Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In My Closet--T-Shirt Dress

I bought this in January, when I was thinking I wanted to start looking a little less matronly. (Though, I suppose, at 57 with two adult kids, that's exactly what I am!) It's from Kmart, by Converse One Star. I like the form-fitting shape and the short, but not too short, hemline.

A lingerie note: I'm wearing a camisole with this, as the last time I took photos in it, I discovered the bra showed through a lot. That got a complimentary comment on Flickr, but it's not really a look I want to have too often. I also discovered I had to switch to a different pair of panties...there was a decided bulge when I first put this on. That's an indication, I guess, of both the fit of the dress and the fact that dressing so much is turning me on!

The other accessories are white hose, red baby-doll pumps, and gold jewelry.


Karen Singer said...

A great dress, but I'm not as crazy about it. Perhaps a really wide black belt around the waist instead.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Yeah--I've thought of that as well.