Sunday, October 5, 2014

Prissy, Part Two

Monday morning I went to school with a mangled male ego, but happy that my heroic efforts had kept my nightmare to one weekend. It hadn't been easy.

I avoided my sisters whenever possible that week, especially Marissa. She gave me impish looks that chilled me to the bone.

I played, carefree, on the way home from school Friday. I was back on top of the world! School would be out next Tuesday, and a whole summer of freedom awaited!

Robyn jumped me when I walked in the door.

"Brian! Were you playing with Tommy yesterday over around Mrs. Kalwski's house?"

"Uh,yes", I answered meekly.

"You were shooting his BB gun, weren't you?"

"Uh ... I ... uh ... yes", I gulped.

"Well, Mrs. Kalowski called today to tell me she has a hole in one of her windows! You know you aren't allowed to play with BB guns, don't you? Well, Prissy, you've just bought yourself two more weeks! Now get upstairs! Your bath is getting cold, and so is your supper."

"You mean I have to wear a dress--again?"

"That's exactly what I mean!" Robyn responded.

"Nooo! I won't! I can't! I won't do it! I'm not a girl! You said I didn't have to do it again!" I screamed.

"I said if you behaved! Now, you better get upstairs, while you still have some summer left." She threatened.

"No! I'm not! I won't!" I protested.

Robyn grabbed me by the upper arm, and ear! She pulled me upstairs, as I kicked and screamed! I wasn't going to do that again!

"Julie!" Robyn yelled. "Come help!"

It took the two of them to get my clothes off, and toss me into the tub.

"Now, you are going to be squeaky clean before you get out! There's lotion and powder. You know what to do with them, and then put on your underthings. We'll be back to help you pick out a dress."

I sat in the tub, bawling! This wasn't fair! I had compromised my principles, my male integrity--for what? I couldn't do it again!

I was still sitting in the now cooling water, sobbing, when Robyn and Julie returned.

"You better be nice and clean, and it's time you get your little tush out of there and get dressed!" Robyn demanded.

I looked at her through teary, rage filled eyes.

"You better start cooperating. You have no other clothes. I've locked everything away."

"I won't! I'll stay here all summer if I have to!" I hissed.

"No, I don't think so. But if you don't start doing as you're told, we'll have to dress you in the prettiest dress and ribbons, and take you over to the playground, and let you walk home! We'll see what your friends think of you as a sissy girl!"

I screamed, and kicked and splashed the water! I'd rather die!

"You have ten minutes to get lotioned, powdered, and into your underwear."

I sat in terror for several minutes after they left. What could I do?

Discretion ruled, and I dried, lotioned, and powdered myself before slipping into the sissy underthings.

Robyn and Julie showed up, ready to carry out their threat, and they smiled at my aqcuiescence. They finished hooking the bra, and then Robyn held up the nylon, lace trimmed full slip. I shuddered as they pulled it over my head.

"You are now going to wear dresses for three weeks, and you will be a sweet, courteous little girl, or you will find yourself in a dress all summer! Are we clear?"

I felt the blood drain from my face. I nodded, but wanted to scream curses at Robyn.

They lead me to the bedroom, where they put me in a frilly, pink dress, wig, lipstick, ankle socks with ruffled lace around the tops, and the black Mary Janes. They giggled and cooed over me and the frilly clothes they were putting me in

Robyn held out a pink ribbon.

"Tie this around your neck in a pretty bow. You look so precious in ribbons."

My skin crawled as I tied the satin bow. Robyn straightened it a little, setting it off to one side, then behind my neck, and off to one side again. She smiled, satisfied.

I was escorted downstairs and they helped seat me at the dinner table. I sulked, and refused to eat. I wasn't going to cooperate again!

"Well, I didn't realize our baby sister was too little to feed herself. It looks like we made a mistake!" Robyn hissed, sarcastically.

Robyn leaned over to whisper to Julie, and then Robyn went upstairs, while Julie left the house.

It was a couple of minutes later when Robyn called me to the living room.

They began undressing me as soon as I appeared, and I found myself naked.

I tried hiding myself from Marissa.

Robyn had me lie on the floor. She slipped a tea towel under me, and pinned it like a diaper! I protested, but one look at Robyn and I fell silent.

