Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scarfing It Up

Here's the first of the two new scarfs I bought, worn with my very comfortable jersey knit dress, black hose, and beige pumps. I wasn't sure if the colors of the scarf would go with the dress...but I'm assured by folks at Flickr it works just fine. Any comments from here?

Just one more shot from this set...chosen because I love the way the pose and expression came out. I seldom manage a "come hither" stare, but this one seems to work.

On the "adventures" front, at lunch time, I took off the wig, jewelry, and scarf, and pulled my "tits" from the bra. Then, still in dress, heels and hose, I walked out to the car (in broad daylight!), drove to and through the local drive-thru fast-food place. Maybe the clerk didn't notice...but I sure worried if she would!

Note to Karen:
I challenge you to do something similar for your next adventure!

More pics are on Flickr.


Karen Singer said...

Hi Dani,

Wow, I actually wondered why you wanted a scarf, but it looks GREAT! And going out like you did.

And by the way, the challenge is noted and accepted and WILL be done.


Pretty Sissy Dani said...

I'd seen women wearing scarves like this and it just seemed so feminine! FTR, it's a big square, folded in half to a triangle, and loosely knotted. Then I laid it out over my shoulder.