Monday, October 13, 2014

The Box, Part Two

Thomas spent the rest of the weekend in a state of some confusion. Debbie returned from the library looking very different from how she had left home that morning. She had spent the afternoon with a local beautician and, just as she had promised, she now had shoulder length brown hair.

"I had it straightened." She said proudly, running newly polished nails through the lustrous dark strands. "And it was so nice to have my makeup done professionally for a change. I don’t suppose you noticed that my lipstick and nail polish match perfectly did you?"

Thomas nodded, staring openly at his wife’s crimson mouth.

"I’m wearing gloss on top of the lipstick." She explained, pouting lasciviously "It makes my lips seem fuller somehow and much more inviting. I’m so glad I made the appointment. The assistant was so kind and she’s given me so many new ideas."

Thomas wondered what Debbie meant by ‘new ideas’ but he said nothing as she was quite obviously in full flow.

"I would never have thought I would actually let someone pluck my eyebrows." She continued excitedly, "Look how fine they are now. I’ve got mascara on too. I would never have imagined putting on such a dark colour during the day but they insisted and, once they’d done my eyeshadow and eyeliner, I could see what an improvement it was. She said that brunettes could get away with wearing more makeup but I wasn’t convinced until I saw for myself what an improvement it was."

"You’ve been shopping too I notice." Thomas murmured, thinking of their dwindling bank balance.

"Oh, nothing much." Debbie replied, dropping the bags onto the floor. "Just some cosmetics from the salon, some new clothes and a couple of pairs of shoes. My old ones seem so dowdy now that I’ve been out all day in high heels and I can’t really expect to keep borrowing Tricia’s stuff. I just had to buy some of my own. Everyone commented on them. The beautician told me that stilettos are very fashionable at the moment and she absolutely adored the collar. Apparently, this whole fetish thing is really taking off."

Debbie smiled as she gently ran her fingers over the smooth patent leather of the choker. Thomas thought that she looked distant for a moment, as if she was deep in thought about something he had no hope of understanding. He hoped that it was just a phase she was going through. Debbie shook her head, recovering some of her previous enthusiasm as she tossed her newly dyed hair across one shoulder.

"I bought you some presents too." She said coyly as she rifled through her bag. "You’ve been looking a bit under the weather recently so I got you some vitamin supplements. I found some nice trousers and a shirt too."

Thomas’ grin faded as Debbie produced what looked like a ruffled silk blouse from one of the bags.

"You’ll upset me if you don’t like it." Debbie warned, immediately noticing her husband’s obvious disapproval. "Here, let me show you the trousers to go with it.

"Leather." Thomas exclaimed. "I couldn’t wear…"

Debbie stared at him angrily before putting everything back in the bag.

"I’ll be in Tricia’s room if you change your mind." She said angrily. "But do me a favour and at least take the vitamins; two tablets, three times a day. You might be a little more agreeable to dressing up for me once you’re feeling better."

Thomas noticed that Debbie’s hands were shaking as she handed him the foil-wrapped pills but she at least smiled when he swallowed them.

"Debs. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful…"

She silenced him with a wave of her hand.

"You know where I’ll be if you change your mind." she said, turning in her heels to walk angrily into Tricia’s room.

"Oh and while I remember." She called over her shoulder. "Samantha from the beauticians asked if I’d go out for a drink with her tonight. I said no but I think I’ve changed my mind so I’ll give her a ring. She said she’d pick me up at 8 O’clock."

With that, the door slammed shut, leaving Thomas wondering what he’d said to offend his wife so deeply. And what did she mean about going out? He’d never stopped her meeting new friends but she’d simply not seemed interested before. Thomas then started to feel rather strange. Just as he was growing increasingly angry, a wave of lethargy crept over him. His body seemed almost to slump into the chair as he relaxed and his rage faded away, replaced by a soothing acceptance of his wife’s peculiar behaviour. He wondered momentarily if she had drugged him but the vitamin tablets had seemed ordinary enough. A few minutes later, he didn’t really care what she had given him as he began to snore gently, his sleep interspersed with bizarre dreams about high heels and makeup.

