Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sublime Control, Part Five

When the three women from the Society for Feminization returned the next morning, they found a much-changed Jodi. Her face was now a mask of indifference and disdain. She was clad in a black leather dress and spike heels, a whip prominently displayed in her hands.

"Greetings, sisters," she said, the first words she had ever spoken directly to the SocFem representatives. "Annette is inside, with our 'victim'--that is, our 'subject'." She smiled cruelly as she guided the three red-clad beauties into Annette's inner office.

A slender young man in his late 20s was seated in the armchair opposite Annette's desk. His head was slumped on his chest, which rose and fell in deep even breaths. His eyes were comfortably closed, as if in sleep. He was dressed in male clothes...but the closet filled with feminine garb was open and Annette and Caroline were going through it, picking out the finery he would soon wear.

"Hello again," said Annette, gesturing for the newcomers to take seats in the far corner of the office. "This is Clark, soon to be Clara. His young bride has decided that she wants a submissive pet, a pre-teen coquette to seduce into male lesbian lust and love. As a test of her new dominant personality, it will be Jodi--Mistress Jodi--who converts him into this bundle of feminine cuteness and sex appeal."

Jodi approached the young man and kneeled until her face was on a level with his own. "Clark, open your eyes," she commanded, in a far harsher tone than any in the office had ever heard her use before. The lad blinked a bit, then his head arose and he stared into Jodi's dark eyes. "I am your mistress, Clark. I am Jodi. I control your body, your mind, your very identity.

"Who am I, Clark?" she demanded.

"You are my Mistress Jodi," he answered in a monotone. "You control my body, my mind, my very identity."

"Very good," she responded. "Now, I want you to remove all of your clothing."

Still hypnotized, Clark quickly stripped down to his bare skin and then followed "Mistress" Jodi into the full bathroom beside Annette's office. The TV dominatrix (as much under another's control as Clark, in her way) covered him with depilatory and then had him shower off all his body hair. She led him back into the office, his skin pink and shining.

Now Jodi began feminizing her subject even further, using the boy's hypnotized state to enforce this sissy-ish view of himself. She picked up a deep pink rouge and began to apply it to his nipples, darkening them and making the areolas larger and more girlish. "These are your tits," Jodi told Clark, as she pushed the flesh of his chest together and teased the reddened nipples to hardness. "They are cute and girlish now, but someday they will grow. Aren't you proud of your tits, Clara?" she asked, using his female name for the first time.

"Yes, Mistress Jodi," he answered. "I am proud of my tits."

She reached down and cupped his cock and balls in her hand, feeling them grow larger and heavier as she held them. "And these--you aren't proud of these, are you? In fact, you are ashamed of them and will try to hide them at all costs."

"Yes, Mistress Jodi," he answered again. "I will hide my shameful parts."

Jodi smiled that evil smile again and turned to Caroline. "Help Clara into her clothes, please."

Caroline aided the still-entranced young man into a lightly padded bra, white panties, a striped sweater and an extremely short plaid, pleated skirt. His long smooth legs were kept bare, and his feet were forced into a pair of patent leather Mary Janes with one-inch heels.

Then Caroline and Jodi guided him to the vanity in the bathroom and skillfully made up his face, keeping the look feminine but youthful. The final touch was a brunette wig arranged in two massive ponytails, one on either side of his head.

Now Jodi brought him back to the easy chair and said, "It's time to sleep again, Clara." Immediately, the transformed lad's eyes fell shut and his head drooped on his now-padded chest. "Clara is now your name. You will act at all times like a coquettish 12-year-old girl, sexy beyond your years, but not really experienced. But beneath that facade, you remain male, embarrassed by your transformed state, but unable to act in any other manner. You dread being revealed as a male, so you keep up your 'act' at all times. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Jodi," the new Clara the Coquette replied, dreamily. "I am a 12-year-old girlish male."

"You are completely submissive to any real woman, especially me, Mistress Annette, and your wife, whom you will address as 'Aunt Margaret' from now on.

"Now, I want you to go to the full-length mirror and gaze at yourself," Jodi commanded, then watched "Clara" mince to the looking glass. "When I snap my fingers, you will awake and be Clara forever." SNAP! Clara posed before the mirror, then turned to the assembled dominants and gave them a come-hitherish smile.

A short time later, Clara's "Aunt Margaret" came to collect her and the SocFem members, satisfied by what they had seen, made arrangements to meet with Annette, Caroline, and Jodi at their headquarters later that day.

"At last, they've gone," Annette sighed. "They're so insufferable--using a living person as the conduit for their schemes." Caroline looked at her boss in surprise. "Oh, I agree with the idea of feminizing men, my dear," the dominant therapist continued, "but I can't agree with the methods they've chosen. I was duped into using poor little Jodi as I have, but I've taken steps to insure she can't be used this way again."


Later that afternoon, Annette and Caroline stood by as the SocFem technicians attached the now re-hypnotized Jodi to their personality recording devices. Once they were done, Annette stepped forward and said, "Come out and play, Jodi." Almost instantly, Jodi became a simpering male lesbian, who looked at her Mistress Annette with an expression of combined desire and submission. The technicians activated their equipment and, in short order, nodded to Annette.

"I enjoy being a girl," Annette said, and Jodi's expression changed again, as the mall rat persona was triggered within her mind. Within moments, the technicians signaled Annette for the next change. "Take a letter, Jodi," she said, and the cock-teasing office worker became Jodi's persona. "Get sexy for me," and the fetishist took over Jodi's body. Finally, "Whip it," and the dominant personality came to the fore.

"Well, now that we've recorded Jodi's personas here, we'll take charge of her so we can do the same in all our other offices. Unfortunately, it's impossible to make copies of the electronic recordings," announced the SocFem leader.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible," Annette objected. "I thought you might want to make this poor thing your virtual I designed the personas you wanted so that a second invocation of them--this invocation--would erase them from her psyche. They're gone, they won't be back.

"Joe," she said, addressing the still-entranced but now completely male Joe Roberts, "come with me." He obediently arose from the SocFem equipment and followed Annette and Caroline from the building, leaving the stunned SocFem leaders in their wake.

Back at the office, Caroline was almost equally stunned. "Annette, what about Joe's desires? We took his money and guaranteed to give him a female persona," she asked.

"And we have," Annette answered. "There's one personality I 'installed' in Joe that the SocFem didn't know about." She handed Caroline a sheet of paper, as she helped Joe get comfortable in the easy chair. "Bring out the clothes I've listed here, please."

A short time later, Joe was again dressed in a feminine manner--tight sweater over a well-padded bust, a very short skirt, nylons, very high heels, and an extremely appealing makeup job. What he didn't have was a wig.

"Remember what we discovered about Joe?" Annette asked her assistant. "He longs to be humiliated, to be a sissy, not a woman for real. In this guise, that's what he will be--he revels in the sexy nature of his clothes, yet the lack of long hair makes it clear that he is male nonetheless. He'll be girlish, yet clearly a boy."

She turned to the entranced young man. "Stand up, Joe." He stood and then she said,"You're a sissy, Jodi." The now feminized boy posed prettily, smiled, and said, "Thank you, Mistress Annette. I love your sublime control of me."



Karen Singer said...

I'm just sorry you have no more stories. I guess you saved the best for last. I loved it.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

There are some I wrote that I no longer have files for. Maybe I should ask if anyone out there still has copies.