Monday, February 9, 2009

Art Experiment

Playing around with what my various image editing programs can do, I came up with this.

I started out with this image...chosen because it was simple (no background) and clean:

Then I converted it to a line drawing with Paint Shop Pro and some hand-editing:

Next, in Canon Photo, I did a color layer, working from the colors in the original, simplified to some extent:

Finally, back in PSP, I layed the line version over the color version as a transparent layer:

Did it work? I really want comments on this...tell me what works and what doesn't in this process.


Karen Singer said...

Hi Dani,

Nice job as usual. I'm surprised that you couldn't do it al in Paint Shop Pro though. I guess, as usual, to get the desired effects you have to have multiple programs.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I probably COULD do it all in PSP--but I'm used to doing certain things in Canon, things I find more intuitive to follow there than in PSP.

Lauren said...

Hi Dani!

Coloring is great. The line drawing which shaped and contoured the nose, eyes, and mouth could use a little tweaking to bring back the feminine aspects of the facial structure.

Really a skill to take the photo and get it to a totally "computer-generated" pic...

Looking forward to seeing more.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...


Yes, in subsequent works, I have sometimes completely wiped out what the computer automatically did with the facial features and then redrew them myself, working over the top of the photo.

You make mistakes and learn. What do you think of the first completed cartoon?