Friday, February 6, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be, Quarter-Finals

OK, here's a complete list, in alphabetical order, of the 50 winners from our first two rounds:

1. Christina Aguilera
2. Jessica Alba
3. Ann-Margret
4. Christina Applegate
5. Pamela Anderson
6. Drew Barrymore
7. Ingrid Bergman
8. Halle Berry
9. Mariah Carey
10. Jennifer Connelly
11. Courteney Cox
12. Dana Delaney
13. Catherine Deneuve
14. Kirsten Dunst
15. Terry Farrell
16. Danielle Fishel
17. Sarah Michelle Gellar
18. Erin Gray
19. Teri Hatcher
20. Anne Hathaway
21. Salma Hayek
22. Jennifer Love Hewitt
23. Elizabeth Hurley
24. Famke Janssen
25. Scarlett Johansson
26. Angelina Jolie
27. Ashley Judd
28. Catherine Zeta Jones
29. Grace Kelly
30. Lucy Liu
31. Lindsay Lohan
32. Tina Louise
33. Alyssa Milano
34. Elizabeth Montgomery
35. Demi Moore
36. Olivia Newton-John
37. Gwyneth Paltrow
38. Hayden Panatierre
39. Michelle Pfeiffer
40. Natalie Portman
41. Christina Ricci
42. Diana Rigg
43. Julia Roberts
44. Rene Russo
45. Jeri Ryan
46. Alicia Silverstone
47. Charlize Theron
48. Shania Twain
49. Raquel Welch
50. Natalie Wood

In this next round, I'll be pitting five of these beauties against each other over the next ten weeks. In the semi-finals, two of those ten winners will go head-to-head, chosen in typical sports bracket fashion: the top seed against the bottom seed, number two against number nine, etc. That will result in our five finalists, who will compete in the last poll, 16 weeks from now.

The first round of the quarter-finals is at the right. And each week, I'll be making a prediction on which of the five will be the top vote-getter. My guess this week: Jessica Alba.

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