Friday, March 5, 2010

The Stepton Retro Society

Chapter Three:

That evening, Greta and Donellen arrived at the Retro Society meeting, held at the Stepton Women's Club. The room was filled with femininity, all dressed in the loveliest of styles of 50 and 60 years past. Still, it was not hard to distinguish the men from the women...for the dominant females of the club all wore the most severe of business suits, while the once-men were dressed in the sun dresses, petticoated party frocks, or hobble-skirted office attire of former decades. In their new looks, Greta and Donellen fit right in.

Almost as soon as they entered, they were met by a tall, elegant woman in a red suit, with a turban-like hat. "You must be Greta," she said, speaking only to the real woman. "Carla told me you'd be coming. I am Vera deManden, the president of the Retro Society." She took a step back and gazed at the couple. "I must say, you've done a wonderful job for a first effort. I absolutely love your fur stole--so sexy, so commanding, so sensual." She turned her attention to Donellen. "This is your sissy? How pretty...those sandals are to die for! I must get a pair for my little Arden!" She stared into the newly transformed Donellen's eyes. "What are you called, dearie?"

Donellen lowered her eyes and attempted a curtsy, not easy in the tight skirt of her outfit. "I am Donellen, ma'am...."

"A very good beginning, Donellen. Now, why don't you go get your mistress something to drink while she and I have a little chat? There's a good sissy!" Vera pointed to the bar at the far side of the room.

Donellen dutifully minced her way to the bar and ordered a gin and tonic for Greta, and a Shirley Temple for herself. As she made her way back to her wife-mistress, she saw that a third person, another domme, had joined the group. "Ahh, here's Greta's little darling, now," Vera cried. "Donellen, please greet Mistress Carnella..." Donellen again curtseyed, then handed the drink to Greta.

"Thank you, come with me." She took Donellen by the hand and led her to the seats. "Apparently, Mistress Carnella is something of an expert in programming you sissies. She's going to give a demonstration later...and when she asks for volunteers, I expect you to offer your services. Is that understood?"

"Yes, mistress...."

Vera deManden called the meeting to order and proceeded with the usual requirements: a reading of the minutes of the last meeting, some votes on procedural matters, and the like. Then, the business of the meeting completed, she said, "Ladies, many of you already know our guest speaker and have utilized her services. Tonight, Mistress Carnella will demonstrate a new set of programs written for the Stepton implant and will use them to create new personas for two special little sissies. Mistress Carnella!"

The leather-clad domme took the stage. "As Vera said, I will need two sissies for this demonstration. I know Vera has already offered her own delightful there anyone else who would like to participate?" Reluctantly, Donellen rose to her feet. "Oh, excellent--ladies, may I introduce Donellen, newly moved to Stepton with her mistress Greta. Always nice to have 'fresh meat' to play with!" She grinned. "Come forward, darlings!"

Donellen glanced to where Vera deManden was seated and saw a pretty blonde with short hair stand up. She wore a black-and-white business outfit and a veil. "That must be Arden," she thought. Together, the two sissies minced their way to the stage and stood on either side of Mistress Carnella.

"I know that all of us take great pleasure in watching our sissies make love to each other...but many of them have deep-seated objections to such activity, objections that not even the implant can always avoid. We've all seen sissies go into an almost catatonic state when those objections run up against the implant's demands. My new technique will prevent those misfortunes, as it finds new pathways for the mistress's commands to follow," Mistress Carnella explained. "By the end of this night, our two little sissies--Arden and Donellen--will be delighted to perform the most erotic of sissy-lezzy action for us all!"

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