I suddenly had a flash of the time they put me in baby clothes once before. I was six, and mom had gone out of town for a few days. I was teasing Marissa, calling her a baby, when Robyn intervened. She turned the tables, and started calling me a baby, and I threw a tantrum. Then Robyn and Julie tried putting me in a baby doll dress, but I grabbed at the things, and wouldn't let go. Robyn showed up with two pair of pink panties. They forced my hands into fists, and slipped the panties over them, securing the panties at my wrists with pink ribbons. Unable to open my hands, they easily put me in a diaper a short pink dress, and a ribboned bonnet. They made me lie in bed with a doll for the better part of two days! It was so frustrating with my hands rendered useless with pink ribbons at my wrists. I complained to mom when she returned, but she said I probably deserved it. It was weeks before I teased any of my sisters again.

Robyn now pulled on pink, balloon type bottoms of baby doll pajamas, with the baby like ruffles across the seat, followed by the top. She tied a large pink ribbon in the wig, and gave me a doll to hold. I was in shock, and fearful of the trouble I was in.

Julie returned, and Robyn joined her in the kitchen.

Robyn held a baby bottle full of milk when she came back in, and a bib. Robyn tied the bib around my neck.

"Ok Prissy, time for your bottle. Be a good baby now, and take your bottle."

I turned my head in humiliated disgust, and I suddenly hated hearing that name "Prissy"!

"You take your bottle, or you'll take it to bed and not get up until it's gone!"

Damn Robyn! I was whipped! I either did as she told me, or I'd spend the next two days in bed. Knowing Robyn, I'd probably have to use the diaper before she'd let me up.

With tears flowing down my cheeks, I let her slide the nipple into my mouth. I began suckling, as she held it.

"There, that's a good baby girl. See, we didn't realize you weren't big enough for grown up food. Now, drink it all up. Marissa, why don't you hold the bottle and feed you baby sister."

Marissa was elated to, and cooed and talked to me like a baby.

There was a flash! I bawled when I realized Julie had taken a picture of me like this! They just giggled, and let me cry. They took turns coming over to coo and try to soothe me like a real baby. I hated it!

It was a while before I was calmed enough for them to gently talk me into finishing the bottle. It was either that, or finish it upstairs, in bed.

After I had drank the milk, Julie came in with two jars of baby food, and Marissa was enlisted to feed me--how totally embarrassing!

Robyn's plan was working to perfection. I felt like such a complete sissy! I didn't know how to fight her. If I refused to cooperate, even refusing to eat....

Well , the consequences were dire! Here I was in a diaper, and I wanted to scream! Instead, I ended up crying--and that was no help!

I was put to bed early with a doll. I cried. My spirit had been broken. I thought I had gotten away with a small victory last week despite it's high cost, but now, now there was only weakness and despair.

The next morning, Robyn came in to wake us.

"Well, what are we this morning? A baby, a little girl, ... or a pretty, young lady? She questioned.

"I ... uh ... I'm a ..."

"Yes, what's it going to be?" Robyn prodded.

"I'm ... a ... young lady." I answered.

The words made me want to throw up!

"Very well, let's see! You may pick out what you want to wear, and dress yourself. I expect you will be looking your neatest and prettiest."

How had I gotten sucked into this? This was a nightmare! Despite my resolve, I was going to have to cooperate. I picked out the undergarments, and headed for the bathroom. I heard my sisters giggling as I left. I walked past my locked room, and looked longingly at the door.

When I returned to the bedroom, I was dressed in a white, lacy full slip, garter belt, stockings, training bra, and pink and white lace trimmed panties. Robyn and Julie seemed a bit startled, and giggled nervously. Marissa beamed from ear to ear, her little playmate had returned. I walked over to the closet.

"What dress should I wear?" I asked, meekly.

They were all smiling. Several choices were profered from each of my sisters, before a lace trimmed white blouse, and a floral print skirt was decided on.

I heard Julie comment. "She's wearing nylons."

"Hmmm ... nylons, ... you like wearing them, don't you?" Robyn queried.

I hung my head and nodded.

Robyn and Julie laughed.

I did kind of like the feel of them, but I wore them because I had told Robyn I was a, gulp, young lady. I had learned my lesson. I wasn't going to cross her.

"We'll make you a girl yet!" Robyn giggled.

I turned to leave when Robyn cleared her throat. She pointed to her neck, and I knew what I was supposed to do. I picked up a pink ribbon, and Robyn shook her head. I picked up a white one then, and began tieing it around my neck.

Needless to say, I was on good, girlish behavior the entire day.

My skirt was a little shorter than the dress I had worn, and straight. I quickly discovered I had to be careful when I sat, to keep from revealing my nylon tops.

