Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sublime Control, Part Two

Mistress Annette smiled sinfully. "See, Caroline," she noted, "I told you our subliminal messages and commands would work just as well with adults as with teenagers.

"Joe, or rather Jodi, will now do anything we ask of her, within certain limits," the dominatrix continued. "We could not force her to commit a felony, for example...but if the request fits her definition of herself, she'll come along joyfully."

"And what self-definition is she working under, Mistress?" Caroline asked.

"At the moment, she believes herself to be my submissive, lesbian lover--something like you, Caroline, dear. Later, we'll supply other tapes that will create different personas activated by different commands. And the wonderful thing is, until we say otherwise, Joe will have no memory of his time as Jodi."

Annette turned to the cross-dressed, mesmerized man. "Jodi, those clothes simply will not do. My slaves must look like slaves. Caroline, fetch the satin hobble dress, will you?"

The pretty blonde ran off to a closet and came back with a red satin dress with a tight bodice, tight waist and extremely tight skirt. Annette ordered Jodi out of the purple dress and the two women aided him in struggling into the sheathe-like outfit. The skirt hugged his legs like a second skin, trapping them in its satin tube. The next addition was a pair of red pumps with six-inch heels. "Now, walk for me, Jodi, dear," Annette commanded.

Jodi quickly discovered that the combination of the hobble skirt and extreme height of the heels shortened her stride to a mere six inches. She minced about the room, her ass wiggling outrageously in its tight red satin confines. "Wonderful, Jodi!" Annette complimented her. "Now, come over here to the mirror. Do your best Jayne Mansfield: Lean over, show off your boobs and blow a kiss to the reflection."

Caroline whispered in her mistress's ear: "Isn't that the command we gave him for..."

"Yes, indeed, Caroline," Annette replied, then returned her attention to Jodi. "That's it, lovely Jodi. See yourself--aren't you just the sexiest thing?" She looked at the transvestite's crotch; the bulge from his burgeoning cock was obvious. "Do you want to come, dear?"

Jodi's excitement was such that she could barely nod in agreement. "Then come for me, Jodi! Come for me!" Annette demanded.

And Jodi's cock spurted its contents within her panties and satin dress and her body shook with the force of her orgasm. She lost her balance and fainted onto the floor.

A short time later, dressed again in the purple knit dress in which he had come to Sublime Control, Joe awakened, stretched out on the couch in Annette's office. "Wow--did I conk out?" he asked. "I'm really sorry. I've been spending so much time watching those tapes of yours at night, I must be awfully tired."

"Quite all right," Annette answered, smiling. "The session was quite effective, anyway. Look in the mirror," she suggested.

Joe turned to the full-length looking glass, astonished by the poise and glamour of his image. Every movement was womanly, feminine, actually sexy. How is this possible? Joe thought. I hadn't anything like this kind of ability when I walked in here.

"I can see you're confused, Joe, dear," Annette noted. "Part of the reason you 'conked out,' as you put it, is because I used a verbal cue to activate the training the tapes subliminally instilled in you." Joe raised a plucked, arched eyebrow quizzically. "The cue I used is I enjoy being a girl," Annette lied. "You can use it, too. Just say it out loud and the female part of your psyche will take control of your body."

"And when I don't want to act like a woman any longer?" Joe asked.

"Simply say, `Men have it all,' and you'll be back to normal," she responded.

The cue did its trick and Joe felt his body resume its male attitudes. Caroline escorted him to the outer office, handing him a new set of video tapes for the next stage of the process. In the waiting room sat a rather severe, if attractive, middle-aged woman, accompanied by a young woman in the classic uniform of a French maid--low-cut satin dress trimmed in lace, with a scandalously skimpy skirt laid over a stiff petticoat, black sheer stockings and patent-leather pumps with six-inch heels. Caroline motioned them to enter the "inner sanctum," and before the door closed, Joe heard:

"So, Margaret, what's the problem with sweet Suzette?"

"Well, Annette, she's completely subservient to my will--except that she absolutely refuses to suck--" and the door closed, cutting off Joe's inadvertent eavesdropping.


That night, Joe prepared to watch the new cassette Caroline had given him. The instructions had said he should be dressed in his best lingerie for viewing this one, so he donned a red bra and panty set, with matching garter belt. He added a pair of sheer stockings and red pumps with four-inch heels. He popped the cassette into the VCR and settled onto the couch.

The video seemed to be made up of clips from a wide variety of films, TV shows and commercials--especially commercials. It was filled with beautiful women acting in the most traditional (almost stereotypical) feminine fashion. For some reason, Joe found it riveting. In time, his concentration was completely on the screen and the musical soundtrack; at the same time, his right hand drifted to his crotch, rubbing his cock through the red satin of his panties, while his left hand moved to his chest, playing with his nipples through the cups of his bra.

After a while, anyone observing Joe would have sworn that he was in a trance, totally oblivious to anything except the tape running on the TV. But, as the screen went blank, he shook himself and roused from the couch. Funny, I have the oddest compulsion to try out that "verbal cue" Annette told me about Joe thought. But first, let's complete the image.

In the bedroom, Joe pulled out his auburn wig and placed it on his head, after doing his makeup to his best. He turned to the full-length mirror and said, "I enjoy being a girl."

Once again, a dramatic change came over Joe's body language and attitude, but this time--instead of the sophisticated, sexy young woman who seemed to possess him in the offices of Sublime Control--he took on the aspect of a giggling, precocious teenager. What's going on? he thought. This isn't the image I want. He went to the phone and called Sublime Control, surprised when Annette herself answered.

"Annette, this is Joe Roberts," he said, through the girlish giggle. "Something's gone wrong."

In her office, Annette smiled conspiratorially at Caroline. "Please, come right in, Joe," she responded. "I'm sure You're a lovely young girl."

On hearing those words, Joe's conscious mind blanked out and a new version of Jodi took control. "Oh yes, Mistress Annette, I'll be there as soon as I dress."

Annette hung up the phone and turned to Caroline. "She's on her way."

"A new personality?" Caroline asked.

"Indeed. This tape--which combined visual stimulation with both visual and auditory subliminals--was intended to give our Jodi a sense of every woman's adolescence...but with the wonderful little fillips that will make her so perfect for our ultimate plan."

With that, the outer bell rang and Caroline went to answer the door. It swung open and there was Jodi--dressed in a white halter top and a white spandex miniskirt that barely covered her crotch. Her bare legs were perfectly smooth and her feet were snug in a pair of white pumps with five-inch heels. On her ears were large silver hoops, around her neck a heavy cross pendant, around her wrists bangle bracelets, and around her left ankle a heavy silver chain. She smiled and giggled as she posed, head cocked to the left, right hip thrust out.

"Here she is, Mistress Annette--our little mall slut."

More to come

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