Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of February Dressing 2

My afternoon outfit was my green sweater dress...wrapped in the wide red belt for effect. I've always been amazed that this dress--size 14!--fits me so well.

I attempted something different for this photo session...and, for the most part, I'm pleased with the results. Usually, I set the timer on the camera for ten seconds and then move into a pose, holding it until the shutter and flash go off. This time, for some shots--notably the last one here--I moved around as the timer blinked its way through and just let the shutter catch me in motion. I had to discard some of the shots (final pose was just too awkward), but many came out quite well.

Other accessories are new silver hoop earrings (actually visible in some shots), red headband, black and white jewelry, taupe hose, and red suede moccasin pumps. Additional pics on Flickr, next session on Thursday...and huge plans for the weekend. More on that later.

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