Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reform and Transform

Chapter Two:

Dismissing Brittany, I buzzed for security. In good time, my security chief, Vera deManden, arrived. Many of my colleagues have questioned why I keep my guards dressed in their tight latex uniforms, and my instructors in classic fetish gear as well. The answer is simple--I have discovered that nothing keeps a boy off-balance more than finding that he is constantly aroused by the women who control him.

At any rate, Vera smartly saluted, and asked, "What can I do for you, Madame?"

"Rodney here is ready for his initiation session with Dr. Madchenmacher. Please escort him to her lab," I replied.

"Certainly, Madame." She took the boy by the shoulders and directed him to the door. "Come along, you miserable little thing. The doctor will know exactly how to make you fit in!" Cowed, Rodney obeyed...but I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his trousers.

[The following is Dr. Madchenmacher's report on her first session with Rodney.]

Chief deManden brought me Number 175216 (Rodney) at 11:00 AM. "Put him in the transformation chair," I ordered. The chief did so, using the straps to secure him tightly into the seat, saluted and left.

I paced in front of the boy, letting him drink in my tight satin blouse stretched over my bullet bra, my ass-hugging hobble skirt, and my ankle boots with their six-inch spike heels. I could see he was enthralled by my appearance already...this one would be easy.

"Do you know what will happen to you here, Rodney?" I asked.

"I...I think...I think you're going to make me just like Brian...er, Brittany..." he stammered.

"Not quite...based on her background, Brittany was pre-disposed to the life of an over-sexed little girl. What you become will be based on what I learn about you today." I spun his chair to face the screen on the wall. "Watch the screen, Rodney. Do not look away."

I lowered the lights in the room and the screen began to show a swirling mix of colors, as soft music began to play through the speakers in Rodney's seat. As usual, mixed into the images and the music were subliminal messages designed to lull the boy into a hypnotic trance....Rodney was already significantly aroused (always a good start toward trance), and he had followed my mild hypnotic movements avidly. It took only a few moments to have him deep in trance.

"Now, Rodney, I'm going to show you a series of pictures. You don't have to do anything except look at them."

"Yes, ma'am..." he replied.

The screen began to flash a set of pictures of various types of girls...some, like Brittany, were teen-agers dressed as little girls, others were in highly sexualized school-girl outfits, still others in maid uniforms, or latex catsuits. The sensors in the chair recorded Rodney's reaction to each of these images. While all of them increased his arousal to some extent, it was clear the school-girl images were the most attractive to him.

I altered the program to concentrate on those images alone while I spoke to him. "Rodney, do you like to see girls dressed like this?"


"Does your little cock get hard thinking about girls like these?"

"Yes...." he squirmed in his seat.

"Have you ever thought about dressing like this yourself?"

"Huh? No...."

"Really? If it's so good to look at these clothes, imagine what it must be like to wear them...go on, imagine yourself in a bra and panties, and sheer hose, and heels, and a flippy little skirt..." Now, I altered the chair; it no longer monitored Rodney's arousal, but sent signals to increase it.

"Think how nice it would be to be that pretty and sexy...it feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yesssss..." the boy answered, his cock growing under the ministrations of the chair.

Now, the final image...the screen faded to a picture of a beautiful girl in the sexiest of schoolgirl uniforms, her back to the camera. Suddenly, she whirled and we saw her face--feminized, made up, but clearly Rodney's face.

Simultaneously, the chair delivered its final stimulus to the boy and Rodney came, spurting his cream, as he pictured himself as the sexy schoolgirl he would soon beg to become....


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