Thursday, March 12, 2009

In My Closet--the Gray Suit

Beginning my visual catalogue of what's in my wardrobe:

This was one of my earliest purchases, from Burlington Coat Factory, back when I was certain my size relegated me to the "women's sizes" (those ending with a "W"). I now know I was wrong (I can wear the larger misses sizes pretty easily).

Anyway, I chose this at the time because I thought the pleated hem was sort of cute and kicky. Now--even with the skirt taken in and shortened, and worn with a youthful pair of baby-doll pumps, it still seems frumpy and matronly. Of all my outfits, this is the only one I'm considering giving away to Goodwill.

FTR, worn with red-and-black paisley blouse (also from Burlington), gold earrings and chain, and red baby-doll pumps.

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