Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Perfect Bimbo

A sequel to Perfect Sissy


Bob gazed at the incredibly sissy-ish figure that stood before him. She had light brown hair done up in two pigtails tied with pink ribbon. Her sheer white blouse strained against her C-cup tits, allowing the lacy bra beneath to show through, as well as her dark nipples. Her waist was cinched in tightly, both by her undergarments and the broad waistband of her incredibly short, pleated skirt with its girlish straps that went over her shoulders and further emphasized her tits.

Her long slender legs were sheathed in white thigh-high stockings with lacy tops that revealed gleaming rhinestones as well. And her white pumps had six-inch heels on which she balanced perfectly, although they restricted her stride to a hip-wiggling mince.

The school-girl vision smiled and giggled as she toyed with the pigtails and cocked her head. "Don't I know you?" she purred. "Bob!" she exclaimed. "It's wonderful to see you again!"

Bob's eyes widened with a combination of recognition, shock and--yes--fear. "Gerald?" he asked.

"It's Geri, now," Teresa corrected him. "Your friend seemed quite eager to pursue his goal of being a perfect sissy, once my hypnotic abilities allowed him to see that was what he really wanted," she explained. She passed her hand over Geri's eyes and said, "Sleep". He fell into deepest trance, unaware of anything until she brought him round again.

Teresa turned her gaze to Bob. "But you're no sissy, are you, Bob?"

"Umm, no...."

"No, mistress," she corrected him. She drew his attention to the candle on the table. "It was the flame that drew Geri in, just like a moth." She saw Bob's eyes gaze at the candle...and he fell into her trap even more quickly than Geri had. "Now what is your image of perfection?"

"B-b-bimbo...." Bob stuttered, as he felt his new life begin.

Chapter One:

Half an hour later, Bob sat, still entranced, on the couch in Teresa's apartment, while Geri flitted around, now serving her mistress clad in a French maid's uniform. The mistress sipped from her drink and asked, "Bob--you want to be a bimbo, right?"

"Yes, mistress..." he murmured.

"You want to be the perfect bimbo, don't you--just as Geri is now the perfect sissy?"

"Yes, mistress...perfect bimbo..."

"Excellent," Teresa said. "Now picture the perfect bimbo in your mind...what does she look like?"

Bob's eyelids fluttered while he imagined the image and then he spoke: "Blonde, very
blonde...curvy, big round shiny lips and heavy eye makeup...tight-fitting clothes, very short skirts, long legs, very high heels...."

"A lovely image," Teresa acknowledged. "And how does the perfect bimbo act?"

"She is always after sex...she teases and flirts...she displays herself shamelessly...she likes oral sex with men and women...she likes to give titty fucks...she can orgasm just from things like that...."

Teresa felt herself getting hot as she planned how to turn Bob into his image of the
perfect bimbo...and she could see that just describing his fantasy was arousing the
mesmerized man, as the bulge at his crotch expanded with every word.

"Very good, Bob," Teresa said. "Now, I'm going to wake you from trance by snapping my fingers...but I can always return you to trance by saying Bob's a bimbo...and you'll look forward to returning to trance because it's so sexy and comfortable."

"Sexy and comfortable," Bob agreed.

"Now, when I wake you, you will be eager for me to begin your transformation into the perfect bimbo, and you will not resist or fight your change in any way."

"I want to be the perfect bimbo," Bob agreed.

"Very good," Teresa said and snapped her fingers. SNAP!!

"Wow, I feel great and sexy," Bob said. "Are we going to turn me into a bimbo now?"

"We'll start right now," Teresa said. "Geri, please take Bob into the bathroom, strip him and use the depilatory all over his body--except his head, of course."

"Yes, mistress," Geri replied, happy to help her friend begin his journey to a new life.

"But we can't call her 'Bob' any longer, can we?" Teresa mused. "She needs a name suited to what she will become." She stopped and thought for a moment. "I know...Boobsie! You will be called Boobsie from now on!"

"I am Boobsie," the soon-to-be transformed man nodded.

More to come

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And don't forget flirty, bubble-headed, giggly, shallow, daft, helpless, obsequious, compliant, and a constant source of amusement to her Mistress