Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artistic Interlude

With at least four days until I can dress again, I decided it was time to post some more art, starting with:

Not-So-Cheery Cheerleaders

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Month 26

...and the end of my weekend of dressing (and the month). A couple of events for tonight and tomorrow morning have cut short my plans (I had hoped to get two more outfits in).

Anyway, more spring-ish dressing with this tan twofer top (a thrift shop purchase) and the denim skirt bought ages ago at Target.

Accessories are white bow, silver jewelry, white belt, natural hose and black mary-janes.

And one more portrait:

More pics on Flickr; no more dressing sessions until March 6 at the earliest (wife will be home for the rest of this week); and don't forget to vote in the poll (details here)!

Leap Month 25

It's returned to spring-like temps around here, so I decided spring-like clothing was in order, hence this pretty print dress from Fashion Bug (the first one I ever bought from there).

Accessories are yellow bow, black-and-white jewelry, natural hose, and yellow sling-back peep-toe pumps.

I find I like this wig more and more.

More pics on Flickr; a more casual ~ but still spring-ish ~ look later today; and don't forget to vote in the poll (details here)!

Interlude--What would YOU have worn to the Oscars?

For the cross-dresser, the biggest thing of the Oscars (or any awards ceremony) is the fashions ~ who is wearing something you would like to wear?

There were quite a few last night that I thought were gorgeous:

Jessica Chastain

Judy Greer

Michelle Williams

Stacy Keibler

Of course, all the above ladies are in a size and age range I can never hope to match. Still, there were some others that looked lovely that are more my style:

Jane Seymour

Glenn Close

Meryl Streep

Lea Thompson

So--whose gown would you have chosen? And who was dressed the worst?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Poll

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Poll Results

Once again, blonde wins the day:

Leap Month 24

Okay...I'm done with the new clothes, so here's an ensemble made up of an older thrift shop find ~ a red twofer top ~ and a Kmart purchase from last fall ~ a gray plaid pencil skirt.

Accessories are white bow, silver jewelry, burgundy tights and black patent pumps.

I am so pleased that I finally got the mascara to work as I wanted...but I discovered the new stuff is very hard to remove! I'll have to get some specialized eye makeup remover for it.

More pics on Flickr; as I noted earlier, I'll be settling in for the Oscars tonight and I plan in putting together a posting about the fashions...which probably won't get finished until later this week.

Leap Month 23

This is the second new outfit found in the thrift shop on Friday--a lovely white blouse and a wool skirt. It's hard to see in the photos, but the blouse has a delicate white-on-white paisley pattern, and the skirt is a Black Watch tartan. Don't you love the little detail of the chain at the waist? After I'd dressed and put on the wig, I had a sudden revelation: "It's the headmistress!" I look like I should be starring in a production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

Accessories are the white print bow, gold jewelry, blue tights, and black patent pumps.

Well, during my late-morning break, I went to Kmart (dressed as described in the Interlude posting earlier), and bought a new mascara, a volumizing one from Almay. And ~ yay! ~ it worked. The lashes actually show up in these photos...even the long shots!

More pics on Flickr; after an afternoon break, one more outfit, then I settle in for the Oscars this evening. How decadent--to watch the Oscars in my negligee! And you have just about 7 hours left to vote in the poll (details here)!

Leap Month 22

Well, how better to start Sunday than in a dress that was clearly designed for going to church? I found this lovely frock in a thrift store on Friday for just five dollars! It has a bit of an '80s feel to it (can't you just see Joan Collins or Linda Evans in it on Dynasty?), but it's a great fit for me both in size and style.

Accessories are the white hat (have to have a hat for church, right?), gold jewelry, nude hose, and white sandals. I haven't worn those in quite a while and I'd forgotten what a bitch they are to walk in! Great for posing, make my legs look terrific, but must be changed when done!

Now, to my eyes: I used four coats of mascara this morning and I think it made a bit of a difference, enough that I didn't do any editing to my eyes in these pics...not even changing the color of my irises. I still think the lashes could be more prominent, later today I'm going to pick up one of the "volumizing" mascaras.

More pics on Flickr; another set of new clothes this afternoon; and you have just about 11 hours left to vote in the poll (details here)!

Interlude--Sunday morning

So, I got up this morning and put on the following: pink camisole, femme jeans, flannel shirt (unfortunately male), and black patent kitten-heel mary-janes. So attired, I drove to the convenience store to pick up the Sunday papers and then through the Micky D's drive-through for breakfast. Back home, I switched out the camisole for bra and fake knockers. I ate breakfast and read the paper. Now, I'm sitting here at the computer writing this. Shortly, I will get into my first fully femme outfit for the day. See you then.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leap Month 21

...and my weekend en femme begins. I came home from work this evening, put dinner in the oven and then went to change into the outfit you see here, minus the wig and makeup (didn't want to mess it all up with eating). The ensemble ~ turtleneck sweater and jeans ~ was chosen to be comfortable enough to spend the entire evening in. I even forewent the corset (using only my old waist cinch) for added comfort. (I promise to use the corset for any other outfits during this stretch.)

Accessories are black-and-white jewelry, white belt, and red patent t-strap well as the black cloche hat ~ looking the best it ever has. I suspect it looks best with short hair.

A note on makeup: I decided to try real mascara worked a little better than in the past (I applied quite a bit), but still did a little enhancement digitally ~ not drawing in new lashes, but darkening and sharpening what was there. Tomorrow, I'll add another couple of coats of mascara to see if that helps...but I suspect the problem is I just don't have enough "volume" as they say.

Now, as for the rest of the weekend: Once this is posted, I'm changing into my nightie and heading to bed; in the morning, I'll hang in that for a bit, then try to go through three outfits for the day, with breaks in between (probably just getting into the jeans again). That'll be the schedule for Monday as well. Tuesday (when the wife will be returning in late afternoon) I will play by ear.

More pics on Flickr; and you have just about 24 hours left to vote in the poll (details here)!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Leap Month 20

Is this an office ensemble? Perhaps...if I can manage not to show my stocking tops and panties! The blouse is from the Rider line (at Kmart or Wal-Mart), the sweater from Target, the skirt from Kmart.

Accessories are blue bow, silver jewelry, belt, patterned tights, and blue suede peep-toe pumps.

I'm not sure the portraits this time worked so well:

More pics on Flickr.

Now the news of the weekend ~ as of Saturday evening, I will have at least 60 hours to stay en femme. My plan is to be fully dressed as much as possible...and when I must wear male outer clothes, to have lingerie on beneath. I may try to use my femme jeans for outer wear if at all possible.

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Leap Month 19

We'll start today with this elegant dress that, surprisingly, I found in a thrift shop. I love the way it shows off my knockers...but the skirt length keeps it suitable for office or classy get-togethers.

Accessories are blue bow, pearls, nude hose, and blue patent pumps.

I tried some different editing techniques on these portraits:

More pics on Flickr; a different outfit later well as some big news about the weekend; and don't forget to vote in the poll (details here)!