Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Stepton Retro Society

Chapter One:

Unlike most of the couples who arrive in Stepton, both Margaret and Donald Cooper knew what they were getting into. Donald had been his wife's submissive plaything for most of the ten years of their marriage, and he had agreed to Margaret's desire to "take it up a notch." He knew he would become a feminized sissy upon their move to this town, but he didn't know how completely he would be changed.

Donald watched out the passenger window as his wife drove down the main street of town, noting that there wasn't a single male-appearing figure in sight. He'd read the brochure for the town, and knew that the most feminine-looking of the passersby were the men..."or the once-men, I guess," he realized. Some of these transformed creatures were on their own, but most were accompanied by leather- or latex-clad women who were clearly in charge. A few were even being led around on leashes...and a handful appeared to be in even stricter bondage.

He couldn't decide which were the oddest--the grown men dressed as little girls or the ones who appeared to be costumed in the fashions of the past. There weren't many, but the handful dressed in the clothes of the 1940s and '50s were an erotic sight to Donald's eyes. He loved the styles of those eras...and even on people he knew to be male they caused a twitch in his sissy-cock.

Donald himself had never cross-dressed before. It had never been a part of his sexual makeup...but he was devoted to Margaret and had pledged to follow her lead in their continuing journey into a kinky life. "If Margaret wants me to be feminized," he thought, "that's what I'll do. She is my whole reason for being."

Aware of his thoughts, Margaret reached over and stroked the back of his neck. "Soon, I'll have to reach under your gorgeous curls to do this, Donald," she said, smiling. "And we must think of a new name for you...Donna? No, too common. Your full name is Donald Allen...hmmm...Don Allen....What do you think of Donellen for your new name, dear?"

Donald smiled. "Whatever you think best, dear."

Margaret pulled into a residential district and into a driveway for a small townhouse. "Here we are, love...get the bags." Donald struggled to gather all the luggage as Margaret strode to the door and unlocked their new home. "Take my things to the master...that is, the mistress bedroom," she commanded. "Your own stuff goes in the smaller bedroom." Not that they had brought much for Donald...he'd only need male clothes for a few more hours. All his new attire would be bought in Stepton.

Before they could even begin to settle in, however, there was a call from the still-open doorway. "Hello, dears," came the voice. They turned to see a tall beautiful brunette on the steps, dressed in a tight-fitting black leather suit. "Welcome to Stepton, Margaret," the woman said, walking in and kissing Margaret on the cheek. "I'm Carla Weathers, head of the women's association." She turned to Donald. "And this must be our newest Stepton sissy-to-be....what fine features! She's going to be a knockout, my dear."

Then her demeanor turned commanding. "Well, don't just stand there, you little thing! Get some refreshments for your mistress and me. You'll find we've stocked the fridge for you!" So Donald retreated to the kitchen, leaving Margaret and the mysterious Carla to talk privately. A short while later, he returned to the living room with soft drinks and snacks.

"Excellent, darling," Carla said, clearly taking charge. She circled him, taking stock of his soon-to-be gone maleness. She stopped behind him and then he felt a sudden pressure against the back of his neck, and heard a soft whoosh of air.

"There, it's done!" Carla explained. "Donald's implant is in place. You can activate it at your leisure with the trigger I gave you, Margaret. I recommend doing it when you bring him to my salon for his's the most humiliating moment for these sissies!"

"We have an appointment for three this afternoon, Carla," Margaret replied.

"Very good, I look forward to seeing you there," Carla said. "Goodbye, Donald...goodbye for good," she laughed and exited.

More to come

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