Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend of Dressing, Part One

Well, my weekend was supposed to be at least three whole days...but events intervened and it will only be from about noon on Saturday through Monday morning, with a break on Sunday for church.

But since I have the house to myself and no worries about the timing of others' arrivals, I can still get a lot of dressing and photography done.

Let me start with a portrait. I've been seriously considering getting Dani her own glasses for months now (I've worn them most of my life and I never think either my male or female self looks right without them). These are not prescription lenses, just reading glasses, and I chose a style that seemed like an old-time, classic feminine frame, not something modern and trendy. What do you all think?

The first outfit I tried on today was my new red turtleneck with the denim skirt and knee socks, along with the red t-strap pumps. Didn't stay in it long...the turtleneck was really warm!

Also worn with this was a new bracelet and a cocktail ring.

Next was an old outfit--the two piece black and red floral. I realized I'd never photographed myself in the blonde wig in this outfit...and I also wanted to see how the glasses went with the blonde.

Next was the black and red tunic set, with another new bracelet and new pearl earrings (to go with the pearl necklace). You can't really see those, though. Shoes are red suede pumps and I have to ask: Do the white hose make my legs look fat?

Finally, for now, was a variation on the office girl look: white blouse and short pin-stripe skirt, with a new scarf. Shoes are black pumps.

I'll post more pics later today and tomorrow. And more from these sets are on the Flickr site.

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