Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Box, Part Three

Thomas glanced up at his wife, his immaculately made-up eyes pleading silently for some end to his suffering. His perfectly manicured fingers reached towards her as she took the thick leather collar from its box but Debbie would not be swayed by her husband’s protests. Instead, she simply smiled and gathered up his long auburn hair in her free hand.

"This wig is beautiful," she purred. "And it took ages to put your makeup on properly; it would be such a pity to have done all this and then throw it away just because you’re a little nervous."

"You always had rather delicate features Thomas but I can hardly believe how feminine you look in makeup." Debbie continued, her voice soothing his nerves a little. "Lipstick suits you and, now that we’ve plucked your brows, the eye makeup looks stunning. Your body will take a little longer to feminise I’m afraid but if we increase the amount of hormones you’re taking and put you on a proper diet, you won’t need to wear a corset for very long."

"Now try to relax while I fit the collar; you’ll feel so much better about everything once its on."

Thomas shuddered as the cold leather settled around his throat. Despite the obvious ambiguity of his cosmetically enhanced features, putting on the collar felt more significant than the indignity of his recent metamorphosis. Something about it horrified him but, before he could protest, he felt a gentle pressure as Debbie pulled the straps tighter. He heard the soft click of the lock and knew then that it was done. There was a moment of silence, a brief flicker of realisation and then Thomas opened his mouth to scream…

"How does it feel? I noticed the difference as soon as it was on but..."

She hesitated as Thomas’ scream died in his encased throat to finally emerge from his glossed lips as just a gentle sigh. He suddenly felt incredibly relaxed as the collar wove its magic on his fertile imagination. Debbie watched him closely, her curiosity obvious as she waited impatiently for his reply. Thomas tried to understand why his sense of masculinity was fading so quickly, replaced almost immediately by the increasingly feminine desires and aspirations of his new personality. Even as he struggled to comprehend these radical changes, the seductive allure of his new identity swept away any lingering resistance and filled his imagination with new and exciting possibilities. By the time he found the words to express what he was feeling, his doubts were already forgotten, overcome by the sensuality of his new form. As he ran elegantly manicured fingers across the lustrous sheen of his tight leather trousers, Thomas actually smiled.

"Debbie, it’s wonderful." He whispered finally, "Better than I could have ever imagined. It’s like I actually know who I am now."

Debbie smiled contentedly. Thomas was clearly completely captivated by his feminine clothes and curvaceous figure. Seeing her husband so happy, she was glad that she had insisted on an ultra-tight corset and such realistic silicon breasts for his first evening as a genuine transvestite. Debbie could barely believe that he had been corrupted so easily. She tried to imagine what he would be like when his transformation was complete. She could hardly wait…


Thomas rose quietly from the dressing table. It was still early and he didn’t want to wake his wife sleeping soundly in the adjoining room. For a first attempt, the cosmetics he had just applied looked pretty good he decided and the blond wig and elegant earrings really rather suited the bold colours of his fresh makeup. He could have asked Debbie to help of course but he wanted breakfast to be a surprise. After all, not every woman could enjoy breakfast in bed, lovingly prepared by a beautiful latex-clad transvestite.

He tiptoed gracefully across the room in his new stiletto heels to make the final adjustments to his appearance in the big mirror. Thomas gasped as his reflection glistened invitingly from the glass. He looked better than he had imagined and the rubber outfit had been a stroke of genius. He could hardly wait for Debbie’s reaction when she saw what he was wearing. He gently lifted the hem of his short rubber dress to check the latex thong he was barely wearing. Shaving his bikini line had been quite difficult but, with his maleness tucked away neatly between his legs, the effect was definitely appealing.

Thomas carefully closed the last of his suspenders, sealing his new rubber stockings to his smooth legs before moving to the kitchen. He fiddled absentmindedly with the collar as he walked in his stilettos, finding its presence a soothing respite from the confusion of his androgyny. The soft silicone breasts Debbie had fitted to his chest, looked fantastic beneath the shimmering rubber of his dress but Thomas couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed about their rather modest proportions. He would have to ask Debbie about buying him something a little larger.

Half an hour later, Thomas kissed his wife gently on the lips to wake her, setting the tray of food on her bedside cabinet before pirouetting gracefully on his heels, proudly displaying his latest female attire. He smiled as she woke, his glossed lips parting slightly in a coquettish pout as he noticed how pleased she was to see him. It seemed like days since she had last seemed pleased with anything he had done.

