Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend Plans

I hate snow. Normally, I don't mind it...but the area's unprecedented snowfalls this season have disrupted my plans so often this month that I dread every mention of the word. And it has happened again.

The wife was supposed to be at work today, while I was home...getting in another day of dressing. Well, it's snowing...and supposed to get worse as the day progresses, so she's going to come home early. Worse--she was supposed to leave tomorrow morning for a four-day conference and I had cleared the weekend for at least three days of dressing--Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Now, she's going to likely be home all day tomorrow and not leave until Saturday morning.

Added to that, a non-weather-related change in her plans means Monday is out as a dressing day, I may only get the latter part of Saturday and all-day Sunday.

I hate snow.

Update (Friday evening):
I got Monday back! Look for the first postings about my weekend adventures and experiments Saturday night!

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