titallated with the girls in their frilly, delicate underwear, and thought they looked more feminine too.

My friends were all girls now, and I had many. Besides the girls in my class, there were Marissa's. Marissa and I had become close. I couldn't have imagined anything more bizarre, and Julie was just as amazed.

Julie seemed much more interested in Marissa and me now, and came over often to chat with us. She had been so anxious to get away from Marissa, but then I could never stand her before either. My life had taken such a twist. I wasn't unhappy, just confused most of the time. I couldn't imagine being a girl, or imagine going back to being a boy or how. Maybe it was the hormones, but there were things I used to hate about girls that I now enjoyed. Boys were such a nuisance, and such idiots!

I was getting along just fine living as a girl. I lived in an all girl household and liked having many girl friends.

One late Autumn day I was invited to my first slumber party. It was to be at Kristen's, Marissa's friend. I wanted to go, but I didn't think it was possible. I wasn't happy about it. Marissa was all excited about going. I didn't say anything to Marissa, but Robyn asked me what was wrong when Marissa was chatting to one of her friends on the phone about the party, and I looked down. I confided in Robyn.

"Oh Princess, you'd really like to go, wouldn't you?"

I nodded. Even as a boy I was jealous of girls having slumber parties. They sounded like so much fun. I hated it when my sisters had a slumber party and I had to stay in my room.

Robyn took me upstairs, and had me strip. She looked me over, and then pulled out the familiar sanitary belt and Kotex.

"Here, put your little twinkie between your legs, and put these on."

My male part went into hiding, as I nervously fitted myself with pad and belt.

"Oh yes! Julie! Marissa! Come up here!" Robyn called.

I turned red.

"Oh my dear sister!" Julie sighed. "Look at you!"

I put my hand over my puffy chest, and over the nothing between my legs. They looked perplexed at my shyness.

"No! You look great! I have girl friends that are less feminine than my own little Brianna. Not a girl in the world would take you for anything but a budding teenage girl having her period!" Julie giggled.

"Julie!" Robyn scolded, but half giggled herself.

I looked down, embarrassed. I looked at the end of the pad sticking out in front.

"Yes, that's the point. Brianna was apprehensive about going to the slumber party. There's no reason she can't go like this."

"I should say not!" Julie crowed. "She can run around in her bra and panties just like the rest of her friends."

"Let's show her." Robyn laughed.

Robyn picked out my prettiest white panties with the lace and ribbon bows on the front, followed by a lacy white bra.

"You know, like this you don't need a girdle. You can wear this, ... or if you would like to wear nylons, a garter belt or a garter panty like Marissa's. I'll show you."

Out came a lacy white garter belt. I smoothed nylons up my legs.

"Oh yes! Uh ... Julie, go get your heels."

She came back, smiling. I slipped into them, and nearly fell. They laughed.

"They take a little practice. Little girls play dress up, and have a little experience before now. I think maybe you should play dress up ocassionally before you start high school next year. You will be going to dances with Marissa, I bet, so it wouldn't hurt for you to learn how to walk in them now. And look at you!" Robyn whistled. "Very pretty! You are going to make the other girls jealous, and I bet Marissa's going to like having you with her, even if it might hurt her feminine pride a little. The boys will be coming around you!"

I turned beet red, but they were telling me I had no reason not to go to the slumber party, so I was happy. But then the remark about boys was unsettling."Come see!" Robyn said.

I was helped over to the mirror. I was wobbly. I was wide eyed as I peered at my reflection. I looked so much better than the girls in the locker room at school! I looked down at my pretty panties and garter belt. I couldn't see anything but girl!


There were thirteen of us giddy, screaming girls at Kristen's, and I was happy to be one of them. I knew everyone but two of the girls, and was quickly introduced to them.

It was still very early when we all changed into nighties, and one of the girls casually observed I was having my period. I wore a pink baby doll nightie with a long nylon cover. About half of the girls wore sweatshirts or something equally as casual. We sat around, talked, and some of the girls put their hair up, with the help of their friends.

We talked and joked, and talked some more, and then Kristen said we would play a "truth or dare" until the pizzas arrived. I had heard my sisters and other girls mention playing this game. It would be my first time.