Robyn smiled approvingly as I sat very lady like, tugging at my hem, and sitting with my hands folded over my knees, like I had seen girls do. What is there about the darker nylon tops that seemed so embarrassingly feminine?

After we had all changed into nighties, my sisters covered their faces with sisters rediculous appearance. Robyn called me over, and covered my face with the gooey stuff! Julie howled! We all went downstairs looking silly!

Sunday morning I was taking my bubble bath, wondering how much of this I was going to be able to endure, when Robyn came in. She went over and picked up the panties I had just taken off.

"These go in the laundry! You still have some boyish bad habits."

I watched as her face suddenly turned purple!

"Look! Just look at what you did to your pretty panties!" She roared. "Pretty girls keep themselves clean, and don't smudge their pretty panties with such disgusting filth! Well, we'll see about keeping you clean and fresh!"

She grabbed something from the cupboard over the sink, and began filling it with water and soap. She came toward me, as she attached a nozzle to the inflated balloon.

"What ...what are you going to do?" I fearfully asked.

"You, my dear, are going to douche!"

Before I could ask her what that was, her face suddenly lit up.

"And you will wear one of these!" She said, as she strode over and pulled a box from the cabinet.

I went white when I saw the familiar word on the blue box with the rose on it, Kotex! I wasn't all too sure what it was exactly, but boys knew the word, and it wasn't for us!

"This is what girls have to wear to keep their panties clean."

I went into histerics. I pounded at the water, and screamed bloody murder. Robyn responded by slapping me, hard across the face. I was stunned, and my cheek was suddenly ablaze.

"You don't know how much I used to hate doing the laundry and finding your disgusting underwear! Well, you will be keeping your panties clean from now on! Now, out of the tub, and bend over."

I felt the thing push into me. I cried. I didn't know what was happening. I felt the warm sudsy water fill me.

"Robyn ...don't..." I sobbed.

"It's not going to hurt, well, maybe your pride a little."

I heard the gush of soap suds, and then Robyn had me sit on the toilet.

"Wipe yourself real good!"

"Oh Marissa!" Robyn called.

I turned to look at Robyn pleadingly. It was bad enough. I didn't want anyone else seeing me degraded.

"No", I whined.

"You barged in on Marissa as she was putting hers on. Turn-about is only fair."

I had no idea that was what she was doing the other day.

Marissa came in as Robyn slipped something thin and elastic around my waist.

She pulled a long white pad from the blue box, and my heart raced with anxiety.

"Your little sister messed her panties, so we're helping her out. I thought you'd like to help."

I looked back over my shoulder at Marissa blushing, but she wasn't as crimson as me.

"Come on, she's your sister now. I thought you'd like to help."

Robyn pushed the white rectangle between my legs.

"Fasten it through the loop, Marissa. I'll attach this side."

Robyn slipped the half slip over my maleness, and then slipped the long end of the thing through the metal loop. I was in tears, and apprehensive, as I felt the other end slide into my crack when Robyn tightened it, and pulled up on the belt.

I heard Marissa giggle as Robyn pulled a fresh pair of silky panties up my legs.

"There, now you are even. You've both seen each other in your periods."

I was devastated, and meekly followed them into the bedroom, where they finished dressing me.

I sat at the vanity in a pink and white dress, as Robyn adjusted the wig, and smoothed lipstick on my lips. I had never felt so low. The thing between my legs was uncomfortable, like a wedgie! Every time I shifted, I could feel it push further up my bottom. Did girls really have to wear these?

"Come on, it's not all that bad now." Robyn said, as she held my chin, trying to make eye contact. "Cheer up! Your not doing anything us girls haven't had to put up with. Now, go play with your sister."

Robyn stopped me as I was leaving.


She tied a small pink scarf around my neck, and then straightened the bow of the dress in back. She fluffed and fussed with my dress, and patted my behind.

"There you go, Princess."

I left with Marissa. At the bottom of the stairs, we met Julie. Marissa couldn't wait to tell her the news.

"Prissy is having her period." She announced, happily.

Julie was incredulous.

"Oh Marissa, don't be silly! You and your little girl fantasies."

"Just ask Robyn if you don't believe me. She'll tell you!"

Julie bounded up the stairs as we headed for the living room.

Julie joined us about ten minutes later. She had a wide grin as she came over to me as I sat on the couch. She threw her arms around me.

"Congratulations Prissy, it's your first period!" She sang.

I looked at her, nearly in tears.

"She looks awfully piqued, Marissa. Why don't you get her some 'Midol'?"

"Is Prissy feeling out of sorts? You're not cramping, are you?" Julie giggled.

