Saturday, March 21, 2009

Plans for the Week

Normally, I'd be upset that I'm only working three days next week...but I've been so eager to get back to my visual catalogue of my wardrobe that the extra opportunities to continue are very welcome.

In the first run, I did mostly my "two-piece" outfits that were bought as a set. In the coming days, I'll be focusing on the remainder of those and on my actual dresses. I've planned out eight outfits to start with. After that, I'll be working on skirts and blouses bought separately...still not sure how I'm going to go about those.

I also just got a coupon for 20 percent off at I guess I'll be doing some more shoe shopping. I'm considering a new blonde wig, as well...the big curly one was inexpensive, but it's getting a little "ratty," so I'm looking for a new one, probably longer than my red one, but straight.

Any thoughts on the matter?


Karen Singer said...

Hi Dani,

I’m looking forward to your photo-shoot. I enjoyed your last one.

As to the wig, we’ve seen you as redhead and a blond, how do you look as a brunette?


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I've considered a brown or black wig...more likely black as brown is the color I've had all my life.

Perhaps you're right. I'll have to see what's available when I shop for the wig.

jeanie said...

super cool plans!
Looking forward to see your outfits!