Friday, March 12, 2010

The Stepton Retro Society

Chapter Five:

The next morning, Greta wakened her sissy husband and ordered, "Get dressed--I've laid out a very special set of clothes for you today!" Donellen arose and went to her dressing room, unsure of what humiliating surprise awaited her.

In the meantime, Greta got herself ready. Her own outfit was to be the epitome of retro glamour and domination--a satin shirtdress with a large bouffant skirt floating over petticoats... petticoats she let peek out from under the hem, knowing they would attract and arouse her femmed-up spouse. It fit tightly over her 38C breasts, making them another center of attention and attraction for Donellen. Her legs were sheathed in dark stockings, her feet in ankle-strap pumps with six-inch heels. She pulled her hair back into a bun and did her makeup as dark and dominant as she dared. Prepared, she perched herself on the sofa, awaiting the appearance of Donellen in her own new look.

Donellen was shocked when she saw the clothes Greta intended for her. Still, the implant's programming made it all but impossible for her to disobey a direct order from her mistress-wife. She put on the bra first, surprised that it seemed somewhat loose on her chest. The matching panties also appeared to be on the large size. She smoothed the pantyhose over her shaved legs and even those hung somewhat loose. "Did Greta choose the wrong sizes?" Donellen thought.

But the outer clothes were the worst--the top was little more than the upper half of a two-piece bathing suit, the bottom a teeny little skirt that barely covered her ass and crotch...yet it, too, seemed all a little too large. The final touch was the sandals with the ankle-tie straps and six-inch heels. Wobbling slightly, she minced into the living room.

Her first view of her mistress-wife took her breath away. Greta was always beautiful, of course, but this morning she was glamour personified. Donellen felt her sissy-cock swell in her panties at the sight. "You like?" Greta asked, smiling evilly.

"You are a goddess," Donellen replied, involuntarily.

"And you will shortly discover that I have near-divine powers over you, my dear," Greta laughed. "Last night, as the society meeting ended, Vera explained some additional abilities of the implant, abilities I will demonstrate to you in a moment." She watched Donellen carefully. "Having problems with those heels, sweetie?"

"Yes, they are a little higher and thinner than I've worn in the past," Donellen admitted.

"Well, we can fix that--feet: seven-inch heels!" Almost instantly, Donellen gasped as she felt a sudden shift in her balance, as muscles and bones in her feet were subtly altered....and she found the sandals now not only comfortable but easy to manage.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"I activated the implant's ability to actually physically alter your body. From now on, you will not only easily wear up to seven-inch heels, you will be unable to wear anything smaller than a five-inch heel." Seeing Donellen's disbelief, she said. "Go ahead--take off those shoes for a moment...carefully." Donellen sat and undid one of the shoes...and discovered that the heel of her foot would not sit on the floor. She was permanently standing on the balls of her feet. "Yes," Greta explained, "you now have what the dommes of Stepton call 'Barbie feet.' Isn't that delightful?"

"Oh, while we're at it--legs: 39 inches!" Suddenly, Donellen felt her legs lengthen, becoming five inches longer than they'd been. Now, those slightly loose pantyhose fit snugly.

Donellen was shocked. "Why are you doing this? I thought you liked the way I looked as a woman!"

"I do--but we need to make you look more like the perfect image from the 1950s, dear, if we're to become fashion leaders in the Retro Society!" She looked over her sissy husband's figure. "Speaking of which--tits: 40D!" And Donellen felt her little A cup titties grow astronomically, no longer needing padding or breast forms, to fill the bra and top she had been given. "Oh--and nipples: two inches!"

Now, Greta rose and walked around Donellen, observing her from all sides. "One more thing--ass: 38 inches!" And Donellen's behind grew large and round, a true "bubble-butt"--certain to entice anyone interested in that part of the anatomy. Now all her new clothes fit perfectly.

"You're ready for our visitors, now, Donellen," Greta said.

"Visitors?" Donellen asked.

"Yes, I've invited Mistress Vera and Arden over. Mistress Vera said Arden is in need of some reinforcment in accepting oral arousal. Specifically, she needs a blow job. Would you be willing to suck Arden's sissy-cock?"

"Oh, yes, mistress," Donellen said, remembering her mantra from the night before. "Arden is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I would do anything for Arden!"

And then, the doorbell rang.


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