Friday, February 27, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be, Quarter-Finals, Week 3

Sorry this is somewhat late tonight.

Drew won with 37 out of 88 votes or 42%. I'm not making a prediction for next track record has been terrible.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Constant Complaint

Maybe our pink-clad sissy should learn to suck it in, in more ways than one?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend of Dressing, Part Four

How's this for decadence? After almost two full days dressed in my femme finest, I'm sitting on my couch, in my new shortie nightgown, watching the Oscars.

Anyway, here are the pics from my final two photo sessions today:

Here's the red-and-black paisley blouse with the black handkerchief skirt...and the pink striped scarf in a new configuration. Shoes are the red peep-toes.

And the last outfit:

Short-sleeved, v-neck sweater with the short black skirt and the red baby-doll pumps. This time I tried tying the scarf around my hips.

And one more portrait:

More pics on Flickr...and perhaps one summation posting tomorrow.

Weekend of Dressing, Part Three

Well, after church this morning in male clothes (but with panties and camisole underneath), I came straight home and dressed. This first outfit was inspired by my time in Center City Friday night...all those college girls in miniskirts and boots--with jewelry and other accessories, like the scarf I tied as a belt.

The second outfit for the afternoon was my sweater dress--still love the length on that!--with that black mary-janes and my scarf tied Isadora Duncan style. I avoided her tragic fate, though.

Got a little saucier than intended in that seated shot.

And, here are a couple of portraits from those sessions:

More pics of these outfits are on Flickr...and I'll be doing a couple more outfits tonight, while watching the Oscars. Probably won't post them until tomorrow, though.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend of Dressing, Part Two

Last outfit for Saturday--pink blouse, scarf, black skirt, fishnets, pink pumps. Also added the hairband with the rosette.

And here's another portrait, this time in blonde. I really want to know, do these glasses work? I like the look a lot.

Weekend of Dressing, Part One

Well, my weekend was supposed to be at least three whole days...but events intervened and it will only be from about noon on Saturday through Monday morning, with a break on Sunday for church.

But since I have the house to myself and no worries about the timing of others' arrivals, I can still get a lot of dressing and photography done.

Let me start with a portrait. I've been seriously considering getting Dani her own glasses for months now (I've worn them most of my life and I never think either my male or female self looks right without them). These are not prescription lenses, just reading glasses, and I chose a style that seemed like an old-time, classic feminine frame, not something modern and trendy. What do you all think?

The first outfit I tried on today was my new red turtleneck with the denim skirt and knee socks, along with the red t-strap pumps. Didn't stay in it long...the turtleneck was really warm!

Also worn with this was a new bracelet and a cocktail ring.

Next was an old outfit--the two piece black and red floral. I realized I'd never photographed myself in the blonde wig in this outfit...and I also wanted to see how the glasses went with the blonde.

Next was the black and red tunic set, with another new bracelet and new pearl earrings (to go with the pearl necklace). You can't really see those, though. Shoes are red suede pumps and I have to ask: Do the white hose make my legs look fat?

Finally, for now, was a variation on the office girl look: white blouse and short pin-stripe skirt, with a new scarf. Shoes are black pumps.

I'll post more pics later today and tomorrow. And more from these sets are on the Flickr site.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be, Quarter-Finals, Week 2

It was neck and neck between Alicia and Charlize until the last few hours, when the Clueless girl pulled ahead, with 26 votes out of 91 (28%).

My prediction for next week's winner: a near tie between Halle Berry and Jeri Ryan. (After the debacle of my prediction for this week, I refuse to be more specific!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Preparation

I went out for some additional shopping today, in prep for the coming weekend. No new clothes, but lots of accessories: big pearl earrings, a ring with a big blue stone, a bracelet of silver and big plastic crystals, a hairband with a flower attached.

I'm going to use a lot of my older clothes with new accessories; I'm hoping to come up with some interesting and different poses as well.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Auntie Vera

Here's the first of the new cartoons. I'll be trying to do one every other week, at least.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be--Quarter-Finals, Week 1

This week's winner is Jessica Alba, with 37 votes out of 94 (39%). She moves on to the semifinals.

My guess for next week's choice: Pamela Anderson.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Future Blogging

With the completion of "Sublime Control", I've run through all my files of stories from the old website. I have neither the time nor the inclination to do new ones; quite frankly, I feel like I exhausted the various themes over two decades of writing.

