Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Weekend Adventure Continues

This evening's outfit is the purple draped-collar top from Kmart paired with the polka-dot skirt from Wal-Mart. I cinched it all in with the wide black belt. Once again, the makeup is real--the only digital magic is erasing my beard.

Speaking of makeup, a question for you girls...and ask your significant other if you can: Do you put on your makeup before or after you finish dressing? I've always done it while in my lingerie only, to avoid getting makeup on the outer clothes...but I noticed my wife does it when she finishes dressing.

I really like the way the skirt is moving in that second shot.

Accessories: white hair bow, silver jewelry, nude hose, purple '20s style pumps. Actually, the whole outfit has a sort of retro '20s feel to it, doesn't it?

Here's another close shot for a makeup critique:

The makeup was completely redone from this afternoon, because I had to run errands in between. I think the eyes look better this time...but I suspect I need a less pink blusher. I have a more bronze one I originally bought for my recent theatrical appearance (as a male!) I may try that tomorrow.

More pics on Flickr. The adventure continues tomorrow!

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