Marissa ran upstairs.

"I wish I had been there! Come on, stand up! I gotta see this!"

She hiked my dress up, and pulled out my waist bands of my brief and panties in back. She gasped, and then giggled. She reached in and pulled up on the belt.

"Hey!" I cried.

"Oh, this is such fitting justice!" Julie laughed. "Our pretty little sissy sister is wearing Kotex!"

I wriggled, having had the end pulled deeper into my bottom. Julie pulled my dress down again, and laughed. She turned me around to face her.

"Don't look so glum. And fix your lipstick, Prissy. You better be especially good! Oh, I'd love to tell some of my friends about this! My new sister's having her first period!"

Julie was beside herself with glee.

Marissa came back with two white tablets. Julie handed them to me, and told me to swallow them.

Breakfast was a little late. Robyn didn't make me help, and didn't even ask. I just played with my food while they ate. Julie looked over at me often, smiling and giggling.

Marissa took me by the hand back to the living room to play, but I just sat, and sulked. She was getting upset that I wasn't participating by the time Robyn called us to lunch. I still had no appetite.

I was still in no mood to play after lunch.

"What's the matter, Prissy? Is it your period?" Marissa asked in a sympathetic, concerned voice.

Poor Marissa, she could be such a dummie at times, just like a six year old. I wanted to scream at her. I'm not a girl! But I just looked at her with tears in my eyes.

Marissa tried to comfort me, but all it did was to make me feel worse. I just started sobbing. Marissa ran to Robyn.

"Come on Prissy, it's not all that bad. If you would accept being a girl, you will feel much better. It's only when you are bad, or fight us, that we have to treat you harshly. You make a sweet girl. I know you would like it if you gave it a chance. We all think you make a very pretty girl. Julie's even jealous you may be prettier than her. Come on now, and snap out of it, and play with your sister. Marissa just adores you, don't you Marissa?"

I didn't know why, but I stopped crying, and I did feel better.

They took me upstairs, wiped my face, and added a little make up. Robyn smiled, got up, and then returned with stockings and a garter belt.

"Here, you like wearing them. I can tell. Now, lift your dress, while I fix your garter belt for you."

I tried to deny her assertion, but her knowing smile stopped me before I could speak.

I felt disgusted that I found anything about girl things likeable.

She held out the nylons, and I took them. I couldn't help myself enjoy their silky feel as I pulled them on, and I felt like such a sissy as I attached them to the ribbon covered garters. When I finished, I held the dress up for a second, and looked down at the pink ribbons dangling over the brown tops. A wave of embarrassment and shame filled me at the completely feminine sight, knowing how I liked how they felt.

Marissa took my hand as we went downstairs to play.

It was about an hour later that I had to go to the bathroom, and I was a little panicked. How do I manage all the layers? I stood in front of the toilet and pulled up my dress, then my slip. Now what? I held the hems under my chin as I unhooked the garter belt, pulled the brief and panties down, pushed the belt and pad to my thighs, and sat. I looked at the white pad and the thing that held it. It was something of a mystery. I noticed, however, that it was still perfectly white, even after where it had been. Robyn had done a good cleansing job. I didn't know why girls were so particular about keeping their clothes so clean, even their underwear. I was nervous about keeping my slip and dress bunched up. I didn't dare get them soiled. Robyn would flip! I wiped good, and then pulled everything back in place. How do girls put up with this all the time? This was not easy! I finally got things arranged again, and snugged my nylons up before letting my slip and dress fall into place. I smoothed them, and made sure the hems were even. I had no idea girls had to go through such an ordeal to pee!

Marissa gave me a look, like where had I been, when I returned.

Marissa unbuttoned my dress in back for me as we readied for bed. It was a bit of a start to see the frilly, lace and ribboned underwear in plain view after being concealed. I turned red with renewed embarrassment.

Robyn took me into the bath, and gave me another pad from the box.

"You mean I have to wear one to bed?"

"Yes, a fresh one. Girls usually have to wear them, or a tampon, for several days. You are getting a rare opportunity. Boys generally don't have any idea what us girls have to endure."

I didn't know what a tampon was, or wanted to know.

I saw how the metal things held the ends. I placed one end in the back, and then pulled it up and placed the other end through the metal loop in front. I felt it slide into my backside as I tightened it. I shook my head. Girls don't have it so easy. No wonder they took so long in the bathroom! Robyn instructed me to wrap the used pad in toilet paper and throw it in the trash.

