Monday, March 22, 2010

Perfect Bimbo

Chapter Three:

Later that evening, Teresa proudly walked back into the bar where it all began, with a sissy on one arm and a bimbo on the other. Geri was wide awake, so used to her condition as a boy-girl that she no longer needed to be in trance to play the role properly. She was also still in her maid's uniform. "Go see if Molly needs help serving," Teresa told her. "I'll summon you if I need you."

Boobsie, on the other hand, was in a light trance...seemingly wide awake but completely under the control of her transforming mistress. Now clad in a skin-tight latex dress, every curve of her body--including her erect nipples and cock--was visible. "Sit," Teresa told her, and Boobsie complied, sitting so that her impressive tits were displayed almost like a meal at the table. "You will flirt with anyone, male or female, who approaches you," Teresa continued. "You will offer yourself, but always look to me for approval before final commitment."

"Yes, mistress..." Boobsie replied.

And, in the course of the evening, many men (both cross-dressed and not) attempted to take Boobsie into the dark private rooms at the back of the bar, but Teresa shook her head at them all. Many dommes tried to control the bimbo, but Teresa's hypnosis was strong, and Boobsie remained loyal to her.

Finally, Teresa noted a shy young man in the corner, who seemed to be utterly fascinated by Boobsie, in particular her tits. Teresa sidled up to him. "She is beautiful, isn't she?"

"Ummmm, yes," the boy answered, still staring.

"You like her boobs?"

"....uh, yeah, I guess..."

"Oh, come now, they are magnificent, aren't they?"

"Oh, yes...."

Her voice dropping into her hypnotic mode, Teresa asked, "What would you like to do with them?"

The boy, flustered but falling into the trap, replied, "I...I'd love to stick my cock between them...."

"You mean you want a titty-fuck?" Teresa countered, blatantly.

Now aroused, the boy could only reply, "Yes, yes!"

"Come with me," Teresa said, taking the boy by the hand.

"Boobsie, this young man desires a titty-fuck--take him into room four and give him what he wants."

"Yes, mistress...."

And the boy, half-entranced, could only follow docilely. The door closed behind them and Teresa smiled...with any luck, she would not only give Boobsie her first real experience as a bimbo, but she would have a new recruit when it was all done. Fifteen minutes later, the door opened and the boy stumbled out, practically falling into Teresa's arms. "Sleep," she said, depositing the now-hypnotized young man in a nearby chair.

She walked into the room and saw Boobsie leaning against the wall, her tits smeared with cock-cream and her lips dripping with it, too.

"He wanted a blow-job, too...." she grinned.


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