Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All My Footwear, Part One

If there's any one part of crossdressing that I really love, it's shoes! Always have, always will. A pair of heels were the first things I bought of my own, the last thing I threw out in my post-marriage purge, and the first thing I bought when I returned to active dressing some 16 months ago.

In that time, I have somehow acquired 16 pairs of shoes! That's an average of one a month! So I thought I ought to do a sort of "catalogue" post of all of them. They're presented here in order of heel height. (BTW, I did some research to determine how to measure that accurately. I discovered that the shoe companies measure the height from along the inner part of the heel, the shortest part; but most fashion experts recommend using the height at the very back of the heel, from the bottom up to where the heel meets the sole. That's the measurement I've used here.)

Here they are:

My only pair of "flats"--black patent leather, instep strap, pointy toe, "kitten" heel, bought at Payless. Worn here with my frilly white socks with the bows in the back.

My only pair of boots (so far)--brown leather, knee high, zippered, with a 2-1/2 inch heel, bought at Target. Next winter I want to get a pair with a higher heel.

Red patent peep-toe pumps, with a modest 2-1/2 inch heel, bought at Target.

Classic black patent pumps, originally bought to go with my maid's uniform, from Payless. They have a 3-inch heel.

Bone faux snakeskin pumps, with a 3-inch heel, from Payless. I bought these last spring when I was looking for something lighter in color for the season.

These red suede pumps have a moccasin-style vamp, and 3-1/4 inch patent heels. I love the little gold chain on the instep. I bought these at Target when I was looking for something more casual than I had at the time.

The beige fabric pumps have a little bow on the instep and 3-1/2 inch heels. They are the same--except for color and material--as the next pair. I got them from Payless around the same time as the bone pumps above.

As noted, same as the ones immediately above, save for the materials. I actually bought these first (I think they were the third or fourth pair I bought) and didn't realize the similarities between the two until later. I got a real thrill last spring when I spotted a pretty girl wearing these!

More to come

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