Thursday, March 18, 2010

Perfect Bimbo

Chapter Two:

Teresa smiled as Geri led the newly renamed Boobsie back into the bedroom. Her smooth, hairless body gleamed and Teresa teasingly ran her hands over the silky flesh of her chest. "Very nice...but no bimbo would be so flat chested! Bob's a bimbo." And Boobsie dropped back into trance as Teresa went to the cabinet where she stored her transformation equipment. "How big is the perfect bimbo, Boobsie?" She held up a pair of false tits. "38C?"

"Bigger, mistress," Boobsie answered.

"40C?" Teresa asked again.


Finally, she pulled out a massive pair of silicon boobs. "44DD?" she asked, grinning.

"Oh, yes, mistress...." the soon-to-be-busty male replied.

Teresa walked up to her newest conquest and applied the special adhesive to his chest. Then she pressed the enormous tits to him and said, "Hold these in place and face the mirror, Boobsie." Boobsie turned and saw her new body and sighed, her cock rising to full attention at the sight. "These are your tits, Boobsie. You feel them just as if they were a part of your body...every tweak of the nipples, every squeeze, every lick or sucking is just like it were happening to a real set of boobs. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress," Boobsie answered.

"And one more thing...these are not your 'breasts'. You do not have 'breasts'--you have tits, boobs, jugs, knockers, ta-tas, a shelf, a rack....You may call your new additions by any of a thousand humiliating names--but you may never call them 'breasts'. Is that understood?"

"Yes, mistress...."

Having given the adhesive time to set, Teresa said, "Well, beautiful as they are, you cannot go out with them exposed that way--let's get you dressed appropriately." She handed him a low-cut, midriff-baring red top with a zipper front. "Put this on...and make sure that zipper is open to reveal plenty of cleavage!" Geri assisted in getting Boobsie into the tight-fitting top, so tight the permanently erect nipples of Boobsie's jugs were clearly visible.

Next came a very tight pair of panties that did nothing to hide the bulge of Boobsie's cock. "You don't want to put her in a gaffe first, mistress?" Geri asked.

"Absolutely not," Teresa said. "If she is exposed as a male bimbo, so much the better!"

The panties were followed by a garter belt and fishnet stockings and then a tight, short denim miniskirt that barely covered Boobsie's crotch and ass. The final step was a pair of red patent leather pumps with six-inch heels. "Boobsie, you will never wear heels lower than fact, it will hurt if you try--even your bedroom slippers will have six-inch heels!"

"I understand, mistress...."

"Geri, sit our new bimbo down and do her makeup, please--very heavy, lots of mascara and lipstick, of course!" That took a while but the result pleased both Teresa and Boobsie. While it was happening, Teresa changed into an appropriate outfit for taking Boobsie out for her first exposure. Wanting to make an obvious contrast to Boobsie's slut-like appearance, Teresa dressed in the height of retro fashion: a fitted red-and-gray suit, complete with formal gloves and a hat with a veil.

"Almost ready..." she said as she looked her new companion over. "Geri, there's a long blonde wig in the closet. It will have to do until Boobsie's own hair is long enough to be properly bleached and arranged at the salon." Geri placed it on her friend's head, styling it in a tousled, just-out-of-bed manner.

SNAP!! With that sound, Boobsie awoke from trance, saw her completed image, and nearly collapsed from the orgasm she experienced.

More to come

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Ohh!!! Dani I have been waiting for this story forevvvvvvvvvvver! Thank you thank you thank you!