But I still want this blog to have a creative end, as well as an autobiographical one...that's why I experimented with the art manipulation I posted a few days ago. In the coming weeks, I'll begin producing little one-panel comic-book style vignettes using that technique, trying to do one a week or so.

Look for them beginning next week.

Sublime Control, Part Five

When the three women from the Society for Feminization returned the next morning, they found a much-changed Jodi. Her face was now a mask of indifference and disdain. She was clad in a black leather dress and spike heels, a whip prominently displayed in her hands.

"Greetings, sisters," she said, the first words she had ever spoken directly to the SocFem representatives. "Annette is inside, with our 'victim'--that is, our 'subject'." She smiled cruelly as she guided the three red-clad beauties into Annette's inner office.

A slender young man in his late 20s was seated in the armchair opposite Annette's desk. His head was slumped on his chest, which rose and fell in deep even breaths. His eyes were comfortably closed, as if in sleep. He was dressed in male clothes...but the closet filled with feminine garb was open and Annette and Caroline were going through it, picking out the finery he would soon wear.

"Hello again," said Annette, gesturing for the newcomers to take seats in the far corner of the office. "This is Clark, soon to be Clara. His young bride has decided that she wants a submissive pet, a pre-teen coquette to seduce into male lesbian lust and love. As a test of her new dominant personality, it will be Jodi--Mistress Jodi--who converts him into this bundle of feminine cuteness and sex appeal."

Jodi approached the young man and kneeled until her face was on a level with his own. "Clark, open your eyes," she commanded, in a far harsher tone than any in the office had ever heard her use before. The lad blinked a bit, then his head arose and he stared into Jodi's dark eyes. "I am your mistress, Clark. I am Jodi. I control your body, your mind, your very identity.

"Who am I, Clark?" she demanded.

"You are my Mistress Jodi," he answered in a monotone. "You control my body, my mind, my very identity."

"Very good," she responded. "Now, I want you to remove all of your clothing."

Still hypnotized, Clark quickly stripped down to his bare skin and then followed "Mistress" Jodi into the full bathroom beside Annette's office. The TV dominatrix (as much under another's control as Clark, in her way) covered him with depilatory and then had him shower off all his body hair. She led him back into the office, his skin pink and shining.

Now Jodi began feminizing her subject even further, using the boy's hypnotized state to enforce this sissy-ish view of himself. She picked up a deep pink rouge and began to apply it to his nipples, darkening them and making the areolas larger and more girlish. "These are your tits," Jodi told Clark, as she pushed the flesh of his chest together and teased the reddened nipples to hardness. "They are cute and girlish now, but someday they will grow. Aren't you proud of your tits, Clara?" she asked, using his female name for the first time.

"Yes, Mistress Jodi," he answered. "I am proud of my tits."

She reached down and cupped his cock and balls in her hand, feeling them grow larger and heavier as she held them. "And these--you aren't proud of these, are you? In fact, you are ashamed of them and will try to hide them at all costs."

"Yes, Mistress Jodi," he answered again. "I will hide my shameful parts."

Jodi smiled that evil smile again and turned to Caroline. "Help Clara into her clothes, please."

Caroline aided the still-entranced young man into a lightly padded bra, white panties, a striped sweater and an extremely short plaid, pleated skirt. His long smooth legs were kept bare, and his feet were forced into a pair of patent leather Mary Janes with one-inch heels.

Then Caroline and Jodi guided him to the vanity in the bathroom and skillfully made up his face, keeping the look feminine but youthful. The final touch was a brunette wig arranged in two massive ponytails, one on either side of his head.

Now Jodi brought him back to the easy chair and said, "It's time to sleep again, Clara." Immediately, the transformed lad's eyes fell shut and his head drooped on his now-padded chest. "Clara is now your name. You will act at all times like a coquettish 12-year-old girl, sexy beyond your years, but not really experienced. But beneath that facade, you remain male, embarrassed by your transformed state, but unable to act in any other manner. You dread being revealed as a male, so you keep up your 'act' at all times. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Jodi," the new Clara the Coquette replied, dreamily. "I am a 12-year-old girlish male."