Julie was wearing pink baby dolls similar to what I wore when I returned to the bedroom. But Julie's top jutted out prominently. She bounced as she readied for bed. She looked over at me as I leaned over to pull my covers down.

"Still wearing Kotex, I see. Aren't periods fun?" She laughed.

I was crimson.

"I love this! You better be on your very best behavior, Prissy, or Robyn will have you wearing Tampax next."

She was roaring with laughter as she slid into bed.

I walked around like a zombie on Monday. I should be light hearted and giddy at the end of the school year, but I was confused and uncertain of my future, and disgusted at myself. I was ashamed of what I allowed, and afraid of what was in store for me as vacation was about to begin.

My toes were still a bright pink under my socks and shoes.

When I got home from school, my room was in complete disarray.

"Yes", Robyn announced. "We're making some changes. You'll be sleeping in the girl's bedroom, and Julie is taking your room. You'll have to wear a nightie tonight."

I went, dejectedly, outside, and sat on the porch. Marissa came up the walk just then.

"Hi Prissy!" She giggled.

"Don't call me that!" I exploded.

I pushed her, and she fell. She stood, brushed her dress off, and ran inside.

I was suddenly apprehensive. Robyn was going to be mad. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Robyn called me inside. I had tears in my eyes all ready in anticipation of my punishment.

"Get upstairs! You can just wash and put on a pretty dress right now, Prissy! You might as well get used to it. You are going to wear dresses now for the whole summer!"

"No!" I screamed.

"Yes, so there's no use screaming and shouting about it. You are going to be a well behaved little girl just as soon as you get home from school tomorrow."

"No Robyn, please, not the whole summer. I can't! Noooo, please!"

"Yes, you are going to be well behaved, sweet, meticulously clean, and polite. You will be our pretty little sister this summer."

"No! I won't! I can't!" I cried.

She pulled me into the living room, where she pulled out a tape recorder. She turned it on. It was me and Marissa that first day, and I was talking like a girl, playing with her dolls.

"How would you like your friends and everyone to know how much you like to pretend to be a girl? And we have some very pretty pictures to go along with this. And if that is not enough, we can still dress you and take you to the playground."

I went white! I fell very still and silent.

"Now, go upstairs and put on a pretty dress, and you can help me get dinner ready."

Robyn hugged me and kissed my cheek when I came down.

Julie showed up a short time later, and she embraced me and kissed me too.

"Thank you! Thanks for being such a rotten boy, and such a pretty girl! I have my very own room! I've always wanted my own room, and you have Marissa! You and Marissa make such great roomies!"

"Julie!" Robyn scolded.

"I can't help it! I feel great! I have my own room, and a new, pretty, little sister!"

Julie hugged and kissed me again.

"And we'll never have to contend with the toilet seat up again!" She squealed.

"Yes Prissy, you are to sit, just like the rest of your sisters." Robyn added.

My friends were puzzled by my look of silent dejection as we left the school building for summer vacation.

Knowing I would be in a dress soon, I entered our front door less than enthusiastically. Robyn followed me upstairs, pointing out the clothes I was to put on, after I took a bath. I felt very low. Robyn tried to get me to smile--fat chance!

"Come on, you might as well cheer up and accept it. Be a good little girl, and, maybe, if you're especially sweet and good, I'll let you have some of your boy clothes and things for the last weeks of vacation."

I ate lunch in a white blouse with an embroidered, lace trimmed collar, and a dark, pleaded skirt. I looked down to see the bra and slip straps showing through the blouse, as well as some lace. I had seen my sisters wear things like this, as well as other girls, but there was something especially unnerving about seeing myself dressed this way. This struck me as worse than a frilly, pink, but opaque dress.

I looked into my room later that afternoon. My stuff was gone! Julie was arranging her things.

"Where's all my things?" I cried.

"Your clothes and things are safely tucked away." Robyn responded.

"Well, can't I have some of my things to play with?"

Robyn looked startled.

"You are a sweet girl for the time being. You can play with dolls and tea sets. You have no need for boy things!" She stated calmly.

"Tomorrow we will take you shopping. You are going to need some clothes and things. And tonight you and your sisters are coming to my graduation. You're going to wear your organza dress. You look especially sweet and precious in that dress." Robyn cooed.

"Wha--what!! No ... I can't! I can't go out like that!" I screamed.

"And why not? You look adorable in that dress. No one will know."

"No, Robyn ..." I cried, tears runing down my cheeks.

"Oh honey, it's all right. You'll see. Everyone will tell you what a pretty girl you are. All my friends will be down on the floor, and you, Marissa, and Julie will be up in the audience. They won't see you."

