Monday, February 15, 2010

Stephanie Stay-Hard

Chapter Six

Moments later, Stephanie minced back to the table, her skirt no longer tented, carefully carrying the little silver cup. She sat and looked at her wife-mistress. Susan nodded, and Stephanie lapped up the cock cream from the cup, licking it clean. As soon as she did, she was surprised by Tiffany leaning into her, and pressing her lips against Stephanie's, thrusting her tongue into Stephanie's mouth and taking a portion of the wad of cream into her own mouth. She drew away and a bit of the cream dribbled out of each boy-girl's mouth.

"How lovely, how sexy," Vera noted. "So delightful to see cock cream on a sissy's face!" She turned to her sister. "So, what's next for your little sissy hubby?"

"Why, I'm not sure..." Sue began...

"Isn't your anniversary next month?" Vera asked.

"Yes, on the 12th," Sue answered.

"Have you considered a ceremony to renew your vows...a very special ceremony?"

"Oh, my...yes, I'd love to see Stephie as a bride, come to think of it!" Sue exclaimed.

"There will be a lot of work involved...and, of course, Tiffany and I will be happy to help. I can be your 'best man'...and Tiffany can be Stephanie's maid of honor!"

Stephanie felt her face turn red. "Susan, no! You'd have to invite all our friends and family to an event like that!" she cried.

"Why, of course, dear--don't you think it's time for them all to finally meet Stephanie? I'd think the sheer humiliation of it all would have you stiff as a board!" She laughed...and, instantly, Stephanie's sissy-cock was again hard and erect in her panties.

Vera and Susan quickly put the plan in motion. They found a hall and booked a date three months in advance...found a clergywoman who would happily perform the ceremony (even after being told the unusual circumstances)...and began making appointments for their sissies at various places.

One of the first was a bridal shop, where Stephanie and Tiffany were made to try on virtually every bridal gown and bridesmaid gown in the place. Susan was unhappy with most of the choices for Stephanie. "They make her look too sophisticated, too truly womanly." Then she spotted a prom dress--it was tea-length and had a circle skirt floating over a petticoat. She gave it to Stephanie to try on and it was everything she wanted...except, of course, for the color. Susan turned to the shop manager. "Can you order this in white satin?" she asked.

"Well, it's outside the usual color range and may take a bit longer...and there will be a custom-order price addition...." the manager said.

"Not a problem," Sue responded. "You can have it ready by this date?" She handed the manager a note.

"Yes, indeed."

Stephanie turned to Susan. "If I'm wearing the bridal gown," she asked, "what are you wearing, Susan?"

"Why, a suit, of course!"

The day of the big event, Susan brought Stephanie back to Vera's salon for her bridal makeover. The two women gathered in a corner, conspiratorially planning
Stephanie's look. Susan giggled with delight when Vera outlined her plan. They returned to Stephanie, and Susan handed her a lipstick. "Touch up your lips before we start, honey," she ordered. And as the lipstick touched Stephanie's mouth, she dropped into trance.

Now Vera began her work. First she cut Stephanie's hair into a very short bowl-like bob, shaving the nape of the neck as well. The result was an extreme hairstyle, one most women would never wear, one that clearly said here is a male being feminized! But that was not the end--Vera shampooed the hair and worked in a strong bleach, and after an hour, Stephanie's hair was white. Now Vera began to tone it...not with blonde, as might have been expected, but with pink! As her hair color set in, Vera redid Stephanie's makeup, in more pink tones to match her hair.

Finally, she spun the chair around so that the newly rose-colored Stephanie faced the mirror. "This is the new you, Stephanie Stay-Hard! Pink is the color of a sissified male, a submissive servant to your wife. Pink is the color that arouses you, that makes you long to serve, that makes you want to be a sissy! Do you understand?"

"Yes," Stephanie murmured, "pink...want to be sissy...."

"Excellent! Wake up now, sweetie, it's time to get dressed...."

An hour later, the bridal party--Stephanie in her short white gown, Tiffany in a yellow prom dress, and Susan and Vera in suits with extreme mini-skirts and high heels--stood before the minister. The clergywoman addressed the congregation--made up of friends and neighbors, all of whom were astonished to discover that Stephen had become Stephanie: "Now, Susan and Stephanie will recite the vows they have written for their renewal."

Susan spoke first. "Stephanie, I promise I will be a loving wife-mistress, giving you the discipline you desire and continuing the transformation you are undergoing. You are my sissy, my husband, my male lesbian lover." She placed a large diamond ring on Stephanie's finger.

Then Stephanie dropped to her knees before Susan. "Susan, I promise I will be a devoted sissy husband. I willingly undergo the transformation you desire, becoming the male lesbian lover you wish me to be."

The minister smiled and, as Susan and Stephanie turned to face the crowd, announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Susan and Stephanie Stay-Hard!"



Long time fan said...


Is there any one place that has all your old stories?
I'd love to re-read them :)

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Every story I've written that I still had in a digital file has been posted on this blog. Search for the tag "writing" to find them all.

There are a handful of stories that I misplaced and have never been posted here.

Anonymous said...

You always know how to put me in a state. *blush*

Serena said...

I love this story, made me squirm somewhat too :-) very well done. I would love to see a story about vera transforming young Timothy into Tiffany :-)