Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Weekend Adventure--Day 3, 3

Final outfit for my adventure combines one of my oldest purchases with one of my latest: The red paisley blouse was bought at Burlington Coat Factory way back in the winter of 2008-2009. The blue miniskirt with the classy scarf belt comes from Kmart and was bought this winter.

I tried something different with the digital makeup on this set; usually when I wear the blonde wig, I alter my eyes to blue and do a very blue/violet eye palette and pink lips. On these, I left my eyes their normal brown and did the eyes in a smoky gray palette, heavy lashes, and blood-red lips. I think it's damned sexy.

Accessories are red headband, pearl jewelry, fishnet stockings, and black pumps with metal heels.

Plans to dress one more morning have fallen apart...too much I need to get done before the wife arrives home today. Not sure when I'll dress again--younger son will be home for spring break late next week.

More pics on Flickr, of course.

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