Monday, March 30, 2009

In My Closet--Schoolgirl Dani

Pure fetish fantasy here. Although both parts of this and micro-skirt...were purchased at Burlington, of all places! The crinolines were bought to go with the maid uniform (see that later), but I tried them out with this for the first time here and I love the look!

Sorry if some are offended by the rear view, but, well....

Two slight variations, because I wasn't sure which set of leg- and footwear would be best. In the first, it's bare legs and frilly socks with mary-janes. In the second, kneesocks and baby-doll pumps. Same jewelry with both.

1 comment:

wino417 said...

Definitely the frilly ankle socks; in fact they should be folded down even shorter to increase your sense of being a sissy!