"You are completely submissive to any real woman, especially me, Mistress Annette, and your wife, whom you will address as 'Aunt Margaret' from now on.

"Now, I want you to go to the full-length mirror and gaze at yourself," Jodi commanded, then watched "Clara" mince to the looking glass. "When I snap my fingers, you will awake and be Clara forever." SNAP! Clara posed before the mirror, then turned to the assembled dominants and gave them a come-hitherish smile.

A short time later, Clara's "Aunt Margaret" came to collect her and the SocFem members, satisfied by what they had seen, made arrangements to meet with Annette, Caroline, and Jodi at their headquarters later that day.

"At last, they've gone," Annette sighed. "They're so insufferable--using a living person as the conduit for their schemes." Caroline looked at her boss in surprise. "Oh, I agree with the idea of feminizing men, my dear," the dominant therapist continued, "but I can't agree with the methods they've chosen. I was duped into using poor little Jodi as I have, but I've taken steps to insure she can't be used this way again."


Later that afternoon, Annette and Caroline stood by as the SocFem technicians attached the now re-hypnotized Jodi to their personality recording devices. Once they were done, Annette stepped forward and said, "Come out and play, Jodi." Almost instantly, Jodi became a simpering male lesbian, who looked at her Mistress Annette with an expression of combined desire and submission. The technicians activated their equipment and, in short order, nodded to Annette.

"I enjoy being a girl," Annette said, and Jodi's expression changed again, as the mall rat persona was triggered within her mind. Within moments, the technicians signaled Annette for the next change. "Take a letter, Jodi," she said, and the cock-teasing office worker became Jodi's persona. "Get sexy for me," and the fetishist took over Jodi's body. Finally, "Whip it," and the dominant personality came to the fore.

"Well, now that we've recorded Jodi's personas here, we'll take charge of her so we can do the same in all our other offices. Unfortunately, it's impossible to make copies of the electronic recordings," announced the SocFem leader.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible," Annette objected. "I thought you might want to make this poor thing your virtual I designed the personas you wanted so that a second invocation of them--this invocation--would erase them from her psyche. They're gone, they won't be back.

"Joe," she said, addressing the still-entranced but now completely male Joe Roberts, "come with me." He obediently arose from the SocFem equipment and followed Annette and Caroline from the building, leaving the stunned SocFem leaders in their wake.

Back at the office, Caroline was almost equally stunned. "Annette, what about Joe's desires? We took his money and guaranteed to give him a female persona," she asked.

"And we have," Annette answered. "There's one personality I 'installed' in Joe that the SocFem didn't know about." She handed Caroline a sheet of paper, as she helped Joe get comfortable in the easy chair. "Bring out the clothes I've listed here, please."

A short time later, Joe was again dressed in a feminine manner--tight sweater over a well-padded bust, a very short skirt, nylons, very high heels, and an extremely appealing makeup job. What he didn't have was a wig.

"Remember what we discovered about Joe?" Annette asked her assistant. "He longs to be humiliated, to be a sissy, not a woman for real. In this guise, that's what he will be--he revels in the sexy nature of his clothes, yet the lack of long hair makes it clear that he is male nonetheless. He'll be girlish, yet clearly a boy."

She turned to the entranced young man. "Stand up, Joe." He stood and then she said,"You're a sissy, Jodi." The now feminized boy posed prettily, smiled, and said, "Thank you, Mistress Annette. I love your sublime control of me."


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scarfing It Up

Here's the first of the two new scarfs I bought, worn with my very comfortable jersey knit dress, black hose, and beige pumps. I wasn't sure if the colors of the scarf would go with the dress...but I'm assured by folks at Flickr it works just fine. Any comments from here?

Just one more shot from this set...chosen because I love the way the pose and expression came out. I seldom manage a "come hither" stare, but this one seems to work.

On the "adventures" front, at lunch time, I took off the wig, jewelry, and scarf, and pulled my "tits" from the bra. Then, still in dress, heels and hose, I walked out to the car (in broad daylight!), drove to and through the local drive-thru fast-food place. Maybe the clerk didn't notice...but I sure worried if she would!

Note to Karen:
I challenge you to do something similar for your next adventure!

