Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shopping and Tests

I did some Dani shopping today, including in one store I had never tried before. Another thing I've never really done before is taking test shots of new clothes before doing a full-blown photo session with them...but I decided it was something I'd try to do from now on.

This first skirt and blouse ensemble is from Burlington Coat Factory, a place I hadn't found anything really nice in in quite a while. I was pleased when I found the purple top, because it's one of the colors I don't have a lot of (orange and yellow are others). Details on the manufacturers will come when I do the full dressing session for these.

No wig or makeup, so the face is pixilated for privacy.

This dress was bought at Annie Sez. I've often admired the clothes I see in the window of the local store, and when they began advertising that nearly everything in the store was under $25, I figured it was worth a shot to find something. They had a number of cute items, but lately so much of what I'm seeing is black and/or white--and I have so many things in monochrome--that I skipped those in favor of this dress. It's a bit schoolgirlish, I guess, but somewhat different from many others in my wardrobe.

Not sure when the full dressing session with these will be, but with any luck before the end of the month.

Don't forget to choose the man who makes the prettier girl (details here)!

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