Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Basic Black

I'd intended to do a lot more today...but as I was working on these pics, my computer began acting hinky. I eventually got it back to normal...but it took about an hour and I was afraid I'd wind up taking it into the shop if I didn't get things resolved. Obviously, that meant I couldn't stay dressed.

Additionally, it's hard to stay "up" for the whole experience when you're frustrated by other things. So, any additional dressing this week will be postponed until tomorrow.

This is my somewhat dressy black top with the black skirt from one of my other two-piece outfits, fishnets and classic black patent pumps. I think it all comes off as deliciously femme and natural.


Karen Singer said...

Basic black and eminently elegant! Uh-oh… is that fishnets I see?


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Yes...I decided it needed one scandalously sexy element--so I wore the fishnets.