More pics are on Flickr.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Basic Black

I'd intended to do a lot more today...but as I was working on these pics, my computer began acting hinky. I eventually got it back to normal...but it took about an hour and I was afraid I'd wind up taking it into the shop if I didn't get things resolved. Obviously, that meant I couldn't stay dressed.

Additionally, it's hard to stay "up" for the whole experience when you're frustrated by other things. So, any additional dressing this week will be postponed until tomorrow.

This is my somewhat dressy black top with the black skirt from one of my other two-piece outfits, fishnets and classic black patent pumps. I think it all comes off as deliciously femme and natural.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Art Experiment

Playing around with what my various image editing programs can do, I came up with this.

I started out with this image...chosen because it was simple (no background) and clean:

Then I converted it to a line drawing with Paint Shop Pro and some hand-editing:

Next, in Canon Photo, I did a color layer, working from the colors in the original, simplified to some extent:

Finally, back in PSP, I layed the line version over the color version as a transparent layer:

Did it work? I really want comments on this...tell me what works and what doesn't in this process.


In about ten days (beginning the evening of Feb. 20), I will have an extended time to least three days. In preparation, I did some shopping today.

I've been thinking of adding to my accessories, and today I picked up a pair of scarves at Target. One is a pink and white square, that I think will dress up some of my plainer outfits. I have the brown jersey dress at home right now and I'll try it out with that tomorrow. The other is a blue-orange long scarf...I'll have to try out some different ideas with that one.

I also wanted some additional sweaters. At Target, I found a dark blue cable-knit crew neck and at Kohl's a red cable-knit turtleneck (I prefer the heavier looks in sweaters). I also wanted to find a pleated or A-line skirt, preferably in a tartan, but there was nothing there. At Kohl's I also bought three new pairs of panties (the old ones are getting stretched out and may have been bought too big, anyway). Target had a gorgeous, very sissy pair in pink with ruffles across the rear...but not in my size! A further disappointment at Target was seeing a very attractive black vinyl coat on clearance...but even the extra-large was too small for my shoulders (I suspect it was originally in the juniors department)!

OTOH, my local Target finally has its shoe department back in order and there were two terrific pairs of heels I will be getting next week. One is an ankle-strap pump in tan, the other a classic pump in navy blue. Both have nice high heels, too.

I'll be going back there next week to get those.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sublime Control, Part Four

That is remarkable!" exclaimed the leader of the delegation from the Society for Feminization. "If your techniques can so change a man that even we, who are so accustomed to feminized males, cannot 'read' him, then we have truly chosen the right person for the job."

"But what is the job?" Annette insisted. "You've told me what you wanted me to do as a 'test'--take an unsuspecting male and give him multiple submissive female identities--but you've never told me why."

The SocFem spokeswoman sat on the corner of Annette's desk and slowly removed her red leather gloves, that so carefully matched her jacket and fedora (as well as those of her companions). "It's time you knew, then," she began.

"Our group was begun some 20 years ago, as our founders--a group of women in a small town--decided to feminize their husbands and sons. Unfortunately, theirs was an effort of trial and error. Only a handful of the first attempts actually 'took'--in most cases, the males rebelled and left the women and the town. A few, however, were quite easily transformed...and it turned out some were even eager to take the changes to their furthest steps, including body changes such as breast implants and other forms of plastic surgery. None has ever gone so far as a total sexual reassignment, however, and in general they remain nominally heterosexual in their orientation--although, given their appearance, most people would consider them lesbians, I suppose.

"In time, the women of the fledgling Society learned to recognize these prospective candidates and to seek them out for marriage," she continued. "But we still yearned for a way to transform nearly any man. That was when we read the ads you had placed for your service. We observed a few of your earliest cases and were quite impressed by the results.

"But it would be nearly impossible for the Society to funnel all of its feminization prospects through you--there are nearly one thousand of us, now, after all, all over the nation. Fortunately, one of our members is a brilliant neurologist and invented a device that can record personalities and then impose and implant them in others, with the ability to make minor alterations in the imposition and implantation stages. That is when we thought again of Sublime Control: If you could create a 'template' individual for us--one male with multiple female personalities--we could then record all those personalities and use them as 'file copies' when we needed them."

Annette folded her arms and smiled. "Now, I am impressed. That's a fascinating scheme. But I'm afraid you're a few days early--there are still a few personalities I have yet to create in Jodi's mind, notably the fetishist and the dominant."