The doorbell startled him and Thomas woke immediately, feeling surprisingly well rested. He stood up a little unsteadily and answered the door to a pretty blond woman.

"Hi, I’m Samantha."

Thomas didn’t have time to respond as Debbie rushed passed him to greet her new friend.

"Hello Sam. I’m sorry about changing my mind and everything. Glad you could make it." Debbie gushed, ignoring her husband as she ushered Samantha into the living room.

"I’m still not sure what to wear. Would you mind giving me a hand?"

Samantha thrust a carrier bag into Debbie’s hand.

"I brought the corset you wanted to try on." Samantha said quietly. "Even though I’m sure you don’t need it; you’ve already got such a beautiful figure."

Debbie blushed coyly.

"Thanks. I’m getting dressed in our lodger’s room as she’s away at the moment and…"

Debbie hesitated.

"Well, she doesn’t mind if I borrow her stuff and it wouldn’t hurt to dress up if we’re going somewhere nice."

Thomas closed the front door as the two women wandered across to Tricia’s room. He called to ask his wife if she wanted any help getting her collar off before she went out. A muffled voice replied immediately.

"No thanks love. I’m getting used to it now; I’ll keep it on."

Thomas shrugged and sat down in front of the television set. Half an hour later the two women came in to say goodbye, giggling as they discussed Debbie’s new leather skirt and jacket. From his wife’s radically improved figure, Thomas guessed that she had agreed to wear Samantha’s corset after all. Thomas watched as Samantha lit a cigarette.

"Oh, I’m sorry." She said blowing a stream of grey smoke from her lips. "I should have asked. Do either of you smoke?"

"No. We don’t really like…"

Debbie interrupted him sharply. "Go ahead Sam; it’s fine in here."

"Thanks." Samantha replied, smiling happily. "Would you like one?"

Debbie barely hesitated before taking a cigarette from the packet. "I haven’t been tempted since I gave up as a teenager." She said, daring her husband to contradict her. "But seeing as we’re going out. You don’t mind if I indulge myself a little do you Thomas?"

Thomas was just about to protest but he didn’t seem able to find the words. "Sure… Whatever you feel Debbie. Enjoy yourself." He said slowly, not really sure how he had become so indifferent about his wife’s new habit.

The leather choker gleamed around Debbie’s neck as she lit the cigarette. "Don’t get up to anything naughty while we’re out." She whispered, inhaling deeply. "And don’t wait up as I’ll probably be late back."

Thomas shrugged, feeling strangely contented despite the fact that his wife was going out wearing a low-cut top and a decidedly short leather miniskirt. He absentmindedly admired her figure as she turned to leave, noting that, as well as the restrictive corset, she was also wearing her new stiletto heels. She certainly looked very attractive he thought to himself as he returned to the chair feeling sleepy once again. As he dozed, he wondered if his imagination was playing tricks on him. Thomas’ eyes fluttered open as he woke from a particularly unsettling dream. God, he had actually been wondering what it might be like to wear a corset himself. He shuddered. Where were these thoughts coming from? What on earth was happening to him?

The rest of the weekend passed uneventfully. Thomas grew steadily more accustomed to seeing his wife wandering about the house in high heels and had even accepted the fact that she was smoking more than he would have liked but the changes that seemed to be overtaking Debbie weren’t all bad he thought to himself. She was certainly taking much more interest than usual in making herself pretty in the mornings; putting on makeup took almost an hour each day and her newly discovered fetish for corsets did wonders for her figure. She was dressing better too, spending many hours in Tricia’s room trying on dresses and skirts. She never seemed to grow bored with her new hobby. Thomas rarely saw what his wife was up to behind Tricia’s closed door but, whenever she went out to work at the library, Debbie always wore a different leather miniskirt or leather trousers depending on her mood.


It was Friday when Thomas got his first real surprise. Despite taking Debbie’s vitamin pills three times a day, he had caught a cold and decided to come home early. He assumed that Debbie would be home but he wasn’t expecting to find her crouched in the living room, her eyes closed in pleasure as she rubbed herself through the membranous latex of one of Tricia’s dresses. As her climax faded, Debbie looked up and noticed Thomas standing open-mouthed with astonishment.

