Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend of Dressing, Part Three

Well, after church this morning in male clothes (but with panties and camisole underneath), I came straight home and dressed. This first outfit was inspired by my time in Center City Friday night...all those college girls in miniskirts and boots--with jewelry and other accessories, like the scarf I tied as a belt.

The second outfit for the afternoon was my sweater dress--still love the length on that!--with that black mary-janes and my scarf tied Isadora Duncan style. I avoided her tragic fate, though.

Got a little saucier than intended in that seated shot.

And, here are a couple of portraits from those sessions:

More pics of these outfits are on Flickr...and I'll be doing a couple more outfits tonight, while watching the Oscars. Probably won't post them until tomorrow, though.

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