The SocFem spokeswoman and her companions nodded. "Not a problem; we'd be happy to stay in the city a few more days and maybe even have the opportunity to observe your work first hand. If you don't mind?"

"Not at all," Annette replied. "Come back tomorrow as I create our little leather and latex queen."


The next morning, about 10:30, the mysterious patrons had returned, to find a much-changed Jodi seated in Annette's inner office. She was clad in form-fitting red and black latex, her skirt so short and tight that sitting alone was an adventure. She stared straight ahead, completely mesmerized by Annette's spell-casting.

"Sisters," Annette exclaimed, "you're just in time." She turned her attention back to Jodi. "Feel the latex cling to your skin, Jodi. Look at the way it gleams under the lights, highlighting your every curve. Feel how it restricts your movements, while it simultaneously makes your every motion an appeal to the eye. You revel in this attention, you adore it; you also realize that this outfit and others like it make you nothing but a sex object to both men and women. You will flaunt your appearance for all observers, but always aware that the arousal you stir in them and yourself is a part of your submission.

"You will feel this way and desire this kind of clothing whenever you hear the words, 'get sexy for me, Jodi,'" Annette concluded. "Now, on the count of five, wake up, little fetishist Jodi!"

Moments later, a smiling yet simpering Jodi was trying on other fetish outfits recommended by Annette, Caroline and the SocFem representatives. They ran through the gamut of latex, leather, and PVC clothes--skirts, tops, dresses, evening gowns, catsuits--always accessorized with the tightest of gloves and the highest of heels. Jodi's makeup in this persona was bright and almost garish, her eyes and lips accentuated just as her curves were.

They finished up with a lacy corset and nylons, coming close to the image for Jodi's next imposed personality: the dominatrix.

"Jodi," Annette commanded, "have a seat, please." Once again, the transformed male faced the TV screen as the trance induction images played in front of her eyes. Once she was clearly entranced, Annette began giving her the final personality she and the SocFem had agreed upon.

"Jodi, you are no longer submissive--except to me. I remain your Mistress; you remain my obedient servant. But when it comes to other women...and especially to men and are as dominant as I am with you. You still have a fetish for leather, latex, and other such fabrics and garments, but now they are a part of your arsenal in the control of others."

The assembled women watched with awe as Jodi's expression changed from a simpering smile to a leering grin. Annette continued: "Like me, you get a special thrill from the feminization of other men...but you realize, at all times, that your power over them exists only because of the way I have feminized you. That realization keeps you bound to me, even as you exercise your dominance."

Annette looked up at the SocFem representatives. "When that personality is transferred to another male, the submissive attitude should attach to his own dominatrix," she informed them. Then, she turned back to Jodi. "Jodi, you will experience these feelings whenever I say, 'Whip it, Jodi!"

She turned again from the entranced, transformed male and said, "We'll have to test out this persona--I've never really tried anything like this before. Most TVs and their mistresses aren't interested in this kind of change. I recommend you come back tomorrow, and we'll have Jodi the Domme transform one of my
clients." The red-clad mystery women readily agreed and departed.

"And, now, Jodi, it's time for one last set of commands," Annette said, smiling secretively at her assistant, Caroline.

More to come

Friday, February 6, 2009

Women We'd Love to Be, Quarter-Finals

OK, here's a complete list, in alphabetical order, of the 50 winners from our first two rounds:

1. Christina Aguilera
2. Jessica Alba
3. Ann-Margret
4. Christina Applegate
5. Pamela Anderson
6. Drew Barrymore
7. Ingrid Bergman
8. Halle Berry
9. Mariah Carey
10. Jennifer Connelly
11. Courteney Cox
12. Dana Delaney
13. Catherine Deneuve
14. Kirsten Dunst
15. Terry Farrell
16. Danielle Fishel
17. Sarah Michelle Gellar
18. Erin Gray
19. Teri Hatcher
20. Anne Hathaway
21. Salma Hayek
22. Jennifer Love Hewitt
23. Elizabeth Hurley
24. Famke Janssen
25. Scarlett Johansson
26. Angelina Jolie
27. Ashley Judd
28. Catherine Zeta Jones
29. Grace Kelly
30. Lucy Liu
31. Lindsay Lohan
32. Tina Louise
33. Alyssa Milano
34. Elizabeth Montgomery
35. Demi Moore
36. Olivia Newton-John
37. Gwyneth Paltrow
38. Hayden Panatierre
39. Michelle Pfeiffer
40. Natalie Portman
41. Christina Ricci
42. Diana Rigg
43. Julia Roberts
44. Rene Russo
45. Jeri Ryan
46. Alicia Silverstone
47. Charlize Theron
48. Shania Twain
49. Raquel Welch
50. Natalie Wood

