Monday, March 1, 2010

My Weekend Adventure--Day Three, 2

Before I get into posting this morning's pictures, some thoughts:

I learned yesterday that a kid--just 19--I had worked with in the local high school theater killed himself...hanged in his dorm room at college. He was gay--something I didn't even know until just before he graduated. I gather it created problems at home, but everyone who knew him assumed he was dealing with it OK. Naturally, all the kids, teachers and parents involved in the group are devastated....I know I'll be thinking about this for sometime, especially with the group's latest show opening on Friday.

Anyway--here's this morning's outfit: The dotted shirt dress from Target, cinched with the white belt.

As I noted in my final post yesterday, my makeup experiments are over for a while. But I did try something a little different in the digital editing on these...I worked with them as larger files--especially on the eyes--and I think it's made a big difference. I'm so happy with the way these came out, I haven't even soft-focused them.

Additional accessories are black headband, narrow scarf, gold jewelry, taupe hose, and black pumps with the metal heels. More pics on Flickr, a different outfit this afternoon.

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