Janice took the first dare, and they made her go outside to kiss the first man or boy that came bye! She stood out on the sidewalk for about ten minutes, as the rest of us crowded around the windows, and squealed with anticipation. Kristen applied an ample amount of red lipstick to her lips before she left. A man in his thirties came along, and we watched as Janice stopped him. She talked with him a short time, and then she kissed his cheek. There were squeals and moans. What did they expect, her to kiss him passionately on the lips? I was glad it wasn't me out there!

When my turn came, I took truth. I didn't want to chance doing something so embarrassing. Kristen asked me if I had ever seen a boy's erection, and whose. I turned crimson, as the others giggled and squealed. I lied and said I hadn't, ... but then my dumb sister yelled "fibber". The other girls were all after me to name names, and I got all flustered and embarrassed. When I refused to admit I had, they demanded I take a dare!

Kristen told me I had to eat a hot dog. Now that didn't sound too bad. She brought it in. It was covered in whip cream, and it was explained I had to carefully lick the whip cream off before eating the dog, and I had to do this from the end by taking it in my mouth! Well, the girls squealed and howled as I did my best to follow their instructions. Some girls made some crude remarks and there were some boys names brandied about as I took the hot dog into my mouth to the point of choking as I licked the whip cream from the far end. It was embarrassing, but not too bad, as the other girls had a howling good time at my expense.

It wasn't too long after that the door bell rang. It was our pizzas. One of the girls asked the delivery boy if he liked hot dogs. He looked puzzled by the roar of laughter that followed!

We all had a great time! It was after two in the morning before the first of us started to crash. I was introduced to the tradtion of putting the first girl to fall asleep's underwear in the freezer.

Marissa and I were the only girls to wear a skirt the next day. I think Marissa only did it so I wouldn't be the only one.

There were ten of us that piled into Kristen's mother's Buick in the morning. She dropped us off downtown, and the group of us went window shopping. We laughed and teased each other, and talked about the stuff that happened last night. If I teased a girl or said something one of them disagreed with I'd hear: "Give her a hot dog!" The others would break out in laughter.

Marissa and I were exhausted when we got home late that afternoon. We told Robyn how much fun we had, and she seemed really happy for me that I got to go. We ate supper, and fell asleep in the living room. Slumber parties were every bit as fun as I had imagined! This was much more fun than I ever had as a boy!

The next morning Robyn made us wear the full petticoats under our dresses again. We had giggled and talked too much through the service last Sunday over the coming slumber party.

Christmas and Christmas vacation was wonderful! My sisters had discouraged their friends from coming over to our house because of me, but I was so much of a girl now, with respectable length, curly hair, perfectly polished, long nails, an emerging curvy figure, and growing bust line, now an "A" cup, and largest in the sixth grade. Their friends were welcomed now. I overheard her tell one of her friends that I was an adopted sister. I didn't know what, if anything, Marissa and Julie told their friends that had known me. It didn't matter. No one would mistake me for Brian. I don't think they would have believed it if we told them the truth. I fit in with my sisters so well, and my actions and mannerisms had become purely girlish and feminine. We had lots of girls running around our house over the holidays. It was almost like another slumber party, as some would sleep over.

Christmas Eve was the best I ever knew! The four of us hugged a lot, and told each other how much we loved and cared for one another. We were close, loving, pretty sisters. We were all happy. It seemed I had somehow brought all of us closer. Oh, we had an occasional squabble over use of the bathroom, make up, and clothes, but nothing serious, and no one got mad. I was thoroughly enjoying being a girl, and I couldn't wait until I'd be allowed to wear nylons every day, and a little make up. Wearing silky, lace trimmed underwear and foundation garments seemed almost natural to me now, and I had my favorite bra! And I had a favorite, very pretty full slip that fit perfectly over it, so the two sets of straps and the bodice aligned so nicely, something only "sissy" girls can appreciate. I liked being told I was pretty, and the way strangers smiled at me. I suppose it was the hormones, but it didn't matter to me. All I knew was that I liked being in the company of a bunch of girls, and that I loved my sisters. I was closer to my sisters than I ever thought possible. Boys on the other hand were an aggravation and a problem, as they frequently teased me, and I felt uncomfortable when they checked out my breasts. Yes, I was a girl now, and proud of it!

The End

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