Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sublime Control, Part Three

"Oh, that's perfect, Caroline. And such a difference from Joe's natural personality, or the rather retiring slave identity we'd given Jodi previously," Annette remarked, grinning at the image of the sexy mall rat Jodi now presented.

"Jodi--please go into the waiting room and look over some of the magazines, would you?" Annette said to the mesmerized TV. "I want some ideas for what clothes we should get you."

"Yes, Mistress Annette," Jodi replied and exited.

Annette sat at her desk and began paging through her notes, while Caroline curled up at her feet and began to lightly finger the therapist's pussy. Annette slapped her hand away. "That's quite delicious, darling...but I can't be distracted right now. Our patrons are interested in knowing precisely how many different and varied personalities we can impose on one controlled individual. I have to think about where we want to take little Jodi now."

Her mysterious "patrons" had supplied Annette with a list of suggested personalities, "types" they might someday want to impose on their own subjects. Annette leafed through them, shaking her head occasionally, sometimes putting a sheet of paper on one pile or another. After a few moments, she picked one page up and studied it intently. "Hmmmm--I think this is our next step, Caroline."

The sexy little blonde stood up and peered over her mistress's shoulder. "Oh, that's fascinating, Mistress. Should I prepare the proper tapes?"

"No--I think we'll place this persona on Jodi directly," Annette declared. "Ask her to come back in, would you?"

Moments later, Jodi minced back into the inner office, giggling and holding up a page from one of the fetish fashion magazines. "Oh, Mistress Annette," she exclaimed, "isn't this just the most scrumptious outfit?"

Annette examined the photo, showing a beautiful redhead in a skintight latex top and miniskirt. "Hmm," she thought, "there's a possible new identity for the little dear." Aloud, she replied, "Yes, Jodi, it's lovely. But please step over here to the seat in front of the TV--there's something I want you to watch."

Jodi settled into the comfortable armchair as Caroline started the induction tape, similar to the beginning of all the tapes Joe had watched in his own home. Mere seconds later, Jodi was deeply entranced.

"Can you hear me, Jodi?" Annette asked softly.

"Yes, Mistress," the cross-dressed submissive answered.

"Excellent. Jodi, can you type?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress--I type at about 60 words a minute."

"That will do nicely." Annette sat on the arm of the chair, gently stroking Jodi's hair, breasts and legs as Caroline carefully removed the mall slut outfit. The movements deepened Jodi's trance, making her all the more susceptible to the commands and suggestions Annette was about to supply.

"Jodi, have you ever seen the secretaries at the downtown offices these days?" Annette began. The entranced TV nodded. "Of course, you have. They're very beautiful, aren't they? And sexy? Of course, they are--with their lush, rounded breasts, their long legs on high heels and revealed by short skirts. That's the kind of girl you'd like to be, wouldn't you, Jodi?" All the while she spoke, Annette continued to caress Jodi's body, running her hands over the satiny surface of the man-girl's bra and panties, over the smooth nylon of her stockings. Annette watched as Jodi's cock grew larger and more firm in those panties, reacting to both Annette's touch and the magic of her description of the sexy career girls of the financial district.

"Well, you are one of them, Jodi: a sexy, alluring, teasing flirt of a secretary--out to have your fun with every man you find attractive, to make his cock grow just as your own big clitty is growing now. Come with me now to the closet--let's pick out the proper outfit for Secretary Jodi's first day on the job."

In short order, Jodi was in her new clothes and her new personality. The blue satin dress had thin straps and a straight-cut neckline that skimmed the tops of her boobs (flesh pushed up by Annette's artful taping); its hemline was easily eight inches above her knees, exposing a vast expanse of thigh and calf, nicely set off by the five-inch heels of her nearly bare sandals. Jodi posed to the best advantage of the outfit, knowing she could attract the attention of any male, even with her devastatingly beautiful mistress nearby.

"Jodi, for the next three days, you are my secretary/receptionist. You are to make all my clients comfortable and happy--especially the male clients. Show off your tits, show off your legs, make them want you."

"Oh, yes, Mistress!" Jodi exclaimed, as she strutted off to her new post.

Caroline raised an eyebrow in question. "Our patrons will be making a surprise visit sometime in the next three days," Annette explained. "The surprise will be on them when they discover how completely I control Jodi and how many ways I can change her into the person I want her to be."

"Induced multiple personality disorder?" Caroline asked.

"In a sense--but multiple personalities with specific triggers, controlled by the person who created them...or a designated substitute."

"Why is this so important to our patrons?" Caroline asked.

Annette raised her own eyebrows. "I don't know."

The rest of the day went quite normally: Jodi flirted successfully with all the male clients; Annette and Caroline began "treatment" on several new subjects. Jodi took a cab home, loaded down with several new outfits for her temporary job.


The next morning even Caroline gasped when Jodi walked through the door. In the words of an earlier decade, the submissive secretary was "loaded for bear." She wore a figure hugging red stretch-knit sheath, its neckline pulled down off her shoulders. The hemline was even higher than that of the dress she'd worn the day before, just barely covering the tops of her stockings. Her shoes were red patent leather, with six-inch heels and open toes.

She giggled, smiled a hello at Caroline and took her seat at the receptionist's desk, her long, sleek legs tucked under the chair. In a few moments, one of Annette's new clients walked in the door: Mark, a small, somewhat timid young man. He was stunned by the sheer sex appeal of the therapist's new receptionist, especially when she began to put on a show just for him. Jodi deliberately knocked some papers off the front of her desk, so that she had to strut around the desk in her stiletto heels, giving Mark a full view of those long, luscious legs. Then, facing the poor boy, she bent at the waist to pick up the fallen papers, letting her boobs nearly fall out of the low neckline of her dress.

She looked up and saw the young man covering a bulge in his pants with his briefcase. She smiled lasciviously, and licked her full red lips with her pink tongue. Mark gulped.

Just then, three women entered the outer office. Each was dressed in a red leather suit, with a rakish matching fedora pulled low over her eyes. Jodi pulled herself away from her teasing of the young client--a show that the three women had clearly observed upon entering--and asked, "May I help you?"

"Yes," the woman in the lead replied. "We are the representatives of the Society for Feminization. I believe Annette is expecting us."

Jodi checked the daily calendar and then buzzed the inner office. "Mistress Annette, your patrons have arrived."

Jodi stood, wriggled her body for Mark's benefit, and opened the door to the inner office.

"Sisters," Annette greeted the three warmly, "how nice to see you!" She extended her hand.

The spokeswoman took Annette's hand and then noted, coldly, "I find your receptionist somewhat offensive--did you have to hire such a stereotype?"

"Hire....Oh my goodness! You didn't realize!" Annette gasped. "Sisters, that's not just my receptionist, that is our little 'experiment'. That is Jodi, the multiple sissy!"

More to come

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