Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sublime Control, Part Four

That is remarkable!" exclaimed the leader of the delegation from the Society for Feminization. "If your techniques can so change a man that even we, who are so accustomed to feminized males, cannot 'read' him, then we have truly chosen the right person for the job."

"But what is the job?" Annette insisted. "You've told me what you wanted me to do as a 'test'--take an unsuspecting male and give him multiple submissive female identities--but you've never told me why."

The SocFem spokeswoman sat on the corner of Annette's desk and slowly removed her red leather gloves, that so carefully matched her jacket and fedora (as well as those of her companions). "It's time you knew, then," she began.

"Our group was begun some 20 years ago, as our founders--a group of women in a small town--decided to feminize their husbands and sons. Unfortunately, theirs was an effort of trial and error. Only a handful of the first attempts actually 'took'--in most cases, the males rebelled and left the women and the town. A few, however, were quite easily transformed...and it turned out some were even eager to take the changes to their furthest steps, including body changes such as breast implants and other forms of plastic surgery. None has ever gone so far as a total sexual reassignment, however, and in general they remain nominally heterosexual in their orientation--although, given their appearance, most people would consider them lesbians, I suppose.

"In time, the women of the fledgling Society learned to recognize these prospective candidates and to seek them out for marriage," she continued. "But we still yearned for a way to transform nearly any man. That was when we read the ads you had placed for your service. We observed a few of your earliest cases and were quite impressed by the results.

"But it would be nearly impossible for the Society to funnel all of its feminization prospects through you--there are nearly one thousand of us, now, after all, all over the nation. Fortunately, one of our members is a brilliant neurologist and invented a device that can record personalities and then impose and implant them in others, with the ability to make minor alterations in the imposition and implantation stages. That is when we thought again of Sublime Control: If you could create a 'template' individual for us--one male with multiple female personalities--we could then record all those personalities and use them as 'file copies' when we needed them."

Annette folded her arms and smiled. "Now, I am impressed. That's a fascinating scheme. But I'm afraid you're a few days early--there are still a few personalities I have yet to create in Jodi's mind, notably the fetishist and the dominant."

The SocFem spokeswoman and her companions nodded. "Not a problem; we'd be happy to stay in the city a few more days and maybe even have the opportunity to observe your work first hand. If you don't mind?"

"Not at all," Annette replied. "Come back tomorrow as I create our little leather and latex queen."


The next morning, about 10:30, the mysterious patrons had returned, to find a much-changed Jodi seated in Annette's inner office. She was clad in form-fitting red and black latex, her skirt so short and tight that sitting alone was an adventure. She stared straight ahead, completely mesmerized by Annette's spell-casting.

"Sisters," Annette exclaimed, "you're just in time." She turned her attention back to Jodi. "Feel the latex cling to your skin, Jodi. Look at the way it gleams under the lights, highlighting your every curve. Feel how it restricts your movements, while it simultaneously makes your every motion an appeal to the eye. You revel in this attention, you adore it; you also realize that this outfit and others like it make you nothing but a sex object to both men and women. You will flaunt your appearance for all observers, but always aware that the arousal you stir in them and yourself is a part of your submission.

"You will feel this way and desire this kind of clothing whenever you hear the words, 'get sexy for me, Jodi,'" Annette concluded. "Now, on the count of five, wake up, little fetishist Jodi!"

Moments later, a smiling yet simpering Jodi was trying on other fetish outfits recommended by Annette, Caroline and the SocFem representatives. They ran through the gamut of latex, leather, and PVC clothes--skirts, tops, dresses, evening gowns, catsuits--always accessorized with the tightest of gloves and the highest of heels. Jodi's makeup in this persona was bright and almost garish, her eyes and lips accentuated just as her curves were.

They finished up with a lacy corset and nylons, coming close to the image for Jodi's next imposed personality: the dominatrix.

"Jodi," Annette commanded, "have a seat, please." Once again, the transformed male faced the TV screen as the trance induction images played in front of her eyes. Once she was clearly entranced, Annette began giving her the final personality she and the SocFem had agreed upon.

"Jodi, you are no longer submissive--except to me. I remain your Mistress; you remain my obedient servant. But when it comes to other women...and especially to men and are as dominant as I am with you. You still have a fetish for leather, latex, and other such fabrics and garments, but now they are a part of your arsenal in the control of others."

The assembled women watched with awe as Jodi's expression changed from a simpering smile to a leering grin. Annette continued: "Like me, you get a special thrill from the feminization of other men...but you realize, at all times, that your power over them exists only because of the way I have feminized you. That realization keeps you bound to me, even as you exercise your dominance."

Annette looked up at the SocFem representatives. "When that personality is transferred to another male, the submissive attitude should attach to his own dominatrix," she informed them. Then, she turned back to Jodi. "Jodi, you will experience these feelings whenever I say, 'Whip it, Jodi!"

She turned again from the entranced, transformed male and said, "We'll have to test out this persona--I've never really tried anything like this before. Most TVs and their mistresses aren't interested in this kind of change. I recommend you come back tomorrow, and we'll have Jodi the Domme transform one of my
clients." The red-clad mystery women readily agreed and departed.

"And, now, Jodi, it's time for one last set of commands," Annette said, smiling secretively at her assistant, Caroline.

More to come

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