Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Stepton Retro Society

Chapter Two:

"What was all that?" Donald asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

"That was the secret of Stepton," Margaret answered. "You didn't think all these beautiful sissies happened without help, did you? Carla Weathers invented the implant--it gives the women of Stepton total control of their men, control they use to feminize them. Most aren't as willing as you...."

"Wait a control? Am I going to become some kind of zombie?" This was more than Donald had bargained for.

"Not necessarily," his wife continued. "I can certainly make you robotic if I wish, but you know that's not my kick. No, the implant will just make it easier for you to adapt to being feminine...make all your movements and outer thoughts those of a woman."

"My outer thoughts....?"

"Yes, inwardly, you'll still be completely male, Donald. That's the beauty of this for me...I'll know you are truly experiencing the humiliation of being turned into a sissy. That's what I get off on, after all--the humiliation." She glanced at his crotch, where a distinct bulge was growing. "It's what you get off on, too, isn't it?"

Donald blushed and nodded silently.


At three o'clock, Donald and Margaret entered Carla's salon. "Welcome, my dears," Carla greeted them. "Come back to our transformation room...that's where we'll start changing Donald to Donellen." She led them first into an area with a wide range of feminine clothing. "There are several ways we can go about this. Some dommes prefer to start from the outside in...dressing and physically transforming their men before altering their psyches with the implant. Others like to keep their subject in an implant-induced trance until the physical metamorphosis is complete, then create the feminine persona. Others create the feminine psyche and then have the subject determine its own new look."

"Oh, I know what I expect Donellen to be like," Margaret answered, moving to a rack full of clothes in the styles of the 1940s and '50s. "I read about the Retro Society...and that's the direction Donellen and I will be taking." She pulled down a dress and held it up to her husband's body. "This will do for a start. I assume you have the appropriate undergarments?"

Donald was aghast--he was not only to be a sissy, but a sissy with a specific fetish-like appearance--the look of a glamour pin-up of the past. "Margaret, is that really....?" he began.

"Silence!" his wife commanded. "From now on, you will address me as Mistress Greta, is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress Greta," he replied.

"Well, I think it's time we got started," Carla advised. "How do you want to proceed, Greta?"

"I think we'd best have Donellen here for this, not Donald." She looked her abashed spouse in the eye and said, "Sex appeal..." Instantly, the implant began downloading programs from Stepton's central computer, feeding them to Donald's mind. He froze for a moment, then--in a breathy feminine voice and with a swish to his hands--he said, "Oh, Mistress, is that dress for me? It's gorgeous!"

"Yes, Donellen...but first we need to get you looking pretty...."


One hour later, a much-changed Donellen was standing before a mirror in the transformation room. She wore a dark pageboy wig with a red bow. Her newly lush body was clad in a tight fitting polka-dot dress with a hobble skirt that ended in a ruffled hem. Her legs were sheathed in sheer nylons and perched on sandals with six-inch spike heels. The skirt was tight enough to reveal her engorged sissy-cock.

"Where is Mistress Greta?" she asked.

"Your mistress went next door to find suitable new clothing for herself," Carla asked. "We also gave her a makeover to match." There was a knock on the door. "Ahhh--here she is now. Come in, Greta--your little sissy is ready!"

Greta entered...almost as changed as Donellen. Her hair was swept in a 1940s style, her makeup redone to match the look of a movie star of the era. She wore a period hat and a fur stole over her fitted suit, complete with leather gloves. Donellen felt her sissy-cock twitch at the sight.

"Mistress Greta, you are beautiful!" she cried.

"You're not so bad yourself, honey," Greta said, grinning. "Carla, I understand the Retro Society meets tonight?"

"Yes, I've already gotten you an invitation. They are always ready to meet new potential members."

More to come

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