Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Weekend Adventure--Day Two, 2

My afternoon outfit is the very comfortable and stylish cowlneck sweater dress from Target. For this go-round, I cinched with a black belt, instead of the tie-belt it came with.

Other accessories are the blue hair bow, pearl jewelry, taupe hose, and those killer blue spike pumps.

Here's two versions of the make-up closeup. I decided to try something more dramatic with the eyes. I used the darkest color, intended for the crease, over the whole lid, then used the lid color--a light lavendar--for the brow highlight. I also went a little heavier with the mascara. The first version is just soft-focused; the second was put through a process that smoothes out the whole image.

Additional pics on Flickr...and I may even get one more outfit on tonight, after dinner.

Update: No new outfit tonight...and tomorrow's will be done without makeup. I need the time to make sure everything's cleaned up--and getting the mascara off was a real pain today.

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