In this next round, I'll be pitting five of these beauties against each other over the next ten weeks. In the semi-finals, two of those ten winners will go head-to-head, chosen in typical sports bracket fashion: the top seed against the bottom seed, number two against number nine, etc. That will result in our five finalists, who will compete in the last poll, 16 weeks from now.

The first round of the quarter-finals is at the right. And each week, I'll be making a prediction on which of the five will be the top vote-getter. My guess this week: Jessica Alba.

Women We'd Love to Be--Round Two, Week 23

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sublime Control, Part Three

"Oh, that's perfect, Caroline. And such a difference from Joe's natural personality, or the rather retiring slave identity we'd given Jodi previously," Annette remarked, grinning at the image of the sexy mall rat Jodi now presented.

"Jodi--please go into the waiting room and look over some of the magazines, would you?" Annette said to the mesmerized TV. "I want some ideas for what clothes we should get you."

"Yes, Mistress Annette," Jodi replied and exited.

Annette sat at her desk and began paging through her notes, while Caroline curled up at her feet and began to lightly finger the therapist's pussy. Annette slapped her hand away. "That's quite delicious, darling...but I can't be distracted right now. Our patrons are interested in knowing precisely how many different and varied personalities we can impose on one controlled individual. I have to think about where we want to take little Jodi now."

Her mysterious "patrons" had supplied Annette with a list of suggested personalities, "types" they might someday want to impose on their own subjects. Annette leafed through them, shaking her head occasionally, sometimes putting a sheet of paper on one pile or another. After a few moments, she picked one page up and studied it intently. "Hmmmm--I think this is our next step, Caroline."

The sexy little blonde stood up and peered over her mistress's shoulder. "Oh, that's fascinating, Mistress. Should I prepare the proper tapes?"

"No--I think we'll place this persona on Jodi directly," Annette declared. "Ask her to come back in, would you?"

Moments later, Jodi minced back into the inner office, giggling and holding up a page from one of the fetish fashion magazines. "Oh, Mistress Annette," she exclaimed, "isn't this just the most scrumptious outfit?"

Annette examined the photo, showing a beautiful redhead in a skintight latex top and miniskirt. "Hmm," she thought, "there's a possible new identity for the little dear." Aloud, she replied, "Yes, Jodi, it's lovely. But please step over here to the seat in front of the TV--there's something I want you to watch."

Jodi settled into the comfortable armchair as Caroline started the induction tape, similar to the beginning of all the tapes Joe had watched in his own home. Mere seconds later, Jodi was deeply entranced.

"Can you hear me, Jodi?" Annette asked softly.

"Yes, Mistress," the cross-dressed submissive answered.

"Excellent. Jodi, can you type?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress--I type at about 60 words a minute."

"That will do nicely." Annette sat on the arm of the chair, gently stroking Jodi's hair, breasts and legs as Caroline carefully removed the mall slut outfit. The movements deepened Jodi's trance, making her all the more susceptible to the commands and suggestions Annette was about to supply.

"Jodi, have you ever seen the secretaries at the downtown offices these days?" Annette began. The entranced TV nodded. "Of course, you have. They're very beautiful, aren't they? And sexy? Of course, they are--with their lush, rounded breasts, their long legs on high heels and revealed by short skirts. That's the kind of girl you'd like to be, wouldn't you, Jodi?" All the while she spoke, Annette continued to caress Jodi's body, running her hands over the satiny surface of the man-girl's bra and panties, over the smooth nylon of her stockings. Annette watched as Jodi's cock grew larger and more firm in those panties, reacting to both Annette's touch and the magic of her description of the sexy career girls of the financial district.

"Well, you are one of them, Jodi: a sexy, alluring, teasing flirt of a secretary--out to have your fun with every man you find attractive, to make his cock grow just as your own big clitty is growing now. Come with me now to the closet--let's pick out the proper outfit for Secretary Jodi's first day on the job."