"Oops." She said, lifting herself up slowly. "I didn’t realise you’d be home so early."

"What are you doing?" Thomas stammered angrily. "And what are you wearing? It’s disgusting. You look like a pervert."

Debbie stared at him in disdain for a moment before replying. "Look Thomas. I like wearing rubber all right. It turns me on. You should try it yourself before you get all judgmental about me wearing it."

"Yeah, right. And end up like you. This is depraved."

Debbie smiled. "I want you to understand what I’m going through Thomas, I really do." She simpered, her rouged cheeks blushing an even deeper red as she recovered from her recent orgasm. "Something’s happening to me Tom, something strange. I’m changing and not just on the outside."

She paused as she tried to find the words to explain. "I think it might have something to do with this collar; the one I found in Tricia’s trunk." She went on. "Ever since that day I put it on and then couldn’t undo the clasp, my imagination’s been running wild. I didn’t say anything at the time but even the first time I wore it, the very moment I sealed it closed, something stirred inside me, something magical, something I’d never felt before. That’s why I wanted you to help me open the lock Thomas; these thoughts frightened me."

Debbie laughed as she spoke. "I started having strange fantasies almost immediately." She said, toying with the gleaming leather of the choker. "Daydreams about wearing beautiful rubber clothes and towering stiletto heels. I wasn’t even sure it was me at first. I hoped that I might be dreaming about somebody else but it wasn’t to be. The collar had already corrupted me Thomas. I was so beautiful in my dreams and it felt wonderful to imagine myself wearing Tricia’s skin-tight latex clothes. I had to try it Thomas. I couldn’t help myself."

Thomas didn’t know what to say. He could barely believe what he was hearing, never mind coming to terms with seeing his wife pleasuring herself in a sleek latex dress on the living room table.

"I can see you’re confused." She murmured, standing remarkably steadily in her fetishistic 6-inch heels. "So perhaps I should make it simpler for you. I’m not the same as I was before Thomas. It’s too late now. I’m not who you think I am anymore."

"So what can I do?" Thomas muttered quietly, trying not to cry.

"You have to make a decision I suppose." Debbie said coldly. "Either you accept that I’m not the woman you married and we do our best to arrange an amicable divorce or…"

Thomas looked up hopefully.

"Or you undergo the same transformation that I’ve been through. There’s another collar in Tricia’s trunk and I don’t suppose it would hurt you to try it on. You’re not a big man and, with such a small frame and rather delicate features, it wouldn’t be so difficult to feminise your appearance. I’ve got plenty of cosmetics and, with a decent corset, I’m sure you’d fit into Tricia’s clothes."

"Surely you’re not serious about this?" Thomas whispered. "Turn me into a woman? It’s ridiculous."

"You wouldn’t actually be a woman." Debbie said matter-of-factly. "You’d just look like one. And anyway, I’ve been toying with the idea of turning you into a glamorous transvestite for some time now and, even though it seemed rather peculiar at first, the concept has kind of grown on me."

"You’d really do this to me?" Thomas breathed.

"I’ve started already." Debbie replied immediately. "The vitamin tablets you’ve been taking are actually powerful female hormones, preparing your body for the more radical changes that will be necessary if you decide to continue your transformation." She paused, letting this news sink in before continuing. "Of course, we could just go our separate ways if you’d prefer. It wouldn’t take me long to find a new lover; I suspect that Samantha’s already interested. I’d prefer it if you stayed but I can’t force you."

"But it would still be me inside?" Thomas mumbled, trying desperately to come to terms with Debbie’s proposal. "My personality wouldn’t change?"

"You’d gradually become more docile." Debbie explained. "The hormones will make you more acquiescent and you’ll eventually lose most of your less attractive male traits. Wearing high heels and being strictly corseted may also make you feel quite submissive but you’ll essentially be the same inside. I think that’s actually part of the fun; no matter how believably feminine you become, you’ll always know that you were once a real man."


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