"Debbie, what do you think?" he asked. "You were right about Tricia’s stuff fitting me okay and the heels feel wonderful. I even did my own makeup."

Debbie stretched beneath the bedclothes.

"You look good enough to eat." she yawned flirtatiously. "But I must admit I’m a little surprised by your enthusiasm. A few days ago, you wouldn’t even entertain the idea of wearing a pair of leather trousers and here you are now in a pretty latex dress. I don’t suppose it matters really. The important thing is you’re obviously feeling better about everything and, now that you’re more obviously feminine, you do look incredibly attractive."

Thomas actually felt his face redden slightly at Debbie’s compliment as he leaned forward to plant another kiss on his wife’s lips. He stumbled as she pushed him gently away.

"I’m sorry Thomas." Debbie said firmly. "I didn’t want to give you the wrong idea. Seeing you like this is a real turn-on for me but I think it would be better for both of us if we didn’t resume normal marital relations just yet."

She paused, trying to find the right words.

"We can’t make love now Thomas." She continued. "All the books I’ve read say that, if this is going to work, you must behave just like a real woman. You’ll adjust much quicker if you forget we were ever intimate. Don’t worry Thomas, I’m not upset or anything. These unpleasant male urges will soon fade and you’re new appetites will be just as gratifying. Even sexual preference can be changed if the rewards are high enough. You’ll see things differently when your body-chemistry gives you the desires and libido of a normal healthy young woman."

"Desires?" Thomas asked quizzically. "Libido? What are you talking about?"

Debbie silenced him with a wave of her hand.

"You’ll know when it happens." She said firmly. "The high-dosage hormones I’ve put you on will soon eradicate the last of your masculine drives and, once they’re out of the way, your natural curiosity will soon get the better of you."

"Are you suggesting that I turn gay as well?" Thomas replied in horror. "I thought that we were going to try to work on our marriage."

"I don’t think ‘gay’ is the right word." Debbie said, grinning broadly. "If we take your transformation to its logical conclusion, you should quickly progress from being a simple transvestite, albeit a very pretty one, to full-blown transsexuality. It will only take 6 months or so and then, as a proper she-male, you’ll probably enjoy all the male attention you’re going to receive. You’re going to be very attractive young woman Thomas. Men will want to make love to you. You may as well get used to the idea before you’re body makes the decision for you."

Thomas slumped onto the end of the bed, unselfconsciously adjusting the hem of his dress as he sat down.

"I don’t want that to happen to me." He stammered. "And anyway, what about you? What will you do once these emasculating drugs have robbed me of my manhood?"

Debbie laughed.

"I’ll be fine." She said gently. "Samantha’s made it pretty clear that she’s available and it’s only a matter of time before I eventually succumb and we end up sleeping together."

Thomas’ pretty red lips parted in a jealous pout and, without warning, he started to cry.

"Don’t worry about being so upset." Debbie said kindly, taking his hand. "It’s probably just the hormones more than anything else. Tears are bound to come more easily as your body adjusts to its female chemistry. It’s a good sign actually. It means that your male inhibitions are already starting to fade At least now I’ll have someone to cry with at my soppy films."

Thomas sobbed once more and then broke into a giggle at Debbie’s last improbable suggestion.

"Why don’t we go shopping today." She suggested, noting her husband’s sudden change of mood. "There’s a great shop in town that sells all sorts of wonderful things to the transvestite community. We could buy you some shoes, something with a higher heel perhaps and they have a huge range of wigs and undergarments."

She paused momentarily.

"We could get you some larger breastforms too if you like."

"How did you know?" Thomas gasped.

"Its obvious honey." She whispered conspiratorially. "Underneath, you’re just like the rest of us now and anyway, you’ll look stunning with a bigger bust."

Thomas grinned.

"I’ll go and get changed into some jeans."

"Jeans?" Debbie replied immediately. "Don’t be silly. You should go out dressed today. No one will be able to tell. I think the rubber dress might be a bit over-the-top but I’m sure that Tricia has something suitable sexy that won’t raise too many eyebrows. Why don’t you take a look through her wardrobe while I make a few appointments for us this afternoon?"

Thomas got up from the bed and dried his eyes.

"I’m still not sure about this." He said coyly. "Are you positive that nobody will be able to tell its me."

"See how you feel in some of Tricia’s ‘ordinary’ clothes." Debbie urged. "You can still wear stilettos if you like; they seem to be back in fashion in the moment."


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