In short order, Jodi was in her new clothes and her new personality. The blue satin dress had thin straps and a straight-cut neckline that skimmed the tops of her boobs (flesh pushed up by Annette's artful taping); its hemline was easily eight inches above her knees, exposing a vast expanse of thigh and calf, nicely set off by the five-inch heels of her nearly bare sandals. Jodi posed to the best advantage of the outfit, knowing she could attract the attention of any male, even with her devastatingly beautiful mistress nearby.

"Jodi, for the next three days, you are my secretary/receptionist. You are to make all my clients comfortable and happy--especially the male clients. Show off your tits, show off your legs, make them want you."

"Oh, yes, Mistress!" Jodi exclaimed, as she strutted off to her new post.

Caroline raised an eyebrow in question. "Our patrons will be making a surprise visit sometime in the next three days," Annette explained. "The surprise will be on them when they discover how completely I control Jodi and how many ways I can change her into the person I want her to be."

"Induced multiple personality disorder?" Caroline asked.

"In a sense--but multiple personalities with specific triggers, controlled by the person who created them...or a designated substitute."

"Why is this so important to our patrons?" Caroline asked.

Annette raised her own eyebrows. "I don't know."

The rest of the day went quite normally: Jodi flirted successfully with all the male clients; Annette and Caroline began "treatment" on several new subjects. Jodi took a cab home, loaded down with several new outfits for her temporary job.


The next morning even Caroline gasped when Jodi walked through the door. In the words of an earlier decade, the submissive secretary was "loaded for bear." She wore a figure hugging red stretch-knit sheath, its neckline pulled down off her shoulders. The hemline was even higher than that of the dress she'd worn the day before, just barely covering the tops of her stockings. Her shoes were red patent leather, with six-inch heels and open toes.

She giggled, smiled a hello at Caroline and took her seat at the receptionist's desk, her long, sleek legs tucked under the chair. In a few moments, one of Annette's new clients walked in the door: Mark, a small, somewhat timid young man. He was stunned by the sheer sex appeal of the therapist's new receptionist, especially when she began to put on a show just for him. Jodi deliberately knocked some papers off the front of her desk, so that she had to strut around the desk in her stiletto heels, giving Mark a full view of those long, luscious legs. Then, facing the poor boy, she bent at the waist to pick up the fallen papers, letting her boobs nearly fall out of the low neckline of her dress.

She looked up and saw the young man covering a bulge in his pants with his briefcase. She smiled lasciviously, and licked her full red lips with her pink tongue. Mark gulped.

Just then, three women entered the outer office. Each was dressed in a red leather suit, with a rakish matching fedora pulled low over her eyes. Jodi pulled herself away from her teasing of the young client--a show that the three women had clearly observed upon entering--and asked, "May I help you?"

"Yes," the woman in the lead replied. "We are the representatives of the Society for Feminization. I believe Annette is expecting us."

Jodi checked the daily calendar and then buzzed the inner office. "Mistress Annette, your patrons have arrived."

Jodi stood, wriggled her body for Mark's benefit, and opened the door to the inner office.

"Sisters," Annette greeted the three warmly, "how nice to see you!" She extended her hand.

The spokeswoman took Annette's hand and then noted, coldly, "I find your receptionist somewhat offensive--did you have to hire such a stereotype?"

"Hire....Oh my goodness! You didn't realize!" Annette gasped. "Sisters, that's not just my receptionist, that is our little 'experiment'. That is Jodi, the multiple sissy!"

More to come

Monday, February 2, 2009

Independence Day?

Continuing our holiday this the outfit I should wear on July 4?

The rest are on Flickr.

Groundhog Day

No, I'm not living the same 24 hours over and's just the only header I could think of. OTOH, I'm wishing for winter to be over, so...

Anyway--here's a first batch of pics from today's sessions. This is the clingy, short sweater dress, worn with the white belt. In one set, I've got on the bone pumps; in the other, my boots.

I also took a set of portraits in the blonde wig:

In that last one, I played around a little by adding the floating "kiss" I'm blowing to the camera!

There's a third set of pics from today, but I probably won't get them posted until tonight.

More from these sets are at Flickr.