Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stephanie Stay-hard

[I promised more of this, too...]

Chapter Five

Six months later...

"So, tell me what it's like to have your very own sissy hubby," Vera asked. She and Sue were having a girls-only lunch, while Stephanie and Tiffany had their nails done.

"It's incredible!" Sue answered. "With that command for her to be hard whenever and for as long as I want, it's like having a dress-up doll and a living dildo all in one!" She leaned in, confidentially. "I've kept Stephanie hard for as long as an hour while I fucked myself a half-dozen orgasms. Most of the time, I let her have one, too...but sometimes, I just leave her frustrated until I cancel her hard-on," Sue giggled.

"But you don't want to get pregnant, do you?"

"Of course not--she never comes inside me!" Sue insisted. "In fact, the only place Stephanie's cock cream ever winds up is her own mouth!"

"What? How did you manage that?" Vera asked.

"I've made her absolutely addicted to her own cream," Sue confided. "Some nights, she begs to be allowed to masturbate, just so she can taste herself!"

At that moment, Stephanie and Tiffany arrived. Tiffany was dressed in teen cock-tease fashion...a tiny little tartan skirt, midriff-bearing sweater, knee socks, and mary-janes with five-inch heels. Stephanie, on the other hand, was dressed in her usual slightly sexy "June Cleaver" look--a shirtwaist dress, with the buttons open enough to give a hint of cleavage, her wide skirt floating over petticoats at knee level, legs sheathed in sheer hose and all perched on patent leather heels. An elegant pearl choker added to the image.

"Ahh, our little boy-girls are back!" Vera exclaimed. "Tiffany, let me see your nails!"

Tiffany held out her hands in girlish manner, the dark pink of her talons glinting in the light. "Just lovely,'ll look the perfect sissy when I send you back to school in the androgynous outfits I have planned for you!" Vera smiled.

"Mom, no! I'll be laughed at, made fun of..."

"Rather, I think, you'll be made love to," Vera mused. "I know several girls...and a couple of your school who are already eagerly anticipating your new look!" Tiffany blushed and lowered her eyes in embarrassment.

"Now, Stephie...let me see your hands," Sue demanded. Her feminized husband extended his hands, displaying the French tip style manicure he'd been given. " beautiful, I think you'd be stiff as a board to have them, dear."

Instantly, Stephanie's sissy-cock came to full attention in her panties, causing an obvious tent in her skirt. Her arousal was obvious from the look in her eyes and the flush of her cheeks. Sue reached into her purse and brought out a small silver cup. "Take this to the ladies' know what you are to do." Obediently, Stephanie minced off.

"You don't mean she....?" Vera asked.

"Oh, yes, she'll come back having filled that little cup...but she won't consume it until she's back here," Sue explained. She looked at Tiffany. "Would you like to share some of Stephanie's cream, dear?

"Oh, no, Aunt Sue, I don't...."

"Tiffany," Vera interrupted, "lights out." Instantly, her sissy son fell into trance. "When Stephanie returns, you will beg to share her kissing her and taking it from her mouth. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mother..."

"Very good. Lights on."

more to come


sissycrissi said...

A lovely post dear. When darling Stephanie's little clitty perked up, so did mine . . . thank you

Anonymous said...

Stephanie's extended forced erotic excitement over his own extreme feminization is simply delicious!!!
Love the over-the-top femininity that his wife and Miss Vera have subjected him to!

sissy_in_college_apple said...

can't wait for the next one...always enjoyed your stories....really lights up my day