I trembled, and was filled with anxiety the rest of the day. I was to go out in public, in a frilly dress! I searched for ways to apologize, and plead for forgiveness and mercy, for whatever I did to deserve this! I couldn't do this! I made up speeches to give to Robyn, but when I faced her, I choked. There was no escape for me!

We hurriedly put the dishes in the sink after dinner, and I followed my sisters upstairs to get ready. They were soon running around in their slips, fussing with clothes and make up. They stopped occassionally to prod me out of my blouse and skirt and into the organza dress. They seemed much more relaxed and unabashed in their underwear than before. It was like I WAS their sister, and I was a part of their feminine dressing ritual that I had laughed and teased them about so many times. I was pushed along, with Julie tieing a yellow ribbon in my hair, and Robyn handing me a purse, and we filed downstairs and piled into the car. The fresh, dress sheer nylons I wore were little consolation as I sat trembling in the back seat.

It was windy in the parking lot, and Julie produced a silky, pink and white scarf to tie over my head, securing it under my chin. We all had trouble keeping our skirts from flying. It was a new experience for me. The breezes, and my dress, felt heavenly laping at my silky legs, but it made me feel vulnerable. Near the school, a gust caught my skirt and lifted it high in front. Some boys got a good look at my frilly, delicately laced and embroidered slip, as well as my gartered nylons. They cheered. Julie and Robyn smiled at my embarrassment, and half jokingly chastised me about holding my skirt down more carefully. Marissa was busy helping me push my dress down and hold it.

We said goodbye to Robyn as she went to put on her gown and join her friends.

We found our seats, and I looked around to see whether I knew anyone. I didn't recognise anyone, and felt relieved. I wanted to leave the scarf on for extra concealment, but Marissa untied it, slid it off, and handed it back to me. The silky nylon whispered as it slid over my ear.

I heard the lady next to us remark to her friend what pretty girls we were. She then turned to me.

"Oh honey, I love your dress! You look so pretty!"

I thanked her, and blushed profusely with embarrassment.

"Are these your sisters? You are all so pretty! Where's your mother? She must be awfully proud."

I informed her our mother was gone, and she extended the proper condolences.

It was clear I wasn't going to be mistaken for anything other than a girl.

We watched Robyn receive her diploma, and then sat through the speeches, and remained seated as everyone started leaving. We would wait for Robyn. A friend of Mom's saw us and came over. I was beside myself.

"Hello dears, how are you getting along? Your sister looked so nice, and you two look as pretty as ever. What pretty dresses! And who is this?"

"Oh, Mrs. Wood, this is our cousin, Prissy. She's going to be staying with us for a while. Prissy, this is Mrs. Wood, a friend of Mom's." Julie said.

I was sweating nervously, and curtsied.

"Nice to meet you." I managed to get out.

"Aren't you the pretty one! And such a pretty dress. It's nice meeting you, Prissy, and such lovely manners. What nice girls you all are. And where's your little brother? Didn't he come? Surely he came to see his sister graduate."

"No, I'm afraid not. He hasn't been behaving well. Robyn is thinking maybe we should send him to boarding or military school. We just don't know what to do with him." Julie sighed, believably.

Marissa giggled, and Julie gave her a kick.

"Yes, little boys can be a handful, especially with no mother or father. It must be difficult." Mrs. Wood heaved a sigh. "It's too bad he couldn't have been another girl. You three are so sweet and pretty. Your big sister has taken on such responsibilities for one so young. It would have made it a little easier. Well, take care, it's so good to see you girls are looking so nice."

We all called out thank you as she left.

Robyn showed up to take us home. She was anxious to get us home quickly so she could join her friends.

Robyn slept in the next day. She had come home rather late. Julie fixed breakfast. It was nearly lunch time before Robyn came down.

"Who's all going shopping with us this afternoon? Robyn asked.

"ME!" Marissa shouted.

"I wouldn't miss this!" Julie chimed. "Count me in."

The dishes were quickly cleared, and we went upstairs to freshen up to go. All three of my sisters wore shorts and tee shirts, while I was stuck in a blouse and skirt, with nylons. Marissa wanted to change to a skirt when she realized what I was wearing, but Robyn discouraged her.

We went twenty miles to the next town. We pulled in front of a women's store, and I felt a little ill. I was going to wear this stuff for the next couple of months!

Robyn led us right to the lingerie section.

"She's going to need underwear--panties, bras, a couple of slips, and one or two tight girdles."

She picked out four bras, size thirty two double "A", and then two firm control panty girdles, X small, with lace edged legs and ribbon bows at the top.

I had to try the bras on. We went to the girl's changing room. My heart beat faster as we entered. There were a couple of young girls there, and I glanced through a slit in the curtain at a teen adjusting a swimsuit top. I saw her smallish breasts, and my pulse raced. I had only glimpsed Robyn's before, when Marissa had opened the bathroom door too quickly.

The bras I tried on had only the slightest cups, but still wrinkled over my flat chest. Robyn took out tissues, and placed one in each cup. I was paraded into the common hallway for anyone, well just females, to see. The girl was checking out her bathing suit there, and we smiled at each other.

Only the prettiest panties would do, and we looked at dozens of slips before they selected two half slips, and one beautiful full slip. It was porcelain white, and lavished in lace. It was so silky! It felt buttery smooth. The skirt had lace appliqued butterflies and flowers with a ribbon bow. The top had three inch, beautiful floral lace, with a satin bow between the cups. My sisters cooed over it. The bust was slightly darted, like my sister's slips.

"Prissy is going to look so pretty in this!" Robyn gushed. "My little princess."

Robyn then bought half a dozen pair of lace topped anklets and two pair of knee highs.

"Now Prissy, here's something I know you're just going to love. We'll pick out several pair of nylons for you, but they are for special ocassions. You can't be wearing nylons all the time, and being summer, I don't think you really want to."

Julie and Marissa joined in teasing me about my liking to wear nylons.

She bought nearly a dozen pair, six pair for Marissa and I, and six longer pair for her and Julie, and then we headed for dresses. It was three hours later, after trying on lots of dresses, skirts, and blouses that we made our last purchases and headed home. I now had my own girl's wardrobe.

We put my new lingerie in the dresser, and clothes in the closet, next to Marrisa's. There was plenty of room, now that Julie had moved out.

There was no escape, and nothing for me to do but see this through. With all my other clothes inaccessible, there was nothing but girl's things in the whole house. I didn't have much choice.

Sometimes at breakfast and/or lunch Robyn and Julie would look over at me and whisper and giggle. I wasn't sure what that was all about.

My new girdles were much tighter than the first one I wore, and securely held me in from my navel to my thighs. Their firm caress felt almost comforting to put on in the morning, but by lunch, and as the day wore on, they became more uncomfortable. By evening I was happy and relieved to remove it and get into a nightie.

Robyn announced we were going to have a family meeting Sunday morning.

"Someone has to take care of you, the house, and the bills, and to keep four girls in nylons, so I'm starting a job tomorrow. Julie has her job at the ice cream stand, and some baby sitting, so it's going to be up to you little princesses to help around the house. You'll have to keep things clean, do the dishes, the laundry, and help fix dinner through the week. Julie will help with dinner if she can, ...and I'm sorry Julie, but you'll have to mow the lawn now. Prissy's not to do that anymore. She will have more domestic chores, befitting our sweet baby sister. Marissa, you'll have to teach your sister to sew. You two will take over most of the ironing, sewing, and mending. If you have any questions or problems bring them to me. Now, any questions?"

We all looked at each other. Marissa seemed happy about the whole thing, and eager to be in charge of the house during the day.

"No? Good! One more thing. We are going to start going to church again. That means we will have to find a different church so Prissy can attend. I'll look for a suitable church we can try this Sunday, ok? Good!"

Robyn took Marissa and me to the laundry rooom and went over washing instructions, and how we were to dry and iron some things. Marissa and I were put to the task right then.

When it came to folding and seperating the things, we ran into some difficulty. There were clothes and lingerie for four girls! It was difficult to determine who's were who's. Bras weren't too difficult. Marissa was a thirty "A", Julie a thirty four "B", and Robyn and thirty six "B". But then all of us wore the same size five panties! It was rather embarrassing handling all the intimate things.

The following Saturday, after I had fussed daily about wearing the wig, (It was so hot and uncomfortable) Robyn decided my hair may be long enough to put in curls. She gave me a permanent. It was an uncomfortable, smelly process, but it was going to be better than wearing that wig all the time. My hair came out in tight curls.

"It's so short!" Julie giggled.

"Yes, but it will do. I think it's cute. No one is going to question she's a girl with a dress and hair ribbons." Robyn countered.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror upstairs that afternoon. I couldn't help myself, as I shed a few tears. I knew this was best, as I hated the wig, but this was me, my own hair, and I was a mass of curls, with a pink ribbon bow.

Sunday morning we all wore pretty dresses with nylons, and we headed off to church, just as Robyn had promised, and were accepted readily as four pretty sisters.

I wore a large lace and ribbon bow in my short curls, and my dress was ivory, with a light, multi-colored flower print. The underskirt, or self slip, was tissue taffeta with an overskirt of accordian pleaded chiffon. It had a white ribbon sash that Robyn had tied for me in back. It was very light, like wearing nothing.

Marissa and I fidgeted during the long service. Robyn scowled at us several times, as we whispered and searched our purses for entertainment. I was really beginng to feel like a ... sissy girl, not like the boy I had been at all. The clothes and the accompanying mannerisms and behavior it induced was having it's effect.

Outside, a group of boys called out to us. They soon surrounded Julie, as she was looking especially pretty, and most of the boys were her age. Marissa and I were encircled as well, while Robyn was kind of ignored. She was too old for these boys.

A little breeze came up, and lifted the chiffon of my dress. In the bright sunlight, I was shocked to see my garters and frilly underthings through the thin taffeta! I stood, embarrassed, holding onto my purse with both hands in front of me, keeping the chiffon in place. Marissa looked a bit embarrassed too, whether from the attention, or for me. I would wear a slip under this next time, I reasoned.

It was fifteen minutes later before Robyn pulled us away. Julie was glowing, and talked about a couple of boys as she climbed into the front seat.

Robyn chewed Marissa and me out about fidgeting during the sermon.

As I started my second week, I didn't have to wear such frilly dresses, but then the lacy underwear was still the same.

The following Sunday Robyn helped Marissa and I dress, and had us wear full crinolin petticoats under our dresses. They made our dresses very full, and we crinkled and swished as we walked. When we sat, the white froth of the lace edged petticoats spewed out from under the hem.

I saw Robyn wink at Julie.

Marissa and I filled the back seat of the car with our dresses.

Once we were seated in church, I realized what Robyn had done. Any movement on our part was quite noisy, and brought looks from those around us. As a result, Marissa and I sat quietly still, like two angels.

The boys were waiting for us again after church, and called to us by name. Julie was enjoying this, and Marissa too. I was nervous, standing there, surrounded, in the frilly dress and frothy petticoat.

The daily routine of skirts and dresses with a girdle and lacy nylon undies seemed unfair. My sisters got to relax in shorts. I wasn't allowed. Robyn said I was to stay in skirts.

Actually, as the summer wore on, I wasn't too uncomfortable, other than the girdle and fighting with straps. My sisters were still amused whenever I had to fix an errant strap. My gradual acceptance of the girl clothes came as a surprise, but then as long as I behaved like a girl for them I was free from teasing, and became much closer to my sisters. I was praised for looking pretty or for the slightest feminine mannerism. I even became accustomed to the feminine swishing of the silky dresses and petticoats. Sometimes I found myself "feeling pretty", a total girlish emotion that took me by surprise, and left me feeling strangely.

Once, I was standing in front of the mirror, running my fingers over the ribbon bow of my slip. Robyn came in and hugged me from behind.

"Yes, sweetie, you look very pretty in your lovely clothes, don't you? We love our pretty baby sister."

I found myself feeling good. How could this happen? I hated girls with their frilly ribbons and things.

My sisters and I were getting along surprisingly well, and things were running smoothly around the house. Julie adored having her own room, and Robyn was feeling a sense of pride at running the house, and bringing such harmony to it. I was occupying the lion's share of Marissa's time now, to the delight of Julie and Robyn. Marissa was usally content to stay around the house doing housework with her new sister, to the surprise of Robyn and Julie. Marissa was doing a responsible job, and not complaining. I was getting well practiced at brushing her hair, and frequently arranging and tieing ribbons in it for her, even braiding it on ocassion. I was the only one struggling in my new role.

Saturday afternoons we usually went out for ice cream, to a drive-in, shopping, a movie, or just a drive, ... and it wasn't unusual for us to run around, mostly upstairs, in just our lingerie on the weekends. Everything seemed more relaxed for my sisters, and they accepted me as one of them now.

Marissa and I did most of the grocery shopping, with a strict list from Robyn. That meant checking out with things like Kotex and Tampax in our cart!


Don't forget to choose the man who makes the prettier girl (details here)!

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babycakes said...

As always, very well written and enjoyable but in reality highly implausible. On the last day of school, why wouldn't the brother just take off? If he was eventually caught by the authorities, he could claim abuse and would be removed from the home. Robyn would undoubtedly